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August 16th, 2007

Breakdown Of A Quickie

Front Seat Street Rod Pin Up Poster

Today I was driving around town and got a call. It was a quickie. I was able to do it between a trip to the hardware and grocery store. This was a straight up sex call. It’s been my experience that these are shorter calls. For some reason the kinkier the fantasy-the longer the call. So what’s it like to do quickie phone sex?

2 min into call-Get to know each other-location, age, looks

5 min-Fantasy is set, we’re lovers meeting in a hotel

8 min-I’ve done a sexy strip tease, now I’m just wearing bra and panties, he’s rubbing his cock through his jeans

10 min-I’m sucking his cock and balls, then he fucks me in the ass on the hotel bed

13 min-he cums

14 min-He thanks me, tells me he needed that, promises to call again

And that was it. Afterwards, I went into the store to find my husband. We finished up, hopped in the car and drove off to the grocery store.

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