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May 31st, 2005

Sweet Me

“You are a sweet gift from God.”
-Lil’ Cocksucker
in regards to making him cum

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May 30th, 2005

Bush Sodomized

From Express Gay News:
“The Broward Art Guild’s annual “Controversy” exhibit has lived up to its name this year. A gay artist’s entry that depicts President Bush in a compromising position has prompted a complaint to a county official and sparked a debate over art censorship.”

Bush sodomized by Saudi.

This painting is brilliant. I absolutely love it. What upsets me is how the exhibit organizers pat themselves on the back for not censoring the art when in fact they did. They suppressed the piece by putting it in the back behind a curtain. Behind a curtain?!? What next for artists wanting freedom of expression? Will their political works be displayed past barbed wire and smoke? Will viewers wanting to see the piece be forced to sign a loyalty pledge to the nation? Ridiculous.

If only prints were available. I’d proudly hang it on my wall.

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May 29th, 2005

Freedom of Religion Prohibited

Wiccan pentacle.

From the Indianapolis Star:
An Indianapolis father is appealing a Marion County judge’s unusual order that prohibits him and his ex-wife from exposing their child to “non-mainstream religious beliefs and rituals.”

More about this insane story here:

As a Pagan, this really, really upsets me. But anyone that cares about the First Amendment should be upset with a judge, whose job it is to uphold the Constitution, that denies people their freedom of religion. I don’t see this judgement holding up but with all the right wing wackos Bush is trying to shove unto the judicial benches in a couple of years perhaps it might. And that is something everyone should fear.

I lived for awhile in Indiana and experienced religious intolerance. When I wore my pentacle I had people actually scream in my face that I was going to hell. I was told I was a sinner, was a devil worshipper, that I sacrificed children plus numberous rude looks directed my way. Even just a bit of research shows Pagans and Wiccans follow a peaceful path, worship nature and are NOT Devil worshippers. It boggles my mind that people still believe such ridiculous ideas.

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May 28th, 2005

Insta Gay!

Homophobic Cum Guzzler called me today. He’s a funny one. He desperately wants to eat his own cum but can’t. HCG thinks that if he does it will turn him into a cum whore who needs to suck every man’s cock in sight. I like to call this belief Insta Gay!

At first I thought the Insta Gay effect was part of the fantasy. But every time he cums, he freaks out and can’t eat it. He feels disgusted with his “faggot” desires. I’ve told him that I’ve tasted my own cum and haven’t turned into a nymphomaniac lesbian but he says that’s different.

Oh, the power of the male sperm. Who knew?

HCG isn’t the only one with this problem-just the one I talk with the most. I think their prejudice against homosexuals makes them hate themselves for their desires. If Insta Gay inflicted men would get over their homophobia they could enjoy the kink of eating their cum while maintaining their treasured heterosexuality. (Plus there would be less gay bashing in the world.) Or maybe some would experiment and like sucking off men. More often than not these callers want me to “force” them to suck cock.

But back to the Insta Gay phenomena. Can’t you see one of those black and white commercials from the ’50s advertising Insta Gay! the new formula? “Turn the straightest man into a raging homosexual with our new and improved jism!” Hmm, maybe it’s just me.

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May 27th, 2005

Disgusting Dentist

From the Associated Press:
“CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A former dentist accused of using syringes to squirt his semen into the mouths of female patients was sentenced to probation on seven assault charges Wednesday though he refused to say he was guilty.”

Eww. What motivates someone to inject their sperm into non-consenting people? Plus, if he’s proven guilty why didn’t he get more than probation? This sounds like sexual assault to me. Rest of the story here.

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May 26th, 2005

Mistress Teddy Bear

Seems this teddy bear was too controversial for a Zurich outdoor art project. I think it’s pretty cute though.

Teddy bear dominatrix.

Full story here.

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Gee, thanks.

“I already think of you as a person.”
-Homophobic Cum Whore while telling me how much he loves me. Yeah, I feel the love.

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May 23rd, 2005

Organic Phallic Substitutes

I was in the grocery store this week when I remembered one of my funniest pso moments. It happened the first year I became a pso.

