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September 10th, 2009

The Mouse Drama

Cat and Mouse

Recently I had a funny PSO moment that I immediately knew would end up blogged.

I was on a call with a regular. The call was going along fine, his was an easy fantasy. Then suddenly I heard a commotion coming from the other room. Mr. Radical muttered “Dammit cat!” and I hit the mute button to ask what happened.

“Your cat brought in a mouse.” Whenever the animals are naughty Mr. Radical and I pass off ownership to each other.

Damn indeed. He doesn’t bring mice in too often but when he does it’s usually at night when it’s cold. Maybe he wants to play with them in a warm well lit room? (He used to leave decapitated mice for me to find in the morning. Maybe now he’s mellowed with age. I love cats but they’re little killers. Cute, fuzzy, adorable little killers.)

I went back to my call and tried to pretend nothing was going on. But I could hear even more scuffling and realized the cat had lost his mouse, it was running loose and the dog had woken up and was now involved in the hunt.

As I described a strap-on scene I heard Mr. Radical pumping up the bb gun. It only takes one shot to kill a mouse since the cat usually injures them while hunting. Luckily the bb gun didn’t make enough noise that my caller noticed.

Then several things happened at once-the cat tried to reclaim his kill, Mr. Radical shoo’d him away and got the dog to grab the mouse to take outside. The dog had a dead treat to nom so he was prancing around making a lot of noise. Here’s the tactic I used to cover up the noise-I would say something sexy, hit the mute button while the caller talked, and repeat. It worked well for the most part.

I had managed to not laugh during this whole drama. But then my cat came into my room to clean himself in an affronted manner. That did it for me-I just started cracking up.

Thankfully I have a good mute button.

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2 Responses to “The Mouse Drama”

  1. Harriet Handley says:

    Oh the trials and tribualtions of having a cat! This is very funny!

  2. Vixen says:


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