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December 31st, 2005

Ammo Action

Sexy chick with sexy gun.

Happy New Year! Shoot ‘em if you got ‘em.

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December 30th, 2005

Patriotism Tests

Stop asking questions.

Say you’re the ruling elite. Sure you’ve seized power but how do you hold onto your corrupt regime? Why program the country’s youth to blindly trust the government of course! Brainwash early to prevent future revolutions!

Pupils Being Given ‘Patriotism’ Tests in Washington State Schools

Children in Washington State are being given ‘Patriotism tests’ which are completely unrelated to their studies. The paper gauges whether or not the student shows fealty to the power of the state and whether the student believes in the right to overthrow a corrupt government.

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December 29th, 2005

Dumping a Client


Last week I wrote about being dumped by a client. This week it’s time for the other side-dumping a client. I’ve had to dump two clients and both times it was a hard decision.

The first client was a black man who wanted racial humiliation. He was very intelligent and explained thoroughly why racial humiliation turned him on. He wanted me to call him a “nigger” and to tell him why as a black man he was inferior to me. He begged and begged for me to call him the “N word” (he couldn’t say the word himself but wanted me to). I called him it once and while it made him moan, it made my stomach turn.

Even though it was exactly what he wanted I felt horribly guilty. I felt like a bad person and yet it was fulfilling his fantasy. After the call I felt like crying.

He could have been a regular but the emotional stress was too much for me. The next time he called, only a few days later, I apologized and told him I couldn’t do calls with him. I was nice but firm in telling him that I couldn’t handle racial humiliation scenes.

Thankfully, he was very understanding. He told me it was hard to find a Mistress truly comfortable doing his fantasy. It was a friendly split, although he sounded disappointed.

The second breakup was much tougher.

I had a man who called me who was in a very unhappy marriage. The love had long disappeared but they stayed together because of the children.

I could handle his fantasy-light cross dressing, an easy one really. The problem was his attitude. He had a hot/cold personality. At the beginnings of calls he was super sweet. He would declare his love for me or tell me how nice I was to talk to him. Then out of nowhere he’d turn into a super asshole sneering insults at me. Mind you, I’ve been called a bitch, a whore and worse. But his insults seemed tailored to hurt me.

I never could relax with him because I never knew what to expect. I have clients that are hostile the entire call. But they’re consist in their hostility so I can relax in a sense because I know what they’ll be like. This particular man could be in the middle of talking about his kids and then suddenly switch gears to yell at me because I wouldn’t come visit him that weekend. Then he’d go back to talking about his kids.

In hindsight I think he might have been manic depressive. He drank during our calls which made his temper worse. I came to dread his number on caller ID. But calls with him would last several hours which is no small chunk of change.

Talking to him though was affecting my business. After doing a call with him I would be grumpy for hours. My other calls were affected by my mood.

The last straw came last year after the holidays. He was in an especially foul mood and he hurled insult after insult after me. He cooed, screamed, wept and moaned. It’s hard to pin down why it was so hard-but basically it felt like he was taking out all his frustrations, anger and unhappiness out on me.

I was in tears by the end of that phone call. Next day I spoke with one of the ladies in the main office. She was very understanding and gave me pointers on how to end it with him.

He called the next night. Being accusatory wouldn’t have worked-he only would have gone on the offensive and denied being verbally abusive. Instead I was apologetic. I told him I was sorry that I couldn’t give him what he wanted. That it was obvious that I was failing to please him.

Ironically, this was the best call I ever had with the man. It was fun to play the part of the sorry mistress. Doing this caused him to became apologetic about being an asshole and a drunk. I told him again that it was all my fault, I should have been able to please him. This made him apologize even more for being so mean to me. He realized we weren’t going to talk again and wanted another mistress that could give him what he wanted. I happily referred him.

And it was worth it. With him no longer calling I was happier in my work. I didn’t feel as burned out or as stressed anymore. Once again it felt good to hear the phone ring.

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December 28th, 2005


Flag babes.

Judge Miller Has Issued a Ruling on Plaintiff’s Motion for a Preliminary Injunction in Free Speech Coalition v. Gonzales

Denver – United States District Court Judge Walker D. Miller issued a long-awaited ruling today on plaintiff’s motion for a preliminary injunction in Free Speech Coalition v. Gonzales, the trade association’s challenge to U.S.C. 18 §2257, the federal labeling and record keeping regulations. Our immediate reaction is that the ruling deals a substantial and welcome blow to the government’s regulatory scheme.

AVN Online is also covering the story:
Judge’s Ruling in 2257 Case Favorable for Adult Industry

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - In an opinion issued this afternoon, U.S. District Court judge Walker D. Miller ruled in favor of the Free Speech Coalition on two key sections of its lawsuit against 18 U.S.C. §2257, the federal Recordkeeping and Labeling Act, and the regulations issued by Attorney General Alberto Gonzales that apply to that law. The case is Free Speech Coalition v. Gonzales.

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December 27th, 2005

Purple Passion

Purple haired gothic slut.

Mmm, I love this pic. Tempts me to dye my hair some funky color again. Years ago I dyed it blue which was fun.

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December 26th, 2005


“You are the most environmental mistress ever.”
-Amber, a friend
on my insistence that my adult babies use cloth diapers

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December 25th, 2005

Bloggasm #14

Sugar Bank

Kat Vixen

The best of the blogs by the bloggers who blog them. This week starting with the letter ‘T’.

