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June 30th, 2008

Sugasm #138

Sugasm #138

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #139? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks
You’re going to come for me.
“I imagined her, bound. Wrists behind her back, whimpering.”

Champagne Orgasms
“I cry out, begging for him to stop, begging him not to”

Tie one on
“He slipped his hands under my blouse and teased my nipples and breasts with his strong hands.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
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Editor’s Choice
The Look

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Marlena courtesy of Badgirl’s Hotbox.

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June 29th, 2008

Flunking A Call

In Thoughts of You

I totally blew a call the other day. Occasionally a call will feel flat which usually means the caller and I didn’t connect. (Not always though. Monotone Man’s calls always feel flat and he’s been a regular for years.) The other day a call just failed. I’ll guy the guy Disappointed Client because that’s what he was by the end.

The call started off alright. DC told me he was a sissy. This seemed like a good sign-typically I do well on sissy calls. On the whole sissies make for fun calls. When I asked some more questions he told me his wife sissified him and kept him in chastity.

These were two good ingredients for a call. I tried to get a feel where DC wanted to go. But the call started stalling out. I’d ask him leading questions like what are you wearing today and he’d say “nothing” because he was at work. Trying another tactic I asked what sort of thing his wife dressed him in. He did answer but it was an abbreviated answer as if the question annoyed him.

Typically sissies like to talk about their girlie clothes so his boredom perplexed me. Switching directions I asked about the chastity. He seemed to liven up at the question but not by much. After he finished telling me about his chastity device he relapsed into silence. I was silent myself trying to figure out what he wanted.

Questions weren’t working so I again switched directions. I told him “Well if your wife ever let me borrow you…” and started talking about a sissy/cuckold fantasy. I paused here and there to see if he’d comment. I wasn’t expecting a huge amount of words but an “oh yeah” or “tell me more” would have been good feedback.

But there was nothing. No comments, no moaning, no sighs even. I fell silent again and tried to think. What did he want?

DC broke the silence. “Can we just stop the call?” Shit, I had blown it. Normally when I have a flat call the guy finishes the fantasy and just doesn’t call again. You know it’s bad when they want to make an abrupt end like he did.

I told him we could end the call but asked if something was wrong. DC said I was very nice to try but I just wasn’t arousing him. Figuring he’d hang up any second I went for a question sure to provoke a comment-”But you’re in chastity I thought you didn’t want to get aroused?”

I wasn’t trying to be bitchy-I wanted a critique of the call. Hearing criticism of my phone work is hard but I wanted the feedback. Perhaps I was having an off day and DC could tell me something that I could work on.

“You have too much hesitation. It just isn’t working.” After saying those words he hung up. Too much hesitation?! But he was the one barely talking!

There’s something that just sucks when you blow a call like this. Thoughts of “am I losing my touch” and “maybe I didn’t pick up on something that he said” went through my head afterwards.

I will admit that first calls aren’t my strong point. Once I get to know my clients I fall into a groove with them and crank out the great calls. I tend to let new clients talk a lot. The more details they give me the better call I can give them. Sometimes this weirds guys out. When asked why I’m not saying anything I’ll reply “I’m listening to you.” Typically they like this and it’s especially good for those that have never gotten a chance to talk about their desires. I also hate interrupting. I don’t want to cut them off when they’re giving me good material to use in the fantasy.

After DC hung up I replayed the call in my head. Did I really hesitate too much? It didn’t seem like it. Perhaps he wanted me to constantly talk. One of my regulars likes constant chatter. When I pause to take a sip of water he’ll urgently say “keep talking”. DC didn’t indicate he wanted that sort of thing though. It’s like he wanted me to instinctively know where to take the call when in reality I didn’t have a clue.

Later that night I talked to two of my regulars. One was a sissy who thanked me profusely before hanging up like he always does. The other was a forced cocksucking call that went smoothly. I was thankful for both calls because they were a boost to my PSO esteem.

After working the phones for six years I know that not every call is going to be stellar. There are going to be clients that just don’t click with me. I try to remember this but it still feels deflating when a client wants to end the call abruptly.

Posted by Vixen as PSO Confessions at 11:00 PM CDT


June 27th, 2008

Sex News Roundup

Sex news roundup

Via YNot:
Hardcore Juror Fired During Trial
“Adult filmmaker Max Hardcore’s defense team on Tuesday filed a motion for a new trial after discovering one of the jurors was under mental stress during deliberation because she was fired from her job the night before the verdict was rendered.”


