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July 31st, 2008

Mmmm, Bushy Eyebrows

Men Get Naked model Brandon

I’m serious. Bushy eyebrows are damn sexy.

I’d like to see more hairy men in porn. I’d also like to see models in handknits. Ok, I know they need to get naked fast for the shoot. But they could start off in handknit socks. Give me male porn with guys with long hair, bushy eyebrows, hairy chests and handknit socks with occasional outdoor scenes! I would so sign up to a site that gave me all that.

In the meantime I’ll enjoy this gallery.

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July 29th, 2008

A Series Of Indictments

Ted Stevens gets a series of indictments

From the Seattle Times:
Ted Stevens indicted, longest-serving GOP senator
“Sen. Ted Stevens, the longest-serving Republican senator and a figure in Alaska politics since before statehood, was indicted today on seven counts of failing to disclose thousands of dollars in services he received from a company that helped renovate and maintain his home.”


“Prosecutors said Stevens received more than $250,000 in gifts and services from VECO CORP, a powerful oil services contractor, and its executives. From May 1999 to August 2007, prosecutors said, the 84-year-old senator concealed “his continuing receipt of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of things of value from a private corporation.”

Stevens has adamantly denied any wrongdoing.

In a prepared statement on his Web site today, Stevens wrote:

“I have proudly served this nation and Alaska for over 50 years. My public service began when I served in World War II. It saddens me to learn that these charges have been brought against me. I have never knowingly submitted a false disclosure form required by law as a U.S. Senator.”"

Erm, I highly doubt Stevens was the one who wrote that quote on his website. Especially after his “it’s a series of tubes” statements. (Whenever we have internet problems Mr. Radical and I comment that the tubes are down.)

In case you missed the laugh or cry because the leaders of our country are so stupid moment, click here for more details.

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July 28th, 2008

Sugasm #142

Sugasm #142

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #143? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks
Interludes - part 3
“He winds the rope around his hands, smoothing the kinks, and I stand there, breathing a little faster, conscious of all those eyes upon me.”

Hurts So Good
“I want you to wear the badges of sweet distress for days.”

Shower fantasy
“You don’t want to admit it, but you want me.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Sugar Bank

Editor’s Choice
Why I haven’t blogged about the Mosley case

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Brittany Fuchs courtesy of Badgirls Hotbox.

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July 27th, 2008


“It can’t be lost lost. How does one lose a dildo really?”
-Sissy Nanette
He was right since he found it a few minutes after saying the above.

Posted by Vixen as Quote Book at 10:30 PM CDT

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July 26th, 2008

Update On Corpse Violation Story

Anthony Merino

From North Jersey:
Lab tech admits to having sex with corpse
“A former lab technician admitted Monday that he had sex with a corpse last year at Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck.

Anthony Merino, 25, said that he was working at the hospital on Oct. 28 and went to the morgue in the basement, where he unzipped a body bag. Authorities said the body bag contained the remains of a 92-year-old woman.

“Did there come a time when you took your pants off and sexually penetrated the human body?” defense attorney Savyon Grant asked Merino.

“Yes,” Merino said.”

My original post can be read here.

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July 25th, 2008

NJ Deputy Assembly Speaker Being Investigated

Neil Cohen

From Everything Jersey:
Assemblyman Neil Cohen under child porn investigation
“Deputy Assembly Speaker Neil Cohen is being investigated for alleged possession of child pornography, according to two of his Democratic colleagues who said they brought the matter to the attention of law enforcement.

In a joint statement, Sen. Raymond Lesniak and Assemblyman Joseph Cryan (both D-Union) confirmed they alerted authorities to the possibility Cohen (D-Union) had child pornography on his computers.”


“Among the more than 100 laws Cohen has sponsored is one that created a 24-hour hotline for members of the public to report computer crimes, including child pornography. He also co-sponsored a law that retroactively removed immunity from churches, schools and other charities that negligently hire employees who sexually abuse children.”

