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April 25th, 2005

Slut Pride

Here’s a link to one of my recent video galleries featuring dogging. This is an interesting new niche, although I hear it’s been going on in the UK for some time. There are locations designated as dogging spots. Often car parks, couples or singles go there to have public sex or to stay in the shadows and watch.

I’m intrigued by the video clip of Aya. Right at the end you hear the camera man say ‘you’re such a slut’. She turns to him with a cum covered face and says “Yeah and so what?” while flipping off the camera.

This is my favorite part. I love how she’s sucking cock and proud of it. She takes the word slut and proudly accepts it, thus destroying any negative connotation it may have had.

If you’re a slut I say take pride in it. Reclaim the word, wearing it as a compliment, honoring your sexuality.

Defunct image

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Impregnate This!

“It would be a total honor to fertilize you.”

-Whiny Boy

during a conversation about how deeply submissive he is to me

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April 24th, 2005

Quick and Nasty

Skanky Bitch called me today. He’s a semi-regular caller, although I don’t know much about him. Since he likes to start role playing so quickly we never have a chance to get to know each other.

Any questions I ask Skanky, (ie what have you been doing lately, what’s on your mind today, have you been busy with work) always return to his fantasy. His answers? “Thinking about you. Serving you. I’ve been busy working to please you.”

That was hard to deal with at first because I didn’t know what he was into. Did he like to be spanked? Fucked with a strap-on? Pissed on?

Turns out he likes all that and more. He’s a helpful client in that he gives really good feedback. If I’m heading in the right direction he jumps into character playing along. If he’s really turned on he’ll sluuuuuuuuuuuurp the phone receiver. If he doesn’t like where I’m going he’ll respond by saying what he wants in character.

He’s really into getting big cock. Today it was 12” black cock. But that wasn’t big enough for Skanky today. “But their cocks are still soft!” he exclaimed. I appreciate his subtle hints to change direction. (I’ve had callers in the past who rudely told me I was doing it all wrong.) So when hard those cocks swelled up to 14” and he was happy.

Skanky Bitch is a formulaic caller-it’s pretty much the same call every time. Nasty slut gets fucked my me and others. Humiliation is as crucial an element as his slutty lipstick. Occasionally toilet training is thrown into the mix.

He gets embarrassed as soon as the rush of orgasm passes. Moments after cumming he rushes off the phone. He always says goodbye too which I prefer over abrupt hangups.

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April 23rd, 2005

Slutty Client

“What have you done to me Mistress?”

-my Favorite Foot Slut

in regards to dressing up slutty for me

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Pope and Porn

So, the new Pope is ultra-conservative and odds are he’ll alienate even more Catholics by his medieval tactics. Not to mention significantly contribute to the spread of AIDS worldwide by expounding his anti-sex, anti-contraceptives philosophy. Lovely. Rev. Dr. Matthew Fox has a list of questions for the new Pope and I wish he, and the rest of us, would get some honest answers.

22 Questions for Cardinal Ratzinger and the Silver Lining in the Election of this first Grand Inquisitor as Pope

So what’s to be done? I think a worldwide Sexual Revolution is in order. Time to throw off sexist, controlling religious dogma and embrace one’s sexuality. The first order of business? Nun porn baby, nun porn.

Defunct image

If only they did these kind of rituals at the Vatican. They’d have a lot more converts I’m sure.

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April 22nd, 2005

Over The Knee Spanking

This paddling picture, courtesy of Paintoy,

Defunct image

reminded me how much I enjoy giving over the knee spankings. I like the intimacy of being so close to a submissive and feeling their body tense and shake as I increase the intensity of the spanking.

This position is a deceptive one. Often submissives are fooled into thinking such an affectionate position means they’re getting a lighter spanking.

But in fact, an over the knee spanking can be quite intense because of the close embrace. Hand spankings do tire my hand quickly but I enjoy the feel of warming up a bottom. I tend to switch to a hairbrush because I can pull my arm back far, bringing the brush down with a firm smack.

