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May 23rd, 2005

Organic Phallic Substitutes

I was in the grocery store this week when I remembered one of my funniest pso moments. It happened the first year I became a pso.

A guy called and asked what I wanted him to buy before he came home to do a session. Freebie stealers try this tactic to try to get me talking so they can beat off for free. I give them short answers with a reminder that I’m happy to go into detail if they do a paid call.

He told me he liked fucking himself with vegetables. He wanted me to pick out which veggie for him to buy before he’d do a call. So I said in a sexy voice “I want you to pick out the biggest zucchini you can find”.

He was quite taken aback and stammered for a bit. He asked what if it was too big. I was taken aback myself. How could a zucchini be too big? So I told him he could peel it down to fit, just saying the first thing that came to mind.

He was confused by my answer and made his excuses to get off the phone. I never heard from him again.

I was quite perplexed by this until I went to the grocery store. I looked at the zucchinis and thought they weren’t too big. Then I realized what I’d done. I eat organic vegetables so naturally when I told him to buy one I envisioned an organic zucchini.

Organic zucchinis don’t get that big. I probably scared him because genetically modified ones get unnaturally large. Still makes me laugh though.

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