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January 1st, 2007

When Clients Look Like Relatives

Mirror Image II

I had been talking dirty on the phone over a year when I had my first in-person session. My first client had a foot fetish. We had been talking for months and he desperately wanted to meet. During our calls he obsessed over my feet so I nicknamed him Foot Slut. Despite living several states away he eagerly agreed to pay not only my session rate but my travel expenses as well. My husband and I decided to rent a car and turn the trip into a mini-vacation.

Not having experience with in-persons I quizzed sex worker friends to come up with a price and protocol. FS happily sent a deposit and picture of himself, a photocopy of his driver’s license. The picture showed an average looking man but told me little else.

We drove to FS’s city and checked into a hotel. Mr. Radical was to wait in the car during the session. Safe calls and codewords were arranged. I showered and shaved, trying to feel sexy but failing. My husband left to wait in the rental and I waited for FS’s arrival.

The session itself was simple. FS wanted to crossdress and to worship my feet. In theory it seemed easy but I was nervous. Would those activities alone fill up a 2 1/2 hr session? Would he be happy with our meeting? Did I have what it took to be a pro-dom? My stomach churned and I paced the room, full of nerves.

FS called as he arrived. We were to meet at a back door in the hotel. I wore a simple blouse and long skirt. FS had a fantasy of watching me in boots so I wore a leather pair.

I walked out the door, saw a man standing there and almost puked. It was my Father-in-law! He was staring at me with his mouth gaping. What the hell was going on?! Had he found out what I did for a living? Was FS just a ruse for him to confront me? I wanted to scream. I wanted to run and hide. But I was frozen to the spot staring at my husband’s father. I was speechless and terrified.

Then he spoke. “Mistress?” In a flash I realized this was indeed the real Foot Slut and not my FIL. I greeted him by his slut name; he smiled and nodded. How many times had I seen that smile at my wedding, at family visits, in Christmas photos? I swallowed hard in hopes of quelling my nausea.

FS followed me inside and sighed in pleasure as he watched me walk in my boots. I walked slowly using this time to compose myself and review my options. FS was a good client. He was pleasant, reliable and easily satisfied. If I backed out of this session not only would I lose the money I would lose money from future calls. I had to go through with it.

Inside the room he fumbled with an envelope in his blazer pocket. While he was distracted I unabashedly stared at him. He was the splitting image of my Father-in-law. Same height, same build, same couch potato belly, same curly hair, same hair part, same round glasses, same facial hair, same taste in clothes, same taste in shoes. The similarity was shocking. They would have been mistaken for brothers if in the same room. The more I looked at him the more freaked out I became.

FS handed me my fee and I told him I’d be right back. I met Mr. Radical in the car. Handing him the cash I gasped “He looks just like your Dad!” He looked at me in shock and I said I’d tell him the details later.

As I walked back into the room I had to control an instinctive shudder. FS had stripped down and was kneeling on the floor nude. I did not need to see my FIL naked. I had to keep reminding myself he was a client and not a relative.

I was in the thick of it now. There was no turning back at this point. I changed into my Mistress clothes in the bathroom and tried to calm myself. FS changed into a crotchless fishnet body stocking coupled with bright red panties. Suddenly I was staring at my FIL crossdressed.

I forced an expression of pleasure on my face. Internally I wanted to scream. I couldn’t let him detect my real emotions because he wouldn’t understand. I could never tell him the real reason. It wasn’t the FS’s fault that he was the mirror image of my FIL. I was terrified my emotions would show so I wanted to keep his gaze off my face. Since his fetish was feet I struck a pose in my sexy heels and he barely looked up again.

On the whole the session went perfectly. He licked my heels, massaged and washed my feet, and licked my toes. While I made my safe calls he sat on the floor staring at my toes. He was gentle with my feet. He obeyed all my orders. I couldn’t have asked for a better behaved client. But every time I looked down all I could see was my FIL crossdressed and slurping at my feet. “He’s not my Father-in-law. He’s not my Father-in-law” became my silent mantra as the minutes slowly ticked by.

