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June 5th, 2006

Fine Dining

Serving tray.

I got a few emails about the vegan quote so I thought I’d explain the story behind it.

“I’ve never told you this but I’m a vegan.”
-Slurpee King
after a long call about eating my shit

Slurpee King didn’t tell me he was a vegan until we had been chatting for awhile. His love of shit however came out the first time we talked. As is common with scat calls, those with the fetish often create a ritual around it.

His involved turning the scat into a high class meal. He would set the dining table with a lacy tablecloth, candlesticks and fine china. My piss would fill a champagne glass and my shit would be served on a dinnerplate.

SK wanted me to watch him while he dined on his “special feast”. He would always keep to his namesake though and slurp the phone throughout the fantasy.

We had been talking over the course of a few months when SK told me about his dietary choice. It was an unusual call in that he skipped the dinner ritual and wanted to eat it “straight from the source”. After lots of slurping and lots of moaning he came. Then a quiet voice said, “I’ve never told you this but I’m a vegan.”

My mind went blank; I had no idea what to say to such a comment. Luckily I didn’t have to think of one because he quickly asked if I was a vegan or vegetarian. I told him the truth-that while I used to be a vegetarian that was years ago and now I ate meat. He let out a little sigh of disappointment so I quickly added that I did try to eat mostly organic and made a point to buy organic meat and vegetables. This cheered him up.

“So it’s still healthy for me to eat your shit?”

Since we were still firmly in Erectionland where any bodily fluid is not only safe but is in fact nutritious to eat I told him it was ok for him to eat it. With his confidence restored he thanked me for the call and hung up.

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