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June 1st, 2012

New Whore Magazine

Whore magazine

I’m so excited-I got a new Whore Magazine in the mail! I’ve only read a few pieces but can already tell this is a good issue. You can check out the contents here. Want to subscribe? You can do that here.

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May 28th, 2012

Homeless Veterans

Homeless Veterans

The above is from’s image they call “7 Facts About Our Veterans That Will Shock The Hell Out Of You”. I didn’t find them shocking but I did find it upsetting. If everyone who put a yellow sticker on their car instead donated to veterans charities would these statistics be so bad? I don’t think so.

Want to support the troops? There is a list of organizations that support vets here. I would also add Food Not Bombs because they provide free meals to the homeless.

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May 27th, 2012

Internet Defense League

Internet Defense League

From All Things D:
WordPress, Reddit, Cheezburger and Others Join New Internet Defense League
“In the hope that the online enthusiasm and organizing that helped fend off anti-piracy bills SOPA and PIPA in the U.S. Congress this year can be captured and redeployed, online activists are now founding an “Internet Defense League.”

Members sign up to receive code they can choose to include on their sites to alert visitors about a perceived threat to Internet freedom from legislation or elsewhere.

The Internet Defense League already has onboard sites that can motivate the online masses: WordPress, Imgur, Reddit, Cheezburger Network, Public Knowledge, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Craigslist founder Craig Newmark have signed up.”

From the Internet Defense League:
“Beyond the blackout
The Internet Defense League takes the tactic that killed SOPA & PIPA and turns it into a permanent force for defending the internet, and making it better. Think of it like the internet’s Emergency Broadcast System, or its bat signal!

The Problem
Internet freedom and individual power are changing the course of history. But entrenched institutions and monopolies want this to stop. Elected leaders often don’t understand the internet, so they’re easily confused or corrupted.

The plan
When the internet’s in danger and we need millions of people to act, the League will ask its members to broadcast an action. (Say, a prominent message asking everyone to call their elected leaders.) With the combined reach of our websites and social networks, we can be massively more effective than any one organization.”

This is a brilliant idea! Power to the people baby! Plus I love the “cat signal”. Keeping activism fun is key to preventing burn out. I just joined. Want to sign up too? You can do that here.

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May 19th, 2012

Chicago Protests

Chicago Protests

Wow are the protests in Chicago against the police state are going strong. Yes, yes it’s officially against NATO but really the protests are much bigger than that. Protest news sometimes pours in so fast it’s hard to keep up. Here’s what I’ve been reading.

An article on the lead up to this weekend is a good place to start. From What Really Happened:
Chicago Militarized for NATO
“Ready or not, NATO arrived on May 19 and 20. Chicago’s in virtual lockdown. Residents feel occupied. Building occupants got special instructions.

This writer’s residence advised “leaving town between May 18 - 22.” Otherwise limit city travel. Have essentials on hand, including food and water. Consider working at home. Avoid certain parts of the city. Observe curfew and other mandates.”

From Alexander Higgins:
Martial Law In Effect – Preemptive NATO Raids Jailing Activists Without Charge
“The National Lawyer’s Guild reports that activists planning to protest the NATO summit in Chicago this weekend, where a martial law red-zone has officially been declared around the Chicago loop, have simply disappeared without a warrant or charges.


After locating the activists, the Illinois States Attorney at the station were the activists are being detained refused to meet with NLG or even discuss the reason for the arrests.

More than 24 hours later 4 of the activists were released without charge while the other 5 arrested during that raid are still being held without charge.

Despite President Obama’s promises that NDAA powers to detain U.S. citizens without charge would not be used the government is doing just that and setting a dangerous precedent of throwing activists in jail just for planning to engage in constitutionally protected free speech activities.”

After Obama signed the NDAA I had people laughingly dismiss my rants of “this means Americans can just be rounded up and disappear”. “That will never happen” they said. It is happening right now and is why I won’t be voting for Obama again or anyone that voted in favor of this fascist legislation.

The National Lawyer’s Guild is an important part of protests. I’ve seen NLG at protests I’ve been part of and encourage you to donate to them. You can do that here.

From Raw Story:
Nato protesters arrested in Chicago raid held on terrorism conspiracy charges
“Police claim the charges of conspiracy to commit terrorism, providing material support for terrorism and possession of an explosive or incendiary device, are the result of a month-long investigation into a group they believe was making Molotov cocktails. They had already been pulled over by police last week and asked about their protest plans in a stop they posted on YouTube.