Finally, there was merely 15 minutes left. FS asked to masturbate; I gave permission. I took up a position on the bed to subtly indicate I wouldn’t be helping. FS sat on the floor stroking his cock while sucking on my heel. I tried to looked pleased despite seeing the image of my FIL jerking off. He came in his panties then looked at me with an embarrassed expression. I smiled, saying was a good foot slave. FS got dressed and prepared to leave. Standing in the doorway he turned and said he’d like to see me again. Despite the resemblance it was a good session so I agreed.

After FS left I called my husband to tell him the session was over. He asked if FS had just left the hotel. I told him yes and he asked if FS was wearing a certain type of coat and described it. I said yes and he exclaimed “He looks JUST LIKE MY DAD!”

“I know! You should see him in fishnets.”

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13 Responses to “When Clients Look Like Relatives”

  1. stealth says:

    EWWWW…..I uh just puked in my mouth a lil bit. no…NO!!!! They are NOT allowed to resemble relatives…

    fantasies destroyed, people end up on couches crying over this type of thing.

    you poor thing…god.

  2. The Lizard Queen says:

    Oh god, and it was your first in-person! I’m impressed you didn’t go home and lock yourself in the bathroom for the next six months, which is what I fear I’d do. *shudder*

  3. Vixen says:

    Stealth, LQ-That was definately my toughest session. Thankfully my hubby was there. If I was on my own I would totally have flipped out.

  4. Mandy says:


    That hasn’t happened to me yet - but back when I was an exotic dancer, I used to sometimes meet friends of my dad. Usually they either didn’t recognize me or were too drunk to remember. That was how I found out about my Dad’s golf betting - I kept hearing high rollers tell me they couldn’t afford to play with him any more…

  5. Al Sensu says:

    Please pardon me for saying this was hysterical. I know it was difficult for you and you proved yourself a true pro for going forth, not to mention signing up for a repeat. But it’s still funny as hell.

  6. The Fury says:

    Shit that had to have been freaky. I commend you on being able to go through with it. If that’s a commendable thing. LOL

  7. Vixen says:

    Mandy-Wow to you as well. Doing sessions with with my Dad’s golf buddies? I couldn’t handle it I could handle that.

    Al-I can laugh about it now though at the time I was totally freaked out.

    Fury-I still am surprised. I mean what are the odds?

  8. Gillette says:

    Oh my..I had this same thing and it was quite discerning!! I met him, almost ran, then tried to calm myself over and over. Glad you made it through that ordeal and that you were able to continue to have a good client. Sounds as scary/weird as my experience was.

  9. desert diamond says:

    Oh my! That would be horrifying! It sounds like you played it off like a pro, though.
    *shudder* It’s that kind of fear that I think is most persuasive in keeping me out of the business.

  10. Vixen says:

    Gillette-Really? If you blog about it please send me a link so I can write about it on my blog.

    DD-Good point. But on the other hand it did only happen once. What are the odds on something similar happening again? (Extremely low I hope!)

  11. Marvin says:

    Wow! For your first in-person, too? I wonder how many other workers have had that happen to them.

  12. Vixen says:

    Marvin-Luckily none of my other in-persons have looked like relatives. I surely can’t be the only one this has happened to though.

  13. willie makit says:

    Willie sez.. . .
    It amuzes me how you and everyone else skated around the centeral issue which of course is
    incest. (I’ve herd it said that vice is nice but
    incest is best) The sharp point that I would like
    to make is that I am a sexual radical who strongly
    believes that ANYTHING sexual can be discussed as
    long as you are a legal adult. By some of what I
    have read I think that depending on the circumstances there are rare ocasions where incest
    is not only possible but benficial as well.
    (when it cums 2 sex I can and will explore the outer limits. . . . as long as doing so remains legal.) I am looking forward to where this opening shot will gererate a firestorm of
    replies. . . if it happens I’ll be quite suprized.

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