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July 31st, 2006

Hot Chick, Hot Gun

Hot chick, hot gun.

That’s a sexy shotgun.

Posted by Vixen as Sexy Sensations at 11:29 PM CDT

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July 30th, 2006

Sugasm #40

Sexy couple in a passionate embrace.

This week’s best of the sex blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Want in Sugasm #41? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the linklist within a week and you’re all set.

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Thanks to Sex with Rex and Roxy for the Samantha Wolov photo.

Posted by Vixen as Sugasm at 11:49 PM CDT

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July 29th, 2006

Series of Fallopian Tubes

The internet is a series of tubes.

By now many of you have heard how Senator Ted Stevens made an ass of himself while debating Net Neutrality. But have you heard the techno remix by Bold Headed Broadcast? Freaking brilliant!

But the glory of the tubes doesn’t stop there. Series of Fallopian Tubes has turned Senator Stevens blunder into a clever tshirt. Cute and subversive.

Posted by Vixen as Musings at 11:54 PM CDT


July 28th, 2006

Playing the Repentant Ex-Wife


Sometimes being a pso is easy. I get to sit in my comfy chair and talk dirty. Then there are times when I have difficult calls or callers. There are times when my heartstrings are tugged so hard I feel like crying. Thankfully this doesn’t happen the majority of the time but when it does I feel drained after the call.

One such heartstrings conversation was with a divorced man. The divorce played a big part in the fantasy so I’ll simply call him Divorced Man. At the beginning of the call he told me about his failed marriage. He was happily married, she was not. After a few years of seemingly married bliss she left him for another man.

While at first I thought this would be a talk therapy kind of call, I soon learned otherwise. After telling me his history he asked if I would be willing to play his ex-wife. I agreed and asked what he had in mind.

He wanted me to role play that I was his ex-wife and that he had walked in on me fucking my new man. I felt comfortable with this setup so we began. I described how I was riding on top of my new lover and described how much I loved his cock which naturally was long and incredibly thick. DM wanted to hear me moan like I had never moaned when we had sex. I indulged him and gave a guttural groan.

At this point he stepped into the fantasy, pretending to catch us. I was shocked that he had caught us in the act. Immediately I jumped up from my lover and came running over to him. He was hurt to find us in such a position and professed his pain.

Then something unexpected happened. He started to cry. DM confessed his love for me and begged me to come back to him. In the fantasy we embraced and kissed passionately. He begged for me to leave my new man.

I took the cue and told my lover I was dumping him. (the spurned lover was still naked on the bed waiting for me to come back and finishing fucking him) DM was getting more aroused at this point. I could hear his gasps of excitement. He was jerking off and crying at the same time.

The lover left leaving DM and I alone. We collapsed onto the bed, holding each other tightly. He was sobbing at this point. He kept telling me he was hard for me and wanted to make love to his wife again.

In the fantasy we began to make love. Our sex was slow and gentle, unlike the hard frantic fucking I was having with my now ex-lover. He kept asking if I loved him. He begged for me to remarry him. I promised I loved him and said of course I’d marry him again. He alternatively moaned and sobbed. He repeatedly asked me to never leave him again. I promised I never would over and over while he stroked his cock and cried.

When his orgasm hit it sounded almost painful. As he came he let out a tortured moan that turned into a torrent of sobs. Slowly the sobs turned into deep gasps. I was quiet and let him calm down.

In a quiet little voice he thanked me and told me I had really helped him. I believe him. Yes, our conversation was sex talk but it was more than that. It was counseling for him, admittedly an unusual type. His fantasy was an emotional healing of sorts. I don’t know how many times he had to relive it to get the closure he craved.

My heartstrings were pulled on this call. The pain in his voice was so aching. It was as if I could hear his tears.

Posted by Vixen as PSO Confessions at 10:55 PM CDT


July 26th, 2006

Pregger Panties

“I had on some of her pregger panties so they’d fit me”
-one of my clients explaining that he was wearing his wife’s pregnant panties

Posted by Vixen as Quote Book at 11:32 PM CDT

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July 25th, 2006

I’m in $pread Magazine

Spread Magazine-illuminating the sex industry.

$pread Magazine is one of my favorite reads. Written by and for sex workers and sex worker supporters its slogan is “illuminating the sex industry”.

It was such a joy to find a magazine that treats sex work as real work and promotes camaraderie amongst different types of sex workers. Every issue there is plenty to read-articles, interviews, reviews and sex news from around the world. If you’re a sex worker, or want to understand sex work more, I highly recommend it.

I’m honored to be in this summer’s issue of $pread. My Remote Control piece is featured in their Indecent Proposals section. Woot!