A guy called and asked what I wanted him to buy before he came home to do a session. Freebie stealers try this tactic to try to get me talking so they can beat off for free. I give them short answers with a reminder that I’m happy to go into detail if they do a paid call.

He told me he liked fucking himself with vegetables. He wanted me to pick out which veggie for him to buy before he’d do a call. So I said in a sexy voice “I want you to pick out the biggest zucchini you can find”.

He was quite taken aback and stammered for a bit. He asked what if it was too big. I was taken aback myself. How could a zucchini be too big? So I told him he could peel it down to fit, just saying the first thing that came to mind.

He was confused by my answer and made his excuses to get off the phone. I never heard from him again.

I was quite perplexed by this until I went to the grocery store. I looked at the zucchinis and thought they weren’t too big. Then I realized what I’d done. I eat organic vegetables so naturally when I told him to buy one I envisioned an organic zucchini.

Organic zucchinis don’t get that big. I probably scared him because genetically modified ones get unnaturally large. Still makes me laugh though.

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May 19th, 2005

Spanked School Girl

What draws me to this photograph is the way her fingers dig into her pink bottom. You can tell it stings yet she is trying to cover her ass protectively. I bet she’ll get punished more for interfering with her spanking.

Some of my favorite calls are school scenes. I enjoy being the stern teacher who discovers some naughty cartoons my student drew featuring me. I tell him to stay after class and give him a bare bottom spanking over my desk. Then to embarrass him further I make my student masturbate while confessing all the nasty fantasies he’s had about me during school. Quite delightful.

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May 16th, 2005

No comments? No longer!

Apparently, the comments section hasn’t been working. Not sure why but Mr. Radical fixed it for me. Thanks babe!

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May 14th, 2005

Sex and Death

A good friend I loved died recently. He was such a beautiful, good person I’m saddened that he’s no longer in this world. Part of my coping mechanism in dealing with his death is throwing myself into my work. Talking about my clients’ fantasies takes my mind away from my reality.

While this is mostly therapeutic, there is an aspect to it that makes me pause and check that I won’t cry.

It happens at the beginning of the call. The client asks how I’ve been doing or what I’ve been up to. It’s not their fault; they’re just being polite. But it’s distressing nonetheless.

The real answers instantly pop into my mind. Grieving. Remembering. Wondering why death comes when it does. Pondering my future and the future of my loved ones still living.

But I can’t say the real answers. It’s not fair to the client. He’s calling to hear a fantasy, to get off, to seek companionship. So I swallow my truth and lie. “I’m fine. Oh, I’ve just been hanging out at home. I’m feeling pretty good.”

Their questions make me pause. My voice doesn’t sound authentic as I answer. But they believe me. Why wouldn’t they? The small talk starts shortly afterwards and I can lose myself for a time.

Once this starts I feel back in the groove. I jump into their world for a bit and the stress relief is tremendous. I feel more relaxed when the call is over. Funny how I can turn a piss swallowing panties clad fetishist into a therapy call for myself.

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May 13th, 2005

My Voice

“You’re more addictive than crack.”
-Newbie Client, on our second call

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May 11th, 2005

Raunchy Right Wingers

Turns out that some right wing fanatics have some kinky skeletons in their closet. Who knew? Well, me for one. The more conservative callers I talk with tend to have the weirdest fantasies.

Neal Horsley (anti-abortion extremist) has admittedly had affairs with four legged creatures, according to his recent interview with Alan Colmes on the Propaganda Network, otherwise known as Fox news.

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May 5th, 2005

Beautiful Burkas

Scantily clad burka woman.

A beauty from The Burka Project.

Anna and Barney say this about their project:
“The new freedom of woman by using the Burka as a means of showing all while hiding the essential.”
I am mesmerized by these photographs. Not only is the photography phenomenal, the subject matter is both breathtaking and thought provoking. I keep going back to these images, analyzing them over and over.

While exploring their site be sure to check out the Clash Of Cultures for some sexy burka and nun pics.

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