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May 30th, 2005

Bush Sodomized

From Express Gay News:
“The Broward Art Guild’s annual “Controversy” exhibit has lived up to its name this year. A gay artist’s entry that depicts President Bush in a compromising position has prompted a complaint to a county official and sparked a debate over art censorship.”

Bush sodomized by Saudi.

This painting is brilliant. I absolutely love it. What upsets me is how the exhibit organizers pat themselves on the back for not censoring the art when in fact they did. They suppressed the piece by putting it in the back behind a curtain. Behind a curtain?!? What next for artists wanting freedom of expression? Will their political works be displayed past barbed wire and smoke? Will viewers wanting to see the piece be forced to sign a loyalty pledge to the nation? Ridiculous.

If only prints were available. I’d proudly hang it on my wall.

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One Response to “Bush Sodomized”

  1. KarenofChicago says:

    No doubt that is a GREAT painting! In many ways, the positions could indeed be reversed with Bush bending over the Arab fellow. The Arab man would be representative of the people of the Islamic nations who suffer the consequences of our foreign policy. As an aside, the Royals in the Arab world while doing just fine for themselves now with Bush’s “policies” in effect, may not fare so well in the future.

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