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Lovingly policed by Sabrina Morgan

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December 24th, 2005

The 14 Worst Corporate Evildoers

Worst Corporate Evildoers

This article Alternet certainly makes the blood boil. A snippet:

Coca-Cola Company is perhaps the most widely recognized corporate symbol on the planet. The company also leads in the abuse of workers’ rights, assassinations, water privatization, and worker discrimination. Between 1989 and 2002, eight union leaders from Coca-Cola bottling plants in Colombia were killed after protesting the company’s labor practices. Hundreds of other Coca-Cola workers who have joined or considered joining the Colombian union SINALTRAINAL have been kidnapped, tortured, and detained by paramilitaries who are hired to intimidate workers to prevent them from unionizing.

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December 23rd, 2005

Fetish Fridays: Humiliation

Humiliated on the floor.

From Ask the Therapist via

“Many SM and DS interactions achieve their erotic edge through the consensual assumption of inequality between Master or Mistress and slave or other property, Dominant and submissive, or other form of Top and bottom. It is an easy call, therefore, to use degradation and humiliation to establish, enforce, or reinforce the presumptive power disparity. In addition, some people enjoy making or emphasizing such distinctions (or having them made or emphasized) by the Top’s belittling, insulting, or otherwise debasing the bottom.”

Many of my callers are turned on by humiliation. Sometimes it’s just light name calling-they’re a slut, whore or naughty boy. Other times it’s a full fledged scene-I strip the submissive down in front of mistress friends, tie him to the coffee table and invite my guests to take turns fucking him with their strap-ons.

Humiliation comes in many forms. A juicy list of ideas can be found at sub-dom.

Fetish Fridays
Fetish Fridays: Sploshing
Fetish Fridays: Robot Sex

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December 22nd, 2005

Dumped by a Client


I’ve been dumped by a client. I even got a Dear Mistress email. Here’s a snippet:

“i felt if You wanted to have a relationship with me, even just as a slave ( as it would have been) that You would have spoken to me at least once in awhile. i tried very very hard to please You.

i am really sorry it did not work out for us, as You are also a very precious person. If there is anything i can ever do for You, please let me know. This really hurts. Please don’t be upset. All my thoughts and prayers are with You!!!”

This particular client was upset because I wouldn’t talk to him for free. Which I can’t do-we had a business relationship, therefore he had to pay to talk to me. Almost everyone has tried to get me to talk for free, even my favorite clients. The company I work for does grant exceptions, because real relationships have formed but I have never gotten one. I couldn’t think of asking for an exception for someone I hadn’t even met. This particular client and I had only talked over the telephone.

I explained this to him but my message obviously didn’t get thru. Apparently he has been collared by another Mistress and so had to dump me. He was a good guy and I hope he’s happy with her. His email, while nice, was still a breakup note and it made me feel a little weird.

The thing that strikes me odd is the reason for the email. If a client doesn’t want to talk to me anymore he just has to stop calling. I’m not going to keep calling him-that would be unprofessional. It sucks though because I never know what happens to those really great callers-did they run out of money, get a new girlfriend, get married, get in an accident, denounce their kink and turn vanilla? But it’s the nature of the business.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been dumped. My first year as a pso I had a client that wanted me to brainwash him so that he would only be turned on by me. Even if a woman was stripping off her clothes while giving him a lap dance he was not to get an erection because she wasn’t his mistress. We talked for awhile and he seemed really happy with our sessions.

Then suddenly he stopped calling. A few weeks went later I got a card in the mail addressed from him. It was a condolence card with some sad looking flowers on the cover. Inside he explained that he was breaking up with me because it wasn’t fair that I only wanted him to be aroused by me. Now mind you it was his fantasy in the first place!

Have I dumped clients? Yes, two in fact. One had a fantasy that I couldn’t handle and the other one made me cry. Perhaps I’ll write about them next week.

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December 21st, 2005

Merry Yule

Solstice tree.

Today we Pagans celebrate Yule. See Yule by Akasha for more information on this holiday. Blessed be.

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Steaming Up The Bathroom

Rubber dollie in the bathtub.

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December 20th, 2005

Flogging Jesus

Flogging Jesus.

Ship of Fools has an annual roundup of kitschy gifts for Christmas. They’re so bad they’re funny. My favorite of the bunch is the Jesus Flogged Lights. Are the owners of this kinky decoration delighting in the porntastic suffering ala Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ? Or are they kinksters themselves and want to show it off? Either way, the animated gif of the lights is pretty entertaining.

“Bad Savior! Bad Savior! Take that!”
“Thank you sinner, may I have another?”

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December 19th, 2005

Another Disturbing Raid by Police

Empress M

Police Raid Connecticut BDSM Website Owner’s Home

ENFIELD, CT – Michelle Silva thought that things were starting to settle down in her life. She was getting her finances in order and had found that selling home-made bondage videos through her website provided her with the economic independence she needed to accomplish her goals. She had her professional ducks in a row and was preparing for a successful and satisfying future.

In order to comply with all local laws, she possessed the appropriate business zoning permits. In order to comply with national 2257 regulations, she kept appropriate model documentation. Yet on the afternoon of Wednesday, November 16, she says that as many as 30 members of the Enfield Connecticut police force unexpectedly entered her home, repeatedly made derogatory comments about her lifestyle, and confiscated not only all of her computer and internet technology related possessions, but also every piece of bondage furniture and BDSM equipment likewise involved.

Update on case here.

Well, well, well. Another sex worker gets computers seized by police. And what’s the charge? Why there aren’t any? Ok then, what’s the search warrant say? Hmm, there doesn’t seem to be one. Egads, will anything other than missionary sex (for the purpose of procreation of course) become illegal?

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