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November 23rd, 2007

Reality Check: Handling Long Calls

View over Manhattan, New York

Several people contacted me regarding my last Reality Check post. “A five hour call-surely you must be joking.” Nope, no joking on my part. While I get my share of quick cummer calls I have several clients that like to talk for hours. Any call over two hours I consider to be a long call. These calls are great for the pocketbook but can be difficult to handle if unprepared. Over the years I’ve developed several tactics to help me handle long calls better.

-Drink coffee. This is one of my favorite tactics. A cup of hot coffee is the perfect pick me up when I’m on my fourth, fifth or sixth hour of a call. However, if it’s after 2am I won’t have coffee. If the caller ends the call after I’ve just had a cup then I’ll have trouble falling asleep. A late late night alternative for me is instant chai. It has less caffeine and is still nice and hot.

-Eat a snack before the call starts or during a break. Low blood sugar will zap your energy and make long calls difficult. If I only have a minute I’ll eat a square of chocolate just for the calories. Though pso work is done sitting down it’s still a lot of work. A full stomach will give you the energy you need to talk hour after hour.

-Have a glass of wine. Use this one sparingly. If it’s past midnight I won’t have a glass of wine because it’ll put me to sleep. But if it’s early evening I find wine helps relax me for those long calls. Mind you, I don’t recommend having too much alcohol-you still have to be alert for the call. But one glass seems to be just the right amount for me.

-Know your client’s patterns. My regulars tend to do repeat calls of similar length. One guy has called me for years and talks between 5 and 10 minutes every time. Another always does two hours. The clients that talk between 3-5 hours are the ones that I consider to have call marathon potential. Of my six hour and higher marathon calls, all of them have come from clients that talk regularly between 3-5 hours. I have never had a regular who does an hour do a marathon session. Even if we never do a really long call, I’m aware of the potential and prepare myself beforehand just in case.

-Schedule the call. This is not always possible. But some of my long talking regulars will ask me when would be the best time to talk. I always tell them to call me in the afternoon. An eight hour call that starts at 1pm is a hell of a lot easier than one that starts at 10pm.

-Have something to occupy your hands. (doesn’t that sound suggestive hehe) I find if my hands are busy my alertness increases. Regular readers will know what I’m about to suggest. Yes, knitting. Knitting keeps the mind active when it’s the middle of the night. There are tons of calls I never would have stayed awake on if it weren’t for my trusty yarn and needles. I save little mending jobs for late night calls as well. (Mind you, if you’re sewing on a button be careful not to poke your finger. A yelp out of nowhere can be difficult to explain.) If you’re not crafty, look around the house. I’ve folded clean laundry at midnight so I could stay awake. Whatever you do make sure it doesn’t take too much concentration and that it’s quiet so it doesn’t distract you from your call.

-Play with your pussy if you have one. (the furry, four legged kind) My cat has helped out on long calls numerous times. He’ll come snuggle me and just petting him gives me motivation. If he’s playful I’ll grab a ribbon and we’ll play. However, there have been times when it’s late at night and he’s almost put me to sleep. He comes to cuddle me and ends up snoring while curled around me feet. This always makes me sleepy. I adjust him so he’s not snoring and try to focus on something else to stay awake.

-Stretch. If you get a break in the call you can do more intensive stretching, maybe even some yoga. If you can’t you can still do some stretching. Getting the body moving will perk you up and re-energize the call.

-Many people ask me what I talk about on longer calls. It really depends on what the client wants. I follow his lead. If you talk about what he wants to talk about the calls flows better and runs longer. This sounds simple but it’s one of the most important things a pso can do.

-Learn your clients’ habits. Longer calls tend to have cycles. Sometimes we’ll run through the fantasy, get to the end and start over. Other times we’ll tweak little details so each version is different. Some clients like to play a fantasy, talk, play another fantasy, talk, etc. If you know your clients’ habits you’ll handle a long call better.

-If a clients cums let him tell you what happens next. Just because a caller cums doesn’t mean the call is over. Most times it is. But for long calls, the client will cum and keep talking. Sometimes he’ll cum several times during the call. If you rush him off the phone you may be missing out on a marathon call opportunity. Let him tell you the call is over.