Attorneys representing the men say the charges are fabricated and aimed at intimidating activists. “We cannot say enough that we believe that these charges are absolutely … very trumped up charges,” said Sarah Gelsomino of the Peoples Law Office. “Clearly in an attempt to continue this intimidation campaign on activists. Charging these people who are here to peacefully protest against Nato for terrorism, when in reality the police have been terrorising activists in Chicago, is absolutely outrageous.”

Surely the police wouldn’t arrest people on trumped up charges would they? Harumph!

Again from Raw Story:
Anti-war protesters falsely arrested in Chicago get $6.2 million settlement
“Some 800 people are to receive payments between $500 and $15,000 for false arrests carried out by the city of Chicago during a 2003 anti-war demonstration, according to the terms of a settlement offered by city attorneys on Thursday.


The settlement comes after years of litigation during which attorneys for the plaintiffs brought two class-action lawsuits that showed police allowed the demonstration to take place even without a permit, but later decided to begin making mass arrests without properly warning the crowd to disperse.

Some of the people arrested and charged spent more than two days behind bars. Over 10,000 reportedly took part in the march, and more than 500 were arrested, many for no reason at all.”

Why are people protesting NATO? Here’s a good list.
NATO: Just why are people protesting?

As usual Twitter is the best place to find up to the minute news of the protest activity. Not all tweets are true or even make sense but there’s so many lives streams posted that you can watch what is happening in real time.

@Occupy Chicago

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May 13th, 2012

Not A Mother

Longtime readers know I’m childfree. Most of my clients do as well. Despite this I had three clients call to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day today. Sigh. None of them wanted to book a call; they just wanted a few free minutes.

The correct PSO response is to smile and say thank you which I did. But inwardly I was groaning. One client and I have talked for years. He said I was “kind of like his mother” even though we’ve never done that type of fantasy. Try as I may to focus on the positive “they’re just being nice” angle I still am annoyed.

One client told me that “you’ll be a mother someday” when finding out that I was childfree. Isn’t assuming all women are mothers or want to be mothers part of the problem with the current war on women? Men knowing what’s best for our wombs and all that? Men don’t randomly get wished Happy Father’s Day do they? Mr. Radical never has. Or maybe I’m just reading too much into it and they just wanted an easy excuse to get a few free minutes.

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May 6th, 2012

A Different Sort Of Hymen

“It’s like I’m taking your toilet virginity.”
Even after all these years doing phone sex I still occasionally say something that surprises me.

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May 4th, 2012

Glasses And Chucks

Model with Glasses And Chucks

From this gallery.

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April 29th, 2012

Bombing A Call

Frog with Water Bottle on Head and Thermometer in Mouth

I bombed a call the other night. It’s been awhile since I did one this bad. I’ll call the guy BC for bad call. Here’s what happened.

BC is a relatively new client. We’ve done a few calls and I usually hear from him every other month. His fantasy is pretty easy-spanking, crossdressing and forced bi. BC likes a constant stream of talk. Normally this isn’t a problem. I prattle on about how I’m going to spank him and when he’s ready to switch gears he’ll bring up panties or his sluttiness. When I pause to take a sip of water or form the next thought he’ll complain that I’m not talking enough. I find this annoying but manageable.

When he called this last time it started off well. A few minutes into the call however I started to feel sick. Earlier in the day I had eaten something my body was now disagreeing with strongly. I started to sweat and my stomach began to churn. In hindsight I should have ended the call right then. But I told myself I’d be fine and that BC didn’t talk long anyway.

But oh how minutes drag on when you’re feeling sick. The nausea got worse and I started to feel “out of it”. My eyes kept closing and my head was swirling. What was I talking about? Who was I even talking to?

I tried to uh huh and mmm my way through the call. If I had been talking to another client this may have worked. However, BC picked up on my different behavior. “Am I boring you?” he asked in an annoyed voice.

Uh oh. That’s never a good sign. I said no and tried to convince him I was oh so turned on. Meanwhile I stared at the clock-why was it moving in slow motion? We continued with the call. My voice was starting to sound weak. If I was noticing then surely BC noticed. He asked me again if he was boring me. Again I assured him that he wasn’t. I was feeling so shitty but tried to keep going. Surely it would be done soon?

BC was sounding more and more annoyed. Finally he sighed heavily and said, “ok I’ll just talk to you later” and hung up. At the time I felt relieved the call was over. I took off my headset, turned off my phone and tucked myself into bed.

When I eat something I shouldn’t I’m usually sick for several hours and then I sleep it off. The next morning I felt better. As I turned on my computer to do work notes I remembered the call with BC. Ugh, how horrible. Why didn’t I just end the call? He was so disappointed. Will he call me again? I have no idea. I hope so. He’s not the kind of caller I can call and he doesn’t do email. The only thing I can do is give him a kick ass fantasy if he calls again.