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July 24th, 2008

Sex News Roundup

Go San Francisco! From $pread’s blog:
Press Release: Prostitution Decriminalization Attempts In San Francisco
“The San Francisco Department of Elections announced that the measure prohibiting city officials from spending money arresting and prosecuting people for prostitution, and mandating equal legal protection for sex workers, has qualified for the November ballot. Of 500 signatures randomly sampled and checked by department personnel, 80 percent were found to be valid. “This is a happy day for San Franciscans who want government to focus on fighting real crimes like homicides and robberies, and are tired of seeing resources wasted in a futile effort to police consensual sex between adults,” said Starchild, a sex worker activist and spokesperson for the campaign. “We’ve cleared the first hurdle.” By the Elections Department’s tally, supporters had turned in 12,745 signatures of registered San Francisco voters on July 7.”

Mosley not only wins for himself but wins one for kinksters.
From BBC:
Mosley wins court case over orgy
“World motorsport boss Max Mosley has won a legal action against a Sunday newspaper over claims an orgy he took part in had Nazi overtones.

The High Court ruled the News of the World did breach Mr Mosley’s privacy, awarding him £60,000 in damages.

Mr Justice Eady said he could expect privacy for consensual “sexual activities (albeit unconventional)”.

Mr Mosley admitted a sado-masochistic sex session with five prostitutes, but denied that it had a Nazi theme.”

Via Violet Blue:
CDT Applauds Appeals Court Ruling on COPA: Court affirms earlier decision ruling COPA unconstitutional
“The 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals today upheld a lower court ruling striking down a controversial law that required Web operators to restrict access to large amounts of constitutionally protected speech.

The Child Online Protection Act (COPA) placed severe restrictions on a wide range of legal, socially valuable speech, including content relating to sexual identity, health and art. In its ruling today the court said COPA “cannot withstand a strict scrutiny, vagueness, or overbreadth analysis and thus is unconstitutional.”

Since 1998, the federal courts have issued seven separate legal opinions finding very serious constitutional problems with COPA.”

Posted by Vixen as News at 9:53 PM CDT


July 23rd, 2008

Changed His Mind

“I’m not looking to jerk off and ejaculate tonight.”
-regular client, 3 hours later he did just that

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July 22nd, 2008

Feminist Carnival of Sexual Freedom and Autonomy-#6

Feminist Carnival of Sexual Freedom and Autonomy

Just in case I didn’t give you enough to read with yesterday’s Sugasm, I’m linking to the latest Feminist Carnival of Sexual Freedom and Automomy, hosted by Kaleidoglide.

I’m really impressed with this carnival’s development. Want to participate? Find out more info here. I’ll be hosting an edition this September.

Posted by Vixen as Musings, Sex Workers at 11:10 PM CDT

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July 21st, 2008

Sugasm #141

Sugasm #141

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #142? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks
Comedy vs. Tragedy
“Are you on your period? What? Did he just say…”

Ian, or, Sometimes Sex is Hilarious
“In short, it isn’t sex blogger sex.”

A Wish
“I wish that you could know the indescribable pleasure of being enfolded in your warm, gentle wetness.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Sugar Bank

Editor’s Choice
Road Rage

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See also: Fleshbot’s Sex Blog Roundup each Tuesday and Friday.

Tara Tainton courtesy of Porn Saints.

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July 20th, 2008

A Stellar First Call

Still Afternoon

I had just finished making my morning coffee with a new guy called. (I’ll call him NG.) We hit it off right away. He told me his fantasy and I commented in what felt like all the right places. Most of my great calls have started off with the guy first reviewing his fantasy for me. Then we go into our respective roles and act out the fantasy together.

NG’s fantasy was a complex one. There were many elements of physical domination-spankings, golden showers, chastity. But the real kink for him was the mental domination. The fantasy consisted of multiple people, character development, plot lines and twists.

We talked all through the day. While he gave me fantasy details I ate my bowl of yogurt for breakfast. Later I’d get him talking so I could take bites of my salad with the mute button on. We’d take a couple minute break here and there so both of us could stretch or go to the bathroom. I’d instant message Mr. Radical in his office and he’d run me up coffee to keep me going. (having a SO that provides food support has gotten me through many a call) Later that night he brought me dinner.

