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November 11th, 2005

Fetish Fridays: Sploshing

Sticky honey blonde.

I want to do a theme day where I post about a certain subject. For now I’m experimenting with Fetish Fridays and posting about interesting and unusual fetishes.

Today’s fetish is Sploshing. Bill Shipton, creator of Splosh magazine, defines sploshing as “Put at its simplest, sploshing is about getting wet or messy for sexual pleasure. You can do it with food, mud, paint, or just get in the shower in your best business suit. You can do it with your clothes on or off, alone or with a partner.”

He goes on to explain in an Eyeshot interview:
“You can use practically any foodstuff you fancy, you can go and roll in the mud if you prefer (though I’d wait till it gets warmer) or play about with poster paints. Sex in the shower with your clothes on is pretty bloody good and all . . . Simply splosh in what you fancy the feel of. Some like the idea of baked beans or spaghetti squishing round their bits, others enjoy sticky things likes syrups and sauces that can be licked off. Chocolate sauce, cream, and custard are probably the most popular — along with custard pies and cakes either for sitting in or smearing over each other. It’s best to start with things you like the taste of, and in fairly small quantities.”

I’ve never sploshed myself. Although I will admit there is something erotic about dipping into a bathtub full of chocolate…

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