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October 31st, 2005


The Wizard of Oz

Happy Samhain

Halloween has been my favorite holiday ever since I was a little girl. Dressing up, going from house to house for candy, the thrill and freedom of being allowed outside after dark. I loved the chilly breeze, the special energy thick in the air. It wasn’t until I was older that I learned of the true magic of the holiday. It is on Samhain that I feel most spiritually alive.

Want to know more?

You Call It Hallowe’en… We Call It Samhain

Samhain. Information from

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October 30th, 2005

Bluetooth Vibrator

Blue tooth vibrator.

Girls: fancy an SMS-fired Bluetooth vibrator?

Connected to a mobile phone with Bluetooth it becomes an intimate, silent connection between two lovers, regardless of distance. Custom designed for your pleasure, it is intelligent, sophisticated and invented for bliss. The Toy is worn internally, linked to a mobile phone and controlled by sms text messages sent to the phone. Once read, the message is transported automatically to The Toy, which turns it into vibrations - with a huge range of movements, depending on what you have written. Just say what you feel, The Toy will do the rest.

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October 29th, 2005

Sugar Bank Bloggasm #6

Sugar Bank Bloggasm

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Find out how to join the bloggasm here.

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October 28th, 2005

Halloween penises

Halloween penises.

Porn Bread shows us how to make Trick or Treat goodies for grown ups. In addition to their Halloween treats I also get a chuckle from their Gingerbread Kama Sutra.

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October 27th, 2005

Happy Domme

Happy domme fucks slave.

I like the look of glee in her eyes as she makes her submissive cry out. For me, a scene has to be fun as well as sexy for me to enjoy it fully.

Spanking a submissive that truly loves the pain and the sting is a true joy. I gave a spanking to one such submissive recently. It was the perfect occasion to use my new toy-a wooden paddle with holes drilled into it.

The ‘holy paddle’, as I’ve dubbed it, is fast becoming my one of my favorites. The recent spanking I gave using it was a good one. I was smiling and feeling the excitement of topping that comes along with reddening someone’s bottom. This paddle makes a distinctive slapping noise-a bit high pitched but with depth at the same time.

I must have toys that make sounds. This is why I love canes so much. That split second ‘whish’ a cane makes as it slices thru the air before striking the ass sends a chill of excitement down my spine every time.

I gave him a warm up, but didn’t use my hand. Instead I tapped the paddle lightly over each cheek, slowly building up to slaps that made him yelp. I’m most satisfied when the spankee is very vocal. He moaned, gasped and sighed during the spanking which was music to my ears. He also moved around a lot which I enjoyed-it made me restrain him which was a thrill in itself. A man with his hands tied behind his back is a gorgeous site.

Leaving a mark is another essential of a good spanking. The holy paddle reddens a bottom nicely and if smacked down hard leaves a red rectangle with round spots from the holes. I like to admire my handiwork after the fact and my new paddle doesn’t disappoint. This spanking resulted in welts that lasted several days which made me smile.

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October 26th, 2005

What Freedom?

Bush sucks the life out of liberty.

The United States, you know “the land of the free”, ranks 44th place in the World Press Freedom Index. Our “liberal press” is less free than Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lithuania and Slovakia, among others.

North Korea, Eritrea and Turkmenistan are the world’s “black holes” for news

“Western democracies slip back, with the US falling more than 20 places.”

There was a time when I was a journalism major. My naiveté was lost when I saw what a slave the US press is to its corporate masters. The kind of journalism I wanted to do-independent, non-corporate funded-wouldn’t pay my bills so I took my disillusionment and switched majors.

What of the countries the Bush administration has insisted on liberating? Afghanistan is 125th, Iraq is 157th. And our embedded reporters in Iraq? They rank 137th.

Looks like Denmark, #1, is the land of the free.

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October 25th, 2005


“I’d like to masturbate while talking to you if that’s alright.”

-a new client’s response when I asked what he’d like to talk about

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October 24th, 2005

Questions Questions

Questions questions.

Whiny Boy usually asks me lots of questions. Do I like him? Is he my best slave? Does my pussy get wet when we talk? Do I fantasize about him serving me when I masturbate? These types of questions are typical of him and I’m used to answering them at the beginning of our calls. Normally, this lasts around 15 minutes before he shifts into his fantasy talk.

But tonight he was overzealous with his questioning. Every single utterance was in the form of a question. I barely had time to answer one question before he would ask another. And another. And another still.

This barrage of questions was starting to grate my nerves. But I had to remind myself-WB is one of my best clients. I told myself not to get annoyed because his frequent calls pay my bills. But the constant questioning-

Do you shave your pussy? What color is your pussy hair? Is it curly? Does it get wet when you pee? Could I lick the piss droplets off your pussy hair? Could I do it with my tongue? Would my tongue be your toilet paper Mistress? Can I be the only slave to lick your pussy? Would you cum while I licked your pussy?

-was starting to get to me. So to amuse myself I decided to time WB for one hour and mark down whenever he asked a question. After 60 minutes I tallied up my pen scratches. He had asked 163 questions. 163!!! No wonder I felt on edge. His rapid fire method of questioning continued on for a while longer. I gritted my teeth and followed his lead, answering him each time with a sexy purr.

Then he shifted gears and started to relax. It was as if some urgent need had finally been satisfied. It wasn’t a particular question that satiated him-it was a gradual decrease. Even his voice changed. His tone became softer, more gentle. WB was finally starting to enjoy his fantasy. When he came it was more a sigh of release than an explosion of tension. It seemed the answering of his questions was the real orgasm of the night and the actual ejaculation more of an afterthought.

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October 23rd, 2005

2,000 US Soldiers

Coffins of US soldiers.

“2,000 U.S. Deaths in Iraq is 2,000 Too Many!
Organize an Anti-War Action the Day After the U.S. Announces the 2,000th U.S. Soldier Death in Iraq…

…The sad day is coming when the 2,000th U.S. soldier will have died in Iraq. We need to use that milestone to remind people of the human cost of the war and call for the troops to come home.”

Last count I saw the ‘official’ tally was 1996 so I thought this was timely.

More info at United for Peace and Justice.

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October 22nd, 2005

Sugar Bank Bloggasm #5

Sugar Bank Bloggasm

Luba in the bubble chair.

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October 21st, 2005

Sexy Pumpkin

Sexy pumpkin.

Add some spice to your pumpkins this Halloween. Extreme Pumpkins has the coolest carvings I’ve ever seen. Besides the sexy lady, my favorites include the puking pumpkin and drowned in a bag pumpkin. Deliciously demented!

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October 20th, 2005

Grandma collects erotic art.

Erotic art museum grandma.

From the Sun Sentinel:
The 70-year-old grandmother had collected fine antiques for decades. And when her son requested that she select a few naughtier baubles for his apartment, Wilzig responded by purchasing a Japanese pillow book or shunga — 25 brilliantly colored pictures depicting the more carnal of delights. “It was historically given to couples on their wedding night,” explains Wilzig. “It contains illustrations of various positions so they would know how to please each other.”

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October 19th, 2005

A New Phrase

“I’ve been doing the slow stroke for hours now. And I’ve decided to include you in the next round.”
-a new client with a new catch phrase for masturbation

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October 18th, 2005

Yoga’s sexy.

Hippie chick in a yoga pose.

Nakedness + hippie chick + yoga pose = yummy goodness.

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