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June 9th, 2006

Lipstick Explosion

Lipstick Explosion

A good friend of mine has a blog that has been featured in my blog roll for a few months. She’s been blogging regularly now and I want to extend an invitation to my readers to give her a read. Hers is one of my favorite blogs. Sera manages to make Lipstick Explosion entertaining, insightful, funny and educational with apparently little effort.

She’s also returned to being a phone sex counselor full time. Some of her recent thoughts on clients:

“Favorite clients. (aka: the opposite of prankers) Favorite clients make it all worth it. A handful of my old favorites called me this week, and I hope they could hear the excitement in my voice. With all of them, I remembered minute details of their fantasies. Once again, I got to be the 20 year old office girl who turns the tables on the 40+ boss and spanks him over her knee. I got to be the wife who, after taking a spanking for being late, discovers her husband hasn’t done any of his weekend chores, and she really gives it to him. I got to be the sweet submissive whose begs for just one more orgasm. Favorite clients, bless you.

Hard clients. Heartbreaking clients. I had one old client call and speak with me for several hours, and I realized that what he wanted was to be tortured literally to the brink of death, and only maybe allowed to live. Another client told me he appreciated our service because he gets lonely—so lonely, in fact, that he sometimes pays bills late so that someone will call him.

Perhaps sex work is the oldest profession because loneliness is the oldest, most terrifying emotion.”

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