I’ve certainly learned my lesson. If I’m sick I have to turn off my phone even if that means ending a call early.

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April 26th, 2012

Protest CISPA

Protest CISPA

When SOPA was defeated the Internet cheered the victory. But our legislators, always fond of stripping liberties instead of giving them, went back to work on another censorship bill. This version is called CISPA and is another nasty bit of legislation.

From the EFF:
Don’t Let Congress Use “Cybersecurity” Fears to Trample on Civil Liberties
“Congress is considering legislation that would create backdoor wiretaps into our daily communications. These “cybersecurity” bills would give companies a free pass to monitor and collect communications, including huge amounts of personal data like your text messages and emails. Companies could ship that data wholesale to the government or anyone else provided they claim it was for “cybersecurity purposes.” Tell Congress that they can’t use vaguely defined “cybersecurity threats” as a shortcut to shredding the Constitution.

Under Rep. Mike Rogers’ Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011 (CISPA),and Sen. John McCain’s SECURE IT Act, there are almost no restrictions on what information can be spied upon and how it can be used. That means a company like Google, Facebook, Twitter, or AT&T could intercept your emails and text messages, send copies to one another and to the government, and modify those communications or prevent them from reaching their destination if it fits into their plan to stop “cybersecurity” threats.”

From Security Watch:
House Poised to Debate CISPA: Where Are We Now?
“The House of Representatives is expected to begin debate on cyber-security legislation today, despite claims from privacy groups and technology experts that there are serious problems with the bill.

Introduced by Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) and Dutch Ruppersberger (D-Md.) in November, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) defines a new framework that would allow companies and governments to share information collected online with one another in order to fight cyber-attacks. CISPA is just one of several pieces of cyber-security legislation currently making its way through Congress.”

But Obama will surely veto this right? Sigh. I’m not sure what’s more depressing. The fact that Obama yet again betrays the people who voted for the candidate of change and transparency or the fact that people still believe he’s any different that the other puppets selected for the role of president. Remember when he was going to veto the National Defense Authorization Act? Yeah me too. But he signed that “lovely” little piece of fascist legislation into law. I don’t have hope for a CISPA veto.

From Security Watch again:
Obama May Back Down From CISPA Veto
“The House of Representatives is expected to begin debate on a controversial piece of cyber-security legislation today. The White House has weighed in, promising to veto the bill in its current form, but there are plenty who doubt that will happen.


Many observers were skeptical over the possibility of a presidential veto.

“Obama threatened to veto NDAA, too. How’d that turn out?” Kendall Clark, CEO of startup Clark, wrote on Twitter.”

From the ACLU:
Tell Congress: No Cyber Spying! No CISPA!
“The House of Representatives is preparing to vote on legislation that would give the government, including military spy agencies like the National Security Agency, unprecedented powers to snoop through people’s personal information — medical records, private emails, financial information — all without a warrant, proper oversight or limits.


Tell your Representative today to reject legislation that will make it easier for internet companies to share your personal information with military spy agencies.”

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April 21st, 2012

News Roundup

News Roundup

From BoingBoing:
Two years after BP oil spill, a health crisis continues in the Gulf
“This Nation investigation into health problems caused by the BP oil disaster two years ago is a must-read. Reporter Antonia Juhasz chronicles the personal stories of families affected by lingering toxic crap—the oil, but also substances like Corexit, used to clean up the oil. Get ready to be newly outraged at our government, BP, and all the lawyers defending this disgrace while working-class Americans suffer and die from corporate recklessness and greed.”

Prepared to be outraged again indeed. The picture BoingBoing used for their post is just perfect. The sheet irony of sunbathers and oil spill clean up crew meeting up on the beach is a classic laugh or cry situation.

From the Washington Post:
More Secret Service resignations in scandal; Obama gets Oval Office update from director
“A week after a Secret Service prostitution scandal began unfolding in the hallway of a Colombian hotel, six agents have lost their jobs and hundreds of people have been interviewed.


It all started when an argument over payment between a Secret Service agent and a Colombian prostitute spilled into the hallway of the Hotel Caribe, where a contingent of agents and military personnel were staying as part of a security detail in advance of the president’s arrival for last weekend’s the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia.”

It’s not a surprise at all that Secret Service agents hired prostitutes. I think the real lesson here is don’t argue about a prostitute’s fees. If you do the session then you pay her price.