Plus being so close means I can feel if the submissive is really feeling the sting. Oh how I love it when they squirm.

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April 18th, 2005

Ghastly’s Ghastly Comic

A friend turned me on to Ghastly’s Ghastly Comic. It’s one of the weirdest, quirkiest, unique strips I’ve come across. A recent strip made me laugh a long while. Definately one of my favorites, click for the full version:

Ghastly's Ghastly Comic.

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April 17th, 2005


A wife called me the other day. While these types of calls are rare, I occasionally get them. After I answered she immediately demanded to know who I was. There was a nervous, angry tone in her voice.

This is actually a pet peeve of mine. It always irks me when people call and demand to know who they’re talking to. They chose to call me after all.

“Who’s this?” I asked. Her anger broke and the nervousness won out. She said she thought I might know her husband and gave me his name.

Often when I get these calls I avoid answering any questions and refer them to the main office number. But there was something in her voice. She thought her husband was having an affair with me.

I explained that I easily recall the names of my regular callers and I didn’t recognize her husband’s name.

She asked if this was phone sex. I told her yes. There was a bit of hope in her voice when she asked, “So you don’t meet people in person?”

I said no. However, this is a lie. I’ve met a few of my clients but it is a rare occurance. Why complicate matters here? I honestly didn’t recognize his name.

I repeated that I only talked to people over the phone. I assured her that I know the names of my regular clients since they call me often and I didn’t know her husband’s name. If she found my number on her phone bill it could be he just called for information or just called and hung up.

The nervousness came back-she mumbled a quick thank you and hung up.

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April 15th, 2005

Pantyhose Pin-Up

Ah, the pin-up girl. So cute and flirty. So seductive and sexy. While still clothed (often barely) these ladies simply drip with eroticism. And those stockings make their pictures even more delicious. They accentuate the legs making them more voluptuous than naked thighs or legs could be. Bobbie, from Pantyhose Uncovered, looks like she could be Miss March from a pin-up calendar as she glances over her silky covered legs.
Pantyhose pin-up.
Speaking of pin-ups, check out this lovely from Pin-Up Toons:
The creator Rion Vernon is a skilled artist who creates both digital and pen and ink drawings of sexy pin-up damsels. Each character has her own distinct personality. There’s a story in their eyes and a sultry whisper on their lips. If only there was a cartoon series featuring them.
Pantyhose pin-up toon.

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April 10th, 2005

Tattooed Hippie Frolicks In Forest

I am in love with the site Hippie Goddess. A website celebrating hippies! Women that look like me-fuzzy legs, unshaven pussies, tattoos and piercings. I don’t have dreadlocks myself but think they look sexy on others. Am I the only one that fantasizes the Goddesses all live in a harmonious commune and dance around naked together?

I’m particularly a fan of how they present the women as Goddesses. Browse yourself over to the descriptions. It’s such a breath of fresh air to hear a woman being described as “The Goddess of Balance-she is the measure by which all things are placed.” Hippie Goddess celebrates the natural beauty of women and nature. Mmmmm.

Beautiful hippie in forest.

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April 6th, 2005

Death of the Pope

The blogosphere has been filled with thought’s on the Pope’s demise. Hans Küng’s articleThe Pope’s Contradictions is a well-written critique , written shortly before the Pope’s death.

I agree with Collective Sigh’s thoughts for the next Pope:
I’m not a Catholic; not even a lapsed one. Nor am I a male. Both are requirements for those who will elect a new Pope. But minor details like that have never stopped me from offering my opinion in the past. My first choice would be a woman.

It was a woman after all who birthed and raised a boy who would one day be the leader of one of the most influential religions in human history. If Mary did that just think what a woman priest could do in these times.

However, if the Vatican picks another conservative man who represses sexuality and personal choice, here’s something amusing: the Pope has been reborn in comic book form:


From Yahoo:
Pope John Paul II is being reborn in a Colombian comic book as a superhero battling evil with an anti-Devil cape and special chastity pants.