“The juror, who is identified in court documents as Kimberly Grimes, after the verdict told Little’s defense attorney Jennifer M. Kinsley she was the last of three jurors to change her vote from “not guilty” to “guilty” during “emotional” deliberations. She also told Kinsley her former employer, Tampa-area personal-injury attorney Dale S. Appell, had terminated her employment as his executive assistant by phone the previous evening. Kinsley detailed the conversation in an affidavit filed with the court, noting that Grimes provided her a copy of a note she sent to presiding U.S. District Judge Susan Bucklew prior to the conclusion of deliberations. The note requested a private meeting with the judge about the termination.”

Via AVN:
Ira Isaacs Stands Before A New Judge
” With attorney Roger Jon Diamond unable to attend a scheduled status conference regarding the government’s obscenity case against shock artist Ira Isaacs on June 30, U.S. District Judge George King moved the conference up a week, but there were few surprises at today’s hearing - not even Judge King’s obvious desire to move the proceedings along swiftly.

Sitting in Courtroom 660 of the Edward R. Roybal Center this afternoon, Judge King took under advisement Diamond’s Motion to object to setting a trial date, and gave Diamond until July 28 to file his motion to preclude Isaacs’ retrial on grounds of double jeopardy. The late date for the motion was determined by Diamond’s need to review the transcript of the previous trial under Judge Alex Kozinski, which would not be ready, according to prosecutor Ken Whitted, until July 14 - although Judge King questioned why Diamond would need the transcript at all, since the facts of the case were not in dispute.”

I still think Judge Kozinski should not have recused himself.

Via $pread Magazine:
Grind the vote!
From Sin City to the Big Apple, sex workers are organizing for political and economic justice. It’s time to organize our sex worker electorate ito a political force and “Grind the Vote”!

Even though I’m bitter about whether every vote is actually counted I still think it’s vital that we all vote. Register today!

Via SWOP-LV News:
Australia/Cambodia: Sex workers want legislation changed
“Sex workers have delivered a letter to the Cambodian embassy in Canberra calling for changes to anti-trafficking and sex work laws.

The Scarlet Alliance, representing Australia’s sex workers, and the Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers, say a recent law change in Cambodia equates all sex work with trafficking.

That had led to closures of brothels and widespread human rights abuses against sex workers, they said.

The new laws had simply moved sex work underground, in an unsafe, unregulated environment, alliance president Elena Jeffreys told AAP.”

This is a big issue that I’ve been meaning to blog about. There’s a lot of news about this one and the $pread blog has been doing a great job of covering it.

Via the Jamaica Observer:
PM rejects regulation of sex workers
“Prime Minister Bruce Golding has flatly rejected a suggestion to decriminalise and regulate commercial sex work, describing the proposal as ludicrous, ill-informed and unauthorised.”


“In an Observer report last week, senior medical officer in charge of the National HIV/STI Programme in the Ministry of Health, Dr Kevin Harvey, suggested that government could rake in up to $3 billion in taxes by decriminalising commercial sex work.”

Via Naked City:
Xaviera Hollander on Being the Happy Hooker
“Xaviera Hollander just hosted a big 65th birthday bash for herself at her Bed & Breakfast in Amsterdam, and in this episode of Naked City TV she reflects on how Amsterdam’s red light district is changing, plus her perceptions of the sex industry and the ways that the Happy Hooker brand has unexpectedly grown.”

I feel pretty silly because I didn’t realize Hollander was still alive. Doh! I’d like to see the documentary about her.

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June 26th, 2008

DC Madam Story Footnotes

Footnotes for my $pread story:

Tough ‘D.C. Madam’ threatens a courtroom battle

Palfrey Considered Call Girl’s “Suicide” Possible Murder

DC Madam Predicted She Would Be Suicided

Building Manager: DC Madam’s Death Not Suicide

Prison Planet link, suicide notes, a contradiction in terms?

D.C. madam’s mystery death: The Orlando connection

Building Manager: D.C. Madam’s Death Suspicious

D.C. Madam: Suicide Before Prison

The Curious Case of Dan Moldea

‘D.C. madam’ found dead in Florida

D.C. Madam`s Suicide Notes Released

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June 25th, 2008

New Book To Review

All I Could Bare book

I just received All I Could Bare by Craig Seymour to review. From the book’s description:
“I felt that I’d made a transformation as surely as Superman slipping out of a phone booth or Wonder Woman doing a sunburst spin. I was bare-ass in a room of paying strangers, a stripper. After years of wondering what it would be like, I had done it — faced a fear, defied expectation, embraced a taboo self. It was only the beginning….