Posted by Vixen as Musings, Sexy Sensations at 10:46 PM CDT

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July 24th, 2006

A Conflict Viewed Through Very Different Lenses

From the Washington post online:

Are Americans being given a very different view of the Israel-Hezbollah conflict than their counterparts in Europe and elsewhere?

Yes, according to commentators in Muslim and European media.

The editors of the Jordan Times are especially critical of the U.S. television coverage. “Not only the Lebanese and Arabs but any educated, broad-minded person equipped with the necessary tools that do not allow him to succumb to the mighty propaganda machine have, over the past few days, all the reasons to be furious at the coverage by major US networks of the tragedy unfolding in Lebanon.”

-I agree with Lizard Queen’s recent post about media bias. I too want strictly unbiased news. But is this possible? Since everyone has a viewpoint and opinion, I prefer when news sources at least admit their bias like You know where they’re coming from.

Posted by Vixen as News at 11:33 PM CDT

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July 23rd, 2006

Sugasm #39

Melanaise gives us a peek.

This week’s best of the sex blogs by the bloggers who blog them, coedited by yours truly.Want in Sugasm #40? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the linklist within a week and you’re all set.

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Lovely upskirt photo courtesy of Melanaise.

Posted by Vixen as Sugasm at 11:41 PM CDT

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July 21st, 2006

Sexy Boots

Scar in tall, sexy boots.

Damn, those are some sizzling boots.

Posted by Vixen as Sexy Sensations at 11:59 PM CDT


July 20th, 2006

Unbeknownst To The Roommate

Candlestick Phone

This week a new guy called me. Let’s say his name is John Doe. It’s late at night and he sounds slightly intoxicated. He asks how the service works. I explain it to him.

He wanted to set up a call with his credit card. But the name on the card wasn’t John Doe. It was a longer name-let’s say Benjamin Domino. He sounded tipsy enough that I figured I had a good chance of getting the truth out of him if I asked who owned the card.

Using my sweet voice I phrased the question casually. “Just so I know-whose card is this?” He answered immediately, “Oh, it’s my roommate’s card.”

At least he was honest. I sensed I would get nowhere arguing with him. I took another approach. In a cheery voice I said, “Ok, I just need your roommate to get on the phone to authorize the charges.” I figured odds were the roommate wasn’t even there.

Surprisingly the guy says “Ok, I’ll go get him” and puts the phone down. In the background I hear him saying something. I can’t make out the words but he sounds annoyed.

After a few minutes of this he picks up the phone again. “My roommate’s asleep and I can’t get him up to talk on the phone.”

This is one of those moments I’m thankful for my mute button. I push it, let out a laugh, then unmute to get him off the phone. Again in my cheery voice-”Well, we’ll have to wait to do a call. When your roommate wakes up make sure you have him call me so he can authorize the charge.”

John Doe tells me in an enthusiastic voice that he will do just that and hangs up. I haven’t heard from him since.

Posted by Vixen as PSO Confessions at 11:33 PM CDT

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July 19th, 2006

A Quick Question

“Does it cost anything to talk?”-caller
“Yes it does.”-me
“Well, that sure does mess up my plans.”-caller
-he hung up after this

Posted by Vixen as Quote Book at 10:38 PM CDT

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July 18th, 2006

Hetero Pride

Hetero pride

A friend told me about Heteropride’s website. At first glance I laughed-how can this be serious? Surely with it’s assurances that it’s ok to admit you’re straight and emphasizing the importance of “coming in”, this site must be satire right?

But then again, the site does say on their website that “Heteropride will never discredit the beliefs or actions of homosexuals. Furthermore, Heteropride peacefully acknowledges the right for all people to choose their respective sexuality, beliefs, etc.”

Mmm, I wonder. Any thoughts on this readers?

Posted by Vixen as Musings at 9:54 PM CDT


July 17th, 2006

Soldiers Into Yoga

Some military personnel are practicing yoga.

Yoga trend catching on with soldiers

PENSACOLA, Fla. - When Marine Lt. Alan Zarracina finally did the splits after months of struggling with the difficult pose in yoga class, the limber women around him applauded.

Zarracina, a 24-year-old Naval Academy graduate and flight student, admits he would have a hard time explaining the scene to other Marines.

Each class ends with a chant for peace. Then, instructor Nancy La Nasa hands students incense sticks as a gift for their 90 minutes of back bends, shoulder stands and other challenging positions.

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July 15th, 2006


Iren plays in the water nude.

I found this lovely picture of Iren over at TGP. I love happy porn. Pictures of the model smiling, having fun. Throw in long hair and lovely nature and voila-a beautiful collection of photos is born. Check out the rest of her gallery here.

Posted by Vixen as Sexy Sensations at 10:54 PM CDT

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