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August 31st, 2006

The Politician And The Nazi Quote

Nazi slogan work makes you free.

From Yahoo News:
Politician uses Nazi slogan to promote work

ROME (Reuters) - An Italian politician has used the “work makes you free” slogan that topped the gates at Auschwitz in a brochure to promote local job centres, saying he could not remember the source but was impressed by the quote.

News agency Ansa reported the vice-president of the Jewish community in Rome had sharply criticised Tommaso Coletti, president of Italy’s southern Chieti province and member of the centre-left “Daisy” party, for using the quote.

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August 30th, 2006

Sugasm #44

Vixen camera sugasm

This week’s best of the sex blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Featuring the top 3 posts voted by Sugasmer participants. Want in Sugasm #45? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the linklist within a week and you’re all set.

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“Provide your reader with someone with whom they can empathise, characters that will allow the reader to put themselves in the story.”

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“I planted my left cheek firmly on some papers on the desk and felt his hands on my thighs.”

Turning Point (
“I quickly tossed a second rope over this hook, tied it to her wrists and pulled her up until she was standing on her tiptoes, her wrists secured above her head.”

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The little minx holding the camera was photographed by Arne Jahn, whose work is featured on ErotiCandy.

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August 28th, 2006

I Have My Limits

”I’m not willing to call your drug dealer.”
A caller actually asked me to do the above and there was no way I was going to call.

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August 27th, 2006

Pressuring Hotels To Censor Porn promotes censorship.

From Yahoo News:
Conservatives try to curtail hotel porn

“NEW YORK - Pornographic movies now seem nearly as pervasive in America’s hotel rooms as tiny shampoo bottles, and the lodging industry shows little concern as conservative activists rev up a protest campaign aimed at triggering a federal crackdown.

A coalition of 13 conservative groups — including the Family Research Council and Concerned Women for America — took out full-page ads in some editions of USA Today earlier this month urging the Justice Department and
FBI to investigate whether some of the pay-per-view movies widely available in hotels violate federal and state obscenity laws.

The coalition also is trying to draw attention to, a directory of hotels and motels nationwide that pledge to exclude adult offerings from their in-room entertainment