All I Could Bare is the story of a mild-mannered graduate student who “took the road less clothed” — a decision that was life changing. Seymour embarked on his journey in the 1990s, when Washington, D.C.’s gay club scene was notoriously no-holds-barred, all the while trying to keep his newfound vocation a secret from his parents and maintain a relation-ship with his boyfriend, Seth. Along the way he met some unforgettable characters — the fifty-year-old divorcé who’s obsessed with a twenty-one-year-old dancer, the celebrated drag diva who hailed from a small town in rural Virginia, and the many straight guys who were “gay for pay.” Seymour gives us both the highs (money, adoration, camaraderie) and the lows (an ill-fated attempt at prostitution, a humiliating porn audition).

Ultimately coming clean about his secret identity, Seymour breaks through taboos and makes his way from booty-baring stripper to Ph.D.-bearing academic, taking a detour into celebrity journalism and memorably crossing paths with Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Mary J. Blige along the way. Hilarious, insight-ful, and touching, All I Could Bare proves that sometimes the “wrong decision” can lead to the right place. ”

I’ve only made it to the second chapter so can’t report much yet.

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June 24th, 2008

My Rectum Of Love

“You mean you’ve had two movements of love from you anus today?”
-said in an ecstatic voice by a new client after asking about my bowel movements

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June 23rd, 2008

Sugasm #137

Sugasm #137

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #138? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks
I can only be what I am.
“It’s strangely refreshing, to really submit and give up that control, and not have to make decisions.”

Over the Edge
“He tells me to hold still, in that soft, controlling voice of his.”

A Story Told Out of Order and Out of Character - Part 4
“You thought you could just come to my room and tease me?”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Sugar Bank

Editor’s Choice
A former slut examined

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Mz. Berlin courtesy of Mz. Berlin’s Blog.

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June 22nd, 2008

George Carlin R.I.P.

George Carlin R.I.P.

George Carlin, one of my favorite comedians, died today. You can read some history on the man in this New York Times article:
George Carlin, Irreverent Comedian, Dies at 71
“George Carlin, the Grammy-Award winning standup comedian and actor who was hailed for his irreverent social commentary, poignant observations of the absurdities of everyday life and language, and groundbreaking routines like “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television,” died in Santa Monica, Calif., on Sunday, according to his publicist, Jeff Abraham. He was 71.”

One of the best interviews with him I’ve read was from The Onion’s A.V. Club:
George Carlin
“AVC: Still, whenever someone says “fuck” on TV, it’s referred to as “one of George Carlin’s seven words.” That’s quite a legacy.

GC: Yeah, and I’m in a lot of articles that are even more serious, about obscenity and indecency. It’s nice to be a kind of footnote in legal history. That’s how I think of myself. It’s kind of interesting and fun. It’s a perverse badge of honor to be the only comedian whose routines were the subject of a case in the United States Supreme Court. The august, history-ridden Supreme Court. And I hear all the time from college students that in their communications-law classes and even just plain old law classes, a lot of professors want them to study the Pacifica case. And sometimes they play the routine for them, from that third album.”

The Pacifica case is an interesting one.
Federal Communications Commission v. Pacifica
Case Summary for Federal Communications Commission v. Pacifica
Seven dirty words

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June 21st, 2008

Bright Yellow Panties

Bright yellow panties

Courtesy of this gallery.

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June 20th, 2008

Bronze Enema Sculpture

Bronze enema sculpture

Enema monument unveiled in Russian resort
“A monument to the enema, a procedure many people would rather not think about, has been unveiled at a spa in the southern Russian city of Zheleznovodsk.

The bronze syringe bulb, which weighs 800 pounds and is held by three angels, was unveiled at the Mashuk-Akva Term spa, the spa’s director said Thursday.”


“Kharchenko, 50, said the monument cost $42,000 and was installed in a square in front of his spa on Wednesday. A banner declaring: “Let’s beat constipation and sloppiness with enemas” — an allusion to a line from “The Twelve Chairs,” a famous Soviet film comedy — was posted on one of the spa’s walls.”

Perhaps it means I’m immature but this article made me giggle.

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June 19th, 2008

Victim Of Spam Found Innocent

From XBiz News:
Man Fired On Child Porn Charges Was Victim of Spam
“A state employee who lost his job and faced criminal charges for having child porn on his government-issued laptop computer has been found to be the victim of malware.”


“Computer forensics expert Tami Loehrs, who examined the laptop for the defense, determined that spammers had bombarded the computer with child pornography.

