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December 27th, 2007

Reality Check: Working On Christmas

View over Manhattan, New York

I’ve had some readers ask about working during Christmas. Do I do many calls? What sort of clients call during the holidays?

Typically I’ll get a couple calls on Christmas Eve and 1 or 2 on Christmas Day. If the caller is not a long time regular they usually apologize for bothering me during a holiday. I tell them I don’t celebrate and that I already celebrated Winter Solstice several days ago. I hear relief in their voice that I’m available to talk. While I get the occasional married man sneaking away from his family for a quick call, most of the Christmas callers are lonely men.

The majority of them don’t mention the holiday after that initial bit. We’ll jump into the fantasy and their orgasm usually is intense. Afterwards I’ll often hear how much “they needed that”. These clients almost always thank me profusely for talking to them during Christmas.

A few talk about the loneliness of the holidays. They talk about estranged families or how their wives get the kids this year. They blow off steam about how their families pressure them to couple up. Or how their parents are pressuring them to have grandchildren.

These calls are some of my favorites. Though they often tug on my heartstrings I feel like this is true sex counseling. Most of my job is getting the guy off while talking sexy. That’s fine-it’s what I do. But these calls are different. I feel like I really help the caller. I provide common ground when before he thought he was the only one feeling Grinch-like during the holidays. I provide company on what would otherwise be a miserable day. Calls like these validate sex work for me. Sure, a great orgasm or hot fantasy is an accomplishment but it’s the human connection that strikes a deeper chord with me.

Now for full disclosure-I don’t work on Christmas for purely altruistic reasons. Part of it is my passive aggressiveness. I get annoyed that I should stop my normal life for Christmas. Many months ago my friend Sera posted on her (now defunct) blog about heteronormality. She was rightly annoyed at a party when others assumed incorrect beliefs about her sexuality, politics and religion. Could there be something similar when others assume you celebrate Christmas? Christmanormality perhaps?

Really, it’s not a big deal if someone wishes me a Merry Christmas. From a betting standpoint the odds are pretty good that I do celebrate. It’s just after a month of having Christmas seemingly forced upon me whenever I step outside the house-the endless peppy holiday music, the decorations on every conceivable product, tons of dead trees propped up as decorations, the endless questions of how I’m celebrating or visiting family-I get a little edgy.

It’s that edginess that prompts me to work. It’s a harmless rebellion but it makes me feel pretty good. Plus I give solace to some lonely souls. And that is what the holiday spirit is about.

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3 Responses to “Reality Check: Working On Christmas”

  1. rob says:

    Most of life is about the human connection. Glad you’re connecting!

  2. Wanklogger says:

    I have long held the belief that it is easier to talk to a near stranger than someone you know well.

    You mentioned that you like the feeling of connectedness. As a somewhat shy individual, being able to talk to someone without having the little alarm bells going off in your head, telling you to shy away is a huge plus. I would hazard a guess, that for your lonelier callers, this is the most deeply satisfying aspect.

    Finally, being passive aggressive around this time of year is pretty tempting!

  3. Vixen says:

    Rob-Indeed, indeed.

    Wanklogger-Good points. I agree.

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