NG and I really connected. One of my strongest points as a PSO is my ability to weave a story. The more complex the fantasy is the better call I give. Again and again he’d paused and gush over what a great call this was and how he was so grateful he picked me to call that day.

His was the first call of the day and the very last before bed. His wasn’t my longest call but it’s in the top five.

First calls like his rock. They boost your PSO confidence and help combat burn out. After my disasterous call with Disappointed Client’s call, NG’s call confirmed that I’ve still got what it takes to work the phones. Before hanging up, he thanked me for such a fantastic call. I thanked him back.

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July 19th, 2008

White Lingerie, White Flower

Model wearing white lingerie and white flower.

From this gallery.

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July 18th, 2008

Mormon Excommunicated Over Missionaries Calendar

Mormon Missionaries calendar

From Religion News Service:
Creator of shirtless Mormon calendar excommunicated
“The creator of a controversial calendar featuring shirtless Mormon missionaries has been excommunicated from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints after meeting with a disciplinary committee on Sunday (July 13).

Chad Hardy said the “Men on a Mission” calendar was intended to provoke discussion among Mormons, but church leaders in Warm Springs, Nev., found his conduct “unbecoming a member of the Church,” according to a letter obtained by the Associated Press.”


“The calendar was first released last year through Hardy’s Web site,, and features 12 shirtless male missionaries in various poses. Models had all completed two-year missions, and were active participants in the church.”

From Salon:
Mormon missionary calendar-maker excommunicated
“”Men on a Mission,” which has sold nearly 10,000 copies at $14.99 each, included pictures of 12 returned missionaries wearing black slacks, but not their trademark white shirts, in modest poses. The men also were photographed in traditional missionary garb and share their religious beliefs in biographical sketches.

Some of the 12 models have also been called to disciplinary meetings, but none were punished.”

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July 17th, 2008

Sex News Roundup

Sex News Roundup

This sex roundup has some updates.

First up from the Chicago Sun Times:
Judge throws out law making bookstores pay fine to sell porn
“A federal judge threw out a new Indiana law requiring bookstores and other retailers to register with the state and pay a $250 fee if they want to sell sexually explicit material.

U.S. District Judge Sarah Evans Barker, ruling Tuesday on the day the law took effect, found it too broad and said it could be applied against ‘’unquestionably lawful, nonobscene, nonpornographic materials being sold to adults.'’”

Via Violet Blue:
Crime and punishment
“Max Mosley is suing the News of the World for saying he took part in a Nazi-themed orgy.


He says that it was a private party with consenting women and this week launched a case against the News of the World, saying that its stories were not, as it claims, in the public interest and had violated his privacy. “I’ve been doing [S&M] for 45 years and … if it hadn’t been for bribery and illegal acts, this wouldn’t have come out,” said Mosley, who added that he had kept his activity from his wife.”

Right on to Mosley! His fetish may be taboo but he still has to the right to have it. And 45 years in the scene-wow.

From the BBC:
SA prostitution plans condemned

“Plans to legalise prostitution for the 2010 football World Cup in South Africa have been criticised by religious groups and opposition parties.

The local authority in Durban wants legalised adult entertainment venues during the tournament.

But African Nazareth Democratic Movement (ANDM) president Thokozani Hlatshwayo said the proposal was “against the word of God”.


Opposition parties fear that, if introduced, it could become permanent.”

From The Sun:
S&M Barbie lashed by public
“Barbie’s new S&M look has whipped up a storm – with protesters dubbing it “filth”.

The doll’s image is transformed with kinky fishnets, motorcycle jacket, black gloves and boots.

Makers Mattel say Black Canary Barbie, out in September, is based on a DC comic superhero of the same name.”

As Vanilla Edge rightly points out this is not the kinkiest Barbie. He blogs about Catwoman Barbie and Caberet Barbie. But I was reminded of the truly kinkiest Barbies I’ve ever seen-Fetish Dollies . Artist Nancy Farmer may not have updated her site in awhile but her archives are worth checking out.

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