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September 21st, 2006

Tire Paddle HNT

Pink panties and a tire paddle.

This is my first HNT post. I’ve done naked pictures before but I thought I’d officially join the HNT crowd. Also featured is my second Tire Paddle. Mr. Radical jokes that they are our his and her paddles. Readers may remember when I won this paddle for posing for John, creator of the sexy paddles. He used my picture for an art project that became the Vixen table. This new one is the Master Mechanic 17″. I like this new paddle a lot and I play with it more. It’s easier to wield being shorter and not having a metal backing. It’s got more of a sting while the Original BadAss has more of a thud.

After playing with both paddles I find I use them differently. The Master Mechanic is a great toy used for playing with someone that likes medium to heavy play. I save the BadAss for a punishment or discipline paddle since it’s such a heavy toy. John’s tweaked the paddles and now adds a loop at the end for easy hanging. The loop is perfect for hanging on the wall to scare submissives straight away as they walk through the door.

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5 Responses to “Tire Paddle HNT”

  1. Tara Tainton says:

    Crazy! I didn’t know tire paddles existed!

  2. The Fury says:

    wow that’s one interesting paddle! Nice shot!

  3. doubleget says:

    I am not that much interested in the paddle, although it looks like it has a good grip in wet weather, but I certainly like what its paddling on.

  4. badass says:

    Hey Vix,

    Nice shot! Good to hear the toys are still serving you well (and no doubt helping others to serve you well as well… heh).

  5. Vixen says:

    TT-I discovered them via SugarBank and conversing with John. I think tire paddles are such original toys.

    Fury-Thanks. It certainly is a fun toy.

    DG-Thank you. I thought I’d join in the HNT fun.

    BA-Your toys are probably the most intimidating ones I own. I rarely have to use them on a bratting submissive. Just showing them the paddles causes an immediate attitude improvement.

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