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April 5th, 2005

Archaeologist finds ‘oldest porn statue’

From The Guardian:
Stone-age figurines depicting what could be the oldest pornographic scene in the world have been unearthed in Germany.

So our ancient ancestors liked to do it doggy style, eh? I enjoy when sexual discoveries like this pop up in the news. It’s like a reminder from our collective past to celebrate sex, to cherish it. Maybe I’m being selectively naïve but I like to think our primal ancestors were extremely sexually liberal before religious dogma got in the way.

Further down in the article I came across this:
Dr Stäuble, who is due to publish a paper on his findings this year, said: “After finding Adonis, we got the team to sieve every speck of soil for a whole month. We were well rewarded because we then found fragments of a female figurine of the same size.”

Oddly enough, I’m listening to Elizabeth Peters’ Lord of the Silent on audio book right now. The above reminds me of Emerson’s insistence that all soil on an archaeological dig be sifted. A man of sound mind that Emerson.

If you’re not familiar with the Amelia Peabody series I suggest you become so. Better yet, listen to it on audio book. Barbara Rosenblat does the best narrations I’ve ever heard and makes me yearn to live in England. The first book I listened to Amelia was on her way to protest for women’s suffrage. I’ve been hooked every since.

Elizabeth Peters creates a strong, independent, intelligent, witty lead female character in Amelia Peabody. She has a solid marriage, a close knit family and is successful at her work. Compared to some of today’s ‘chick lit’ and ‘chick flicks’ (weak female leads who are depressed and so desperate to find a man they are willing to throw away their careers to do so), Peters’ series is a treasure in itself.

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April 3rd, 2005

The Myth Of The Fluffer Girl

Oh, the fluffer girl. Mention her and images of a young looking, skinny blond woman appears in the mind, kneeling before several young studs on a porno shoot. Her job is to suck their cocks, keeping them in a state of hardened arousal until the next scene is filmed.

Turns out though, the fluffer girl is a myth of horny imaginations. Pornblography once again pulls back the curtain on the porn industry and lets us peek behind. No fluffers on the set, the male stars take matters into their own hands to keep their erections performing.

Many of my callers want to be fluffers. The ones that are slutty women on the inside dream of being dressed up and taken to a gathering of men-be it a porn shoot, a frat house or just a weekend gang bang. These sluts of mine suck every cock in the room before taking them all, one by one, in their pussy or ass, milking every male dry.

I won’t reveal the reality of the fluffer girl to them though. Oh no, in some minds the fluffer girl must live on. Perhaps she needs a new title though. Goddess of Eternal Erections seems fitting.

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April 2nd, 2005

First Time Caller

I talked to a new client the other night and the call went perfectly. I love it when this happens. Virgin calls can be fresh, exciting, fulfilling, nerve wrecking and somewhat stressful. In a nutshell, I’m juggling several things at once.

What’s their sexual history? How did they get into their fetish? Have they done phone sex before? If so, what worked, what didn’t? I find all this out while sounding sexy, being entertaining and keeping the caller aroused. When I get enough details I transition to the fantasy part of the call.

Calls work best when I can take a fantasy and transform it into something that exceeds the caller’s expectations. I like weaving a tale, taking the fantasy up to operatic levels.

This new caller and I instantly connected. He answered my questions so thoroughly I had loads of material. He wanted to be turned into a woman. I dressed him up and told him to break out the lipstick. Slut’s like him only wear bright red lipstick-Slut Red of course.

He wanted to be fucked but was extremely shy about taking a dildo. I never know how big or small their dildos truly are so I over emphasis using lots of lube, just to be safe. Funny how so many of my sluts manage to take a 12” dildo in ten seconds or less.

Steve though, took it slowly. After a time he opened up and went at it, cumming on command as he fucked himself.

His first words after he got his breath back? “Wow. That was amazing.” He gushed and gushed how great the call was. I let him. I like it when I wow them out. It’s calls like this that make this job so much fun.

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