From the Guardian:
Occupy promises upsurge as activists prepare for ’summer of discontent’
“But Occupy Wall Street, whose occupation of Zuccotti inspired hundreds of other Occupy groups across the US, is determined to revive itself after a winter of reduced activities and the often violent police removal of its protest encampments in city centres across America.

Activists and organisers have vowed to carry out a massive upsurge in activities on a broad range of issues in a bid to revitalise a movement whose “We are the 99%” slogan triggered a national debate on income inequality.”

I’m very curious how the Occupy spring will turn out. The tent protests were inspiring and the police crackdown brutal. But even if the crackdowns hadn’t happened the movement needed to move beyond urban camping. In my neck of the woods the Occupy movement has turned it’s focus to local and state issues. While that’s great in many regards I think we need another wave of nationwide protests to spark up the movement again.

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April 14th, 2012

Sex News Roundup

Sex News Roundup

From the Daily Beast:
Governor Jan Brewer Signs Arizona’s Extreme New Abortion Law
“Life starts earliest in Arizona, which now defines gestational age as beginning on the first day of a woman’s last period, rather than at fertilization. In practice, that means the state has banned abortions after about 18 weeks (20 weeks from the last menstruation) except in the case of medical emergencies. While that provision has been much discussed, abortions after that point account for only about 1 percent of the procedures currently performed.


Other parts of the law includes education in public schools prioritizing birth and adoption, signs throughout health-care facilities warning against abortion “coercion,” and an order for the state health department to create and maintain a website touting alternatives to abortion and displaying images of fetuses. Also required is abortion counseling for women aiming to abort pregnancies due to fetal abnormalities, and if the abnormality is certain to be fatal, the counseling incorporates perinatal hospice information before ending the pregnancy. It reaffirms existing barriers to access, like the requirement of a notarized parental consent form for minors and a mandatory ultrasound screening within 24 hours of having an abortion.”

I can’t believe this is law now. What the fuck?!?! The day after my period stops does not make me a pregnant woman!

Further down on the side column there’s this story from Detroit-”To Catch a Predator and Solve 11,000 Rapes Why are rape kits such a ‘low priority’ for police?” That’s certainly ironic. Maybe if legislators weren’t so obsessed with regulating women’s vaginas they could try to fund some rape kits.

Make sure you vote people. I’m sick of the two party system and am taking the vote against the incumbent if the incumbent sucks ass position. The people making these laws need to get voted out of office regardless of political party.

Project Unbreakable is an art project that shoes survivors of sexual abuse holding up a quote from their abusers. From the FAQ:
“What started Project Unbreakable?

I’ve always been surrounded by survivors of sexual assault. One night in October, I was out with a friend and she chose to share her story with me. Though I had heard about a dozen stories prior, this story particularly affected me and forced me to realize how common this tragedy was. I woke up the next day with the idea for Project Unbreakable.

How do I participate?

You can email us at [email protected]. They will appear at

If you are submitting an image, please make sure of the following:
-the image is clear and easy to read
-the words are in quotations”

This is a moving project. So infuriating though that our legislatures are more concerned about regulating something the size of a mustard seed in our wombs than trying to prevent sexual abuse.

From Jezebel:
This Is How Much It Costs to Own a Vagina: An Itemized List
“Given the national debate regarding birth control coverage, it’s increasingly clear that many people have no idea how much it costs it to own a vagina — folks are getting up in arms about the idea that the pill could set uninsured women back about $1000 a year, but in the grand scheme of things, that’s nothing. Do you even know just how much you’re shelling out for your clam? Were you aware of the fact that in your 20s alone, you will spend over $26,000 on vaginal maintenance? Herewith, we do the math on just how much that cooter is costing you.”

Interesting list. Some of these things are certainly optional-women don’t need to trim/shave their pubic hair. Although maybe they do. A stripper friend had to have a landing strip for work.

I would suggest US women stockpile some abortion money. Keep in hidden in case this war on reproductive rights heightens and you need to high tail it to Mexico for an abortion.

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April 5th, 2012

Sissified Ken

My friend Kelli is a fellow knitter. She’s started making sissy clothes for Ken. Check out the awesome:

Sissy Ken

Ken is rocking this look!

Sissy Ken

Every girl needs cute accessories.

Sissy Ken

But once Ken gets home from shopping the dress comes off:

Sissy Ken

So sexy!

Sissy Ken

She sells her Barbie clothes and is thinking of making a line for Ken dolls as well. I told her to go for it!

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March 30th, 2012

The Power Of Cleavage

“I just think women have the superior power; you know with the breasts and all.”
-new client

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March 26th, 2012

Flannel Tea Time

Flannel Tea Time

Flannel shirt, pigtails and tea-now that’s sexy. From this gallery.

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