-If all else fails, stand up and walk in place. I did this the other night on a shorter call. The client called around 1am. I’m normally a night owl but that night I was feeling sleepy. While talking I kept catching my head falling forward. So I stood up and walked in place for a half hour. I still felt tired but the constant motion forced me to stay awake.

-Know when to turn off your phone. Of course this isn’t always an option. Like I said in my getting sick post there are times when bills need to be paid and you just have to suck it up and work. But if you can, wrap up a call when you can’t talk any longer. Lead the fantasy to it’s climatic ending so he’ll cum. I have a few regulars I can tell I’m getting tired and want to go to bed. They’re gracious about it and I give them an extra good call next time around.

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10 Responses to “Reality Check: Handling Long Calls”

  1. Mandy says:

    Now if only there was a way to apply that to in-person appointments!

  2. Lotus says:

    I get the super-long calls sometimes and the thing that always throws me with them is if I drink enough to help me stay awake, I need to pee, and I don’t let just ANY of the guys I talk to hear me pee.

    Other than judicious use of the mute button, I haven’t figured out a way around that one yet.

    The hilarious times are when I’m filling a teapot for some green tea and one of them thinks I’m peeing, when I’ve carefully used the mute button and “That’s fascinating, tell me ALL ABOUT IT” line to get him chatting so I can get a break.

    Sometimes you can’t win for loosing, right? :)

    I found your blog through Sugasm and voted for it. I’m new and I really like what you’ve got to say so far!

  3. Marky D. Sade says:

    I love your blog, Vixen, for it’s practical, no nonesense perspective of the sex biz. thanks!

  4. Vixen says:

    Mandy-Hehe. You’d have a hard time trying to explain while you’re shuffling in place.

    Lotus-Glad you like the blog. I’m with you-I don’t let just anyone hear my pee. I’m picky about it.

    MDS-Ahh, thanks you!

  5. Wanklogger says:

    I must admit my ignorance on this was staggering. I had always figured calls were a few minutes, 10 tops.

    I have to say though, your patience/ability to focus on a task puts mine to shame! If I had been able to keep that level of focus during university, things would have been better.

    One question though, you say some people cum multiple times, fair enough. For me, afterwards, the refractory period deems any sort of activity strongly off limits - it is just too uncomfortable. Do your long call clients have shorter refractory periods, or do you chat about the weather?

    Great post!

  6. Odoriko says:

    A very interesting post, I have just stumbled upon your blog. keep it up!

  7. Amber says:

    So, what if you have to pee? I guess that’s what the mute button is for?

  8. Las Vegas Courtesan says:

    Found your site… love it and will add it to my feed! Its nice to read someones blog about a different side of the business only pertaining to phone calls. I am used to doing things in person but think people who have good phone skills have quite the talet.

  9. The Fellatio Artist and The Geek says:

    I smiled at the image of the knitting PSO. My wife remembered her mother used to crotchet during her PSO stint. Just an aside here, her mother did a lot of different jobs in the sex industry to support her small family. She found PSO the hardest for reasons I don;t really understand. Apparently she felt she had to be more present and real on the phone for it to work. In person she could check out and actually watch TV over the clients shoulder.

  10. Vixen says:

    Wanklogger-You bring up a good point. I should do a blog post just on cumming! It depends on the type of orgasm I think. Many callers have an orgasm from anal play but not an ejaculatory orgasm. Anal orgasm can happen several times on a call. Sissies or guys heavy into feminization have non-ejaculatory orgasms many times before cumming in the more traditional sense.

    Odoriko-Welcome and glad you like the blog!

    Amber-The mute button definitely comes in handy for peeing. Sometime though I can time it so a guy into golden showers can hear me pee for real.

    LVC-Glad you like the blog. I too enjoy reading blogs about different parts of the industry. :)

    TFAATG-Oh my goodness that is so cool. I always get excited to hear about other crafty psos. Thanks for sharing.

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