“It’s one of the most horrific cases I’ve seen. As soon as you mention child pornography, everybody’s senses go out the window,” Loehrs said. ”


“Fiola said he planned to sue the department for “destroying our lives. Our lives have been hell. I hope to recover my reputation, but our friends all ran.”

Wark said Fiola’s case was officially expunged from court records last week. ”

What a mess for Michael Fiola. Thankfully he got his named cleared but he went through such a struggle. His situation shows the danger of overreacting. Before punishing people, even if they are accused of the most horrible crimes, society as a whole needs to make sure they are truly guilty.

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June 18th, 2008

The Mysterious Power Of The Sun

“Please get on electricity, you’re better than that.”
-recent regular

This client was insisting that I buy a large flat screen tv. (He brought the subject up.) After telling him I didn’t want to own a tv, he kept insisting I should buy one anyway. I tried another tactic and told him my solar capacity wouldn’t power a tv that big. That’s when he sort of freaked out. He said I was living primitive and told me the above quote. He begged me to give up living so horribly and get hooked up to electricity.

But I am “hooked up to electricity”. It’s just a different type. I tried explaining the concept of solar power-that I had light switches and a laptop and internet access. He couldn’t wrap his head around it.

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June 17th, 2008

Sugasm #136

Sugasm #136

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #137? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks
“Frozen, I wait for your next move.”

Balanced on the tip of my tongue
“Pushing her into the bedroom, I stripped her bare swiftly, laid her out on the bed.”

Impertinent Question: Do You Enjoy Spanking?
“That’s what we call Wednesday night!”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Sugar Bank

Editor’s Choice
The Source of All Waters

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Nun porn courtesy of Catalina Says.

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June 16th, 2008

Kozinski Recuses Himself From Isaacs Trial

Judge Alex Kozinski

From XBiz News:
Beverly Hills Attorney Fingered Kozinski’s Porn Stash
“Opening arguments were getting underway during the obscenity trial of scat porn producer Ira Isaacs yesterday morning when the Los Angeles Times broke the story that the judge presiding over the case, chief judge of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Alex Kozinski, had published pornographic material on his personal website.”


“Sanai revealed to XBIZ that he had been monitoring the judge’s site periodically and came across the pornographic material in December.

“Christmas Eve last year, Santa Claus decides to give me a present,” Sanai told XBIZ. “I found a link to the sub-directories on Kozinski’s website. And I found pornographic images, racially sensitive humor, personal photos and MP3 files.” ”

Damn, it certainly sounds like this Sanai had a vendetta against Konzinski eh?

From Boing Boing:
Judge Alex Kozinski’s porn stash
“Judge Alex Kozinski is a friend of free speech. Now bloggers have discovered his secret online porn stash — and forgiven him for it. Yes, there’s naked women painted like cows, a man fellating himself, and two women hiking their skirts under a “Bush for President” sign…”


“Here are the facts as I’ve been able to tell: For at least a month, a disgruntled litigant, angry at Judge Kozinski (and the Ninth Circuit) has been talking to the media to try to smear Kozinski. Kozinski had sent a link to a file (unrelated to the stuff being reported about) that was stored on a file server maintained by Kozinski’s son, Yale. From that link (and a mistake in how the server was configured), it was possible to determine the directory structure for the server. From that directory structure, it was possible to see likely interesting places to peer. The disgruntled sort did that, and shopped some of what he found to the news sources that are now spreading it…”

I don’t really care what dirty pics Judge Kozinski has on his computer. What bothers me is the hypocrisy in these obscenity cases. Kozinski is a perfect example of how people like and want porn, even porn that is weird or twisted or kinky. And yet people who create weird, twisted or kinky porn, people like Isaacs, are being tried for obscenity. Neither Kozinski nor Isaacs should be put on trial, whether in legal court or in public.

From NY Daily News:
Judge Alex Kozinski recuses himself from trial of porn maker Ira Isaacs
“A high-ranking federal judge caught with raunchy photos on his personal Web site stepped down Friday from the obscenity trial of a Bronx-born fetish filmmaker.”


“A Beverly Hills lawyer who tangled with Kozinski over a personal divorce case initially blew the whistle. Attorney Cyrus Sanai said he alerted several news organizations to the photos months ago, but it wasn’t until Kozinski stepped in to preside over Isaacs’ rare anti-smut case that the material sparked a media frenzy.

Friends say Kozinski is the victim of a disgruntled plaintiff bent on revenge.

“A lawyer who has a grudge against Kozinski rummaged around on his personal family server and found some sexual jokes that were never supposed to be for anything other than family and friends,” said UCLA Law Prof. Eugene Volokh, a former Kozinski clerk and friend. ”

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