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November 29th, 2006

Male Birth Control Pill

Male birth control pill

UK scientists invent male ‘pill’ that can be taken hours before sex

“British scientists have developed a revolutionary pill that men could take as a one-off contraceptive just before a date.

The tablet would prevent a man from being able to impregnate a woman, but within a few hours his fertility would return to normal.


…the new pill being researched by scientists at King’s College London, contains chemicals that prevent ejaculation and could be in tablet-form.

Men could take one daily, just like the female pill, or have one a few hours before sex as a one-off contraceptive.

Sexual satisfaction is not affected and the absence of hormones means that a man’s fertility should return to normal within hours of stopping the treatment.

Researcher Dr Nnaemeka Amobi said: “The non-hormonal male pill could be taken when and as needed.”"

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November 28th, 2006

No I Don’t!

“Do you have hemmoroids like I do?”
-A new client asked me this because he wanted to lick my ass. I told him the truth. No I don’t.

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November 27th, 2006

Sugasm #56

JS Hicks black and white erotic<br />

This week’s best of the sex blogs from the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasmer participants. Want in Sugasm #57? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the linklist within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks
Same Time Next Year (
“She nodded again, grabbing the doorframe as she pushed against the finger.”

Fuck me- it’s friday. (
“I won’t pretend to be coy- because I know what I want.”

Sexual Things You Don’t Know About Me (
“My own erotic inner self has been piqued these last few days by a wonderful fantasy; maybe I can help pique yours by sharing.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Happy Thanksgiving (

Editors’ Choice
Fast and Furious (

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iBuzz Two - the new iPod Sex
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“Next-gen vibrator gives everything you and your partner need to enjoy music
and music-activated vibrations at the same time.
Even works with a Zune ;-)”

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Our featured beauty is a JS Hicks photo courtesy of DD Girls Blog.

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November 26th, 2006

An Old Memo Comes To Light

Robert Gates

From the LA Times:

Gates pushed for bombing of Sandinistas

“WASHINGTON — Robert M. Gates, President Bush’s nominee to lead the Pentagon, advocated a bombing campaign against Nicaragua in 1984 in order to “bring down” the leftist government, according to a declassified memo released by a nonprofit research group.

The memo from Gates to his then-boss, CIA Director William J. Casey, was among a selection of declassified documents from the 1980s Iran-Contra scandal posted Friday on the website of the National Security Archive, .

In the memo, Gates, who was deputy director of the CIA, argued that the Soviet Union was turning Nicaragua into an armed camp and that the country could become a second Cuba. The rise of the communist-leaning Sandinista government threatened the stability of Central America, Gates asserted.

Gates’ memo echoed the view of many foreign policy hard-liners at the time; however, the feared communist takeover of the region never materialized.”

Image of Gates comes from his NNDB profile.

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November 25th, 2006

My First Review

Suzanne Portnoy

I know Suzanne Portnoy through the Sugasm. She has graciously given me a copy of her new book ‘The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker’ to review. This will be my first book review for my blog which is quite exciting.

From her press release:

“This true story of one woman’s sexual reawakening puts an end to the ‘No sex, please - we’re British’ myth. Whether it’s an afternoon sex romp in a London health spa ‘sauna,’ a casual encounter in a fashionable Soho club, or a parking lot quickie in the back seat of a convertible, Suzanne Portnoy proves there is indeed plenty of sex to be had in England. And anywhere else she finds herself.


Suzanne says: ‘My mother always said: ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get,’ and it was with this thought in mind I embarked on a series of casual one-on-one encounters, the sole purpose being to have a good time. No commitment, no ‘I’ll phone you later,’ no expectation of any further contact - unless I wanted there to be’. So began her crusade to find the perfect weekend partner. Starting with a date with an insatiable 22 year old, followed by drinks with a man in his late 30s who obsessed more over his career than her low-cut top, and then a dinner date with a distinguished older gentleman with whom dinner was more memorable than the sex, Suzanne weighed the pros and cons of men at stages in life. That’s when she decided to post ads aimed at different kinds of guys, sample the generations, and let the best man win. “

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November 24th, 2006

Buy Nothing Day 2006

Buy Nothing Day

Today I celebrated Buy Nothing Day. It was pretty easy actually. I just stayed home. No crowds, no traffic, no crazy shoppers, no participating in mindless consumerism.

For more information on Buy Nothing Day check out Adbusters site.

There’s a WikiHow on cutting down on your consumption: How to Buy Nothing.

Mr. Radical loves to tease me and BND was no exception. Late last night he asked if it would be alright to buy a computer accessory off eBay. I looked at what he was interested in and said sure. He clicked “Buy it now” and then whooped. When I asked why he was so excited he pointed out that it was after midnight. “I bought something on BND and you couldn’t stop me!” He thought this hilarious. I folded my arms and tried to look cross but couldn’t prevent a laugh. It was funny.

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November 23rd, 2006

Chicken Man


The phone rang and I answered in my usual sexy voice. The caller had a shaky voice. Nervously he told he had a specific fantasy and wanted to know if I would be ok talking about it. This is not an unusual request so I told him to give me a brief description of his fantasy. Clients with more radical or taboo fantasies often make sure a pso is willing to talk about the subject.

This man said he wanted me to turn him into a chicken. I was sure I had misunderstood him. “You want me to do what?” I asked. As he went into detail he explained that he wanted to be surgically turned into a chicken. I was to think of ways I could physically turn him into the animal or make him as much a chicken as possible.

This may be one of the most unusual requests I’ve ever gotten. If it weren’t for his shaky voice I would swear he was joking with me. Somehow managing not to laugh I explained that there are some people that have gotten tattoos, body piercings and other body modifications to become more animal-like. He repeated his need to specifically become a chicken. I told him he would never become a complete chicken but we could certainly do things to make him feel more chicken-like. He said “thank you” and hung up.

Was he serious? Did he really want to be transformed into a farm animal? I have no idea.

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November 21st, 2006

My Effect On A Client

“You suck the life right out of me.”
-a client who has a habit of calling frequently

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November 20th, 2006

Sugasm #55

Jennifer Kotwal is a Desi Babe.

This week’s best of the sex blogs from the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasmer participants. Want in Sugasm #56? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the linklist within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks
To Tell or Not to Tell… (
“Jane Falling claims it’s best not to tell, and she writes, ‘my identity as a prostitute is too serious a secret to trust with near-strangers.’”

Anti-Anti-Pornography, Part II (
“One question I would like to ask them is - were there any rape or child abuse cases *before* the invention of pornography?”

To Shave or Not to Shave (
“I stayed full bush for about my first two weeks as a live adult host.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Silence is better than bullshit (unless you’re a Gold-level member) (

Editors’ Choice
Pillow Talk: Interview with Razor Ryan (

More Sugasm
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Cutie Jennifer Kotwal courtesy of Desi Babes.

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November 19th, 2006

Remembering Joe Hill

Joe Hill

I first heard of Joe Hill listening to Utah Phillips’ music. November 19th marks the anniversary of his execution. Joe Hill was an I.W.W. Activist and fought for worker’s rights. Back in his day workers were literally risking their lives fighting for rights we take for granted today. For the 8 hour day, minimum wage, 40 hour work week and worker’s compensation thanks go to people like Joe Hill and the countless other men and women who fought for worker’s rights.

From AFL-CIO’s site:
“A songwriter, itinerant laborer, and union organizer, Joe Hill became famous around the world after a Utah court convicted him of murder. Even before the international campaign to have his conviction reversed, however, Joe Hill was well known in hobo jungles, on picket lines and at workers’ rallies as the author of popular labor songs and as an Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) agitator. Thanks in large part to his songs and to his stirring, well—publicized call to his fellow workers on the eve of his execution—”Don’t waste time mourning, organize!”—Hill became, and he has remained, the best—known IWW martyr and labor folk hero.”

From Wikipedia:
“Joe Hill, born Joel Emmanuel Hägglund, and also known as Joseph Hillström (October 7, 1879 – November 19, 1915) was a radical songwriter, labor activist and member of the Industrial Workers of the World, also known as the Wobblies. He was executed for murder after a controversial trial. After his death, he became the subject of a folksong.


Hill rose in the I. W. W. organization and travelled widely organizing workers under the I. W. W. banner, writing political songs and satirical poems, and making speeches. He coined the phrase “pie in the sky”, which appeared in his song “The Preacher and the Slave” (a parody of the then well-known hymn “In the Sweet Bye and Bye”). Other notable songs written by Hill include “The Tramp”, “There Is Power in a Union”, “Rebel Girl”, and “Casey Jones–Union Scab”.”

Note: While the Wikipedia article claims Hill’s activist role didn’t affect his murder trial, this is disputed. Many believe Hill was framed because of his role in the labor movement.

From Youth for International Socialism’s site:

“In 1914 he was accused of the murder of a Salt Lake City store owner, John A. Morrison, and convicted on circumstantial evidence. There ensued an international battle to prevent his execution by the State of Utah. Hill’s supporters claimed that the business interests of the West, especially the “Copper Bosses” of Utah, had conspired to eliminate him. While there was no direct evidence that this was true, the climate of opinion in the West and in Utah was decidedly hostile to the IWW and to Joe Hill. It is clear that, under today’s laws, Hill would not have been executed on the evidence presented at his trial. President Woodrow Wilson intervened twice in an attempt to prevent the execution, but Hill was executed at the Utah State Prison in Sugar House, Utah, on 19 November 1915.”

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November 18th, 2006

Torture By Taser

Video Summary: An Iranian American UCLA student gets tasered, handcuffed and tasered again by white cops for not showing his college ID. Backstory below. My comments below that.

UCLA Police Taser Student For Not Showing ID

“LOS ANGELES — A cell phone captured video of a 23-year-old student being administered multiple Taser shocks by UCLA police on Tuesday.

The UCLA student was hit with the Taser shocks multiple times while he was in the Powell Library Computer Lab.

Another student recorded the incident on a camera phone. On the video, Mostafa Tabatabainejad can be heard screaming during the incident, which took place at about 11:30 p.m., the Daily Bruin reported.”

Community responds to Taser use in Powell

“An incident late Tuesday night in which a UCLA student was stunned at least four times with a Taser has left the UCLA community questioning whether the university police officers’ use of force was an appropriate response to the situation.


A six-minute video showed Tabatabainejad audibly screaming in pain as he was stunned several times with a Taser, each time for three to five seconds. He was told repeatedly to stand up and stop fighting, and was told that if he did not do so he would “get Tased again.”

Tabatabainejad was also stunned with the Taser when he was already handcuffed, said Carlos Zaragoza, a third-year English and history student who witnessed the incident.”

Watch this video. It is not an easy video to view. I cried when I heard Mostafa Tabatabainejad begging for mercy. But it is an important video to see. Watch this video because reading about the event is not the same as seeing what really happened. There are many versions of this video on the Internet but I picked this version because there are two video responses, one from an Iranian American woman and another from an Iranian American man, that I think should be watched as well.

Watch this video and think about the implications of living in a “Papers please” society. Think about racial profiling. Would a white, blond haired, blue-eyed frat member college student have been “randomly” asked for his ID? Watch a student ask for the cop’s badge number and see how the cop points the taser at the innocent bystander and threaten to tase him as well. Watch how the cops taser a man whose hands are handcuffed behind his back. Listen to the cops demanding this man stand up immediately after they send electricity jolting through his body. Ask yourself why an Iranian American was treated this way in a time where Middle Easterners and Muslims are often treated as suspect in this country by many of its inhabitants. Think about what kind of society tortures people to protect their freedom. Watch, think and ask yourself: Are we really free?

Posted by Vixen as Political Rants, News at 11:56 PM CST


November 17th, 2006

A Soft Click

Grandpa's Phone

Recently Sera and I did a double call. The caller, T, is a fun call if a bit confusing. He often switches subjects in the middle of the action which leads to the two of us IM’ing each other. Are you fucking me now? No, I think I’m licking your pussy.

We also use IM to cheer each other on during our orgasm moments. I like to tell Sera “I’m going for the Oscar” if I’m moaning especially loud.

He surprised us the other night by asking us to tell him a fantasy that really turns us on. Since T’s fantasies can get pretty perverse we felt comfortable telling him about our religious fantasies. We both have a weakness for seducing door to door Bible thumpers.

Off we launch into the fantasy. T is quiet and listens to us. An attractive young man who has just come of age knocks on our door to show us the glory of God. We seduce him and show him the glory of Sex. During our storytelling we hear a soft ‘click’. “T, are you there?” Silence answered us.

T routinely hangs up when he cums so we figured that’s what happened. Sera and I chatted a bit about the call. She reviewed the billing to T’s card.

Then out of nowhere we hear “Hey girls”. I actually squealed because it took me by surprise. T explained that he put the phone down to go the bathroom. He made a little joke about peeing with an erection. We laughed with him though we were really laughing about the situation.

Thankfully we didn’t say anything that would have upset him. Still, make sure the client hangs up the phone before you start talking about him.

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November 16th, 2006

Sex Play=Terrorism?

Plane sex scandal.

From Breitbart:
Mid-flight sexual play lands US couple afoul of anti-terrorism law

“A couple’s ill-concealed sexual play aboard a Southwest Airlines flight from Los Angeles got them charged with violating the Patriot Act, intended for terrorist acts, and could land them in jail for 20 years.

According to their indictment, Carl Persing and Dawn Sewell were allegedly snuggling and kissing inappropriately, “making other passengers uncomfortable,” when a flight attendant asked them to stop.

“Persing was observed nuzzling or kissing Sewell on the neck, and … with his face pressed against Sewell’s vaginal area. During these actions, Sewell was observed smiling,” reads the indictment filed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”

This is disturbing. Sure people shouldn’t fuck on airplanes blah blah blah. I could understand if they got fined. But they are not terrorists. Using the Patriot Act, which mind you is “supposed” to fight terrorism, is abuse of power. If they harassed the flight attendant then charge them with harassment. As it stands now the couple could be facing up to 20 years. Twenty years for messing around on a flight is bullshit.

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November 14th, 2006

Sugasm #53

Seska in her sexy halloween costume.

I was a naughty co-editor and forgot to post Sugasm #53. Better late than never eh?

The best of the sex blogs this week by the bloggers who blog them. Spotlighting the top 3 posts voted by Sugasmer participants. Want in Sugasm #54? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the linklist within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks
PUMPkin Carving - Not Just For Kids! (
Dildo Dinner (
A Role Play Confession for Halloween… (

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Our fearless leader is up to his armpits looking at porn. Until he returns I present some retro Sugar.
How to Date a Porn Star in Eleven Easy Steps (

Editors’ Choice
A little story about something called 2257 (

More Sugasm
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Sexy Red Riding Hood courtesy of Seska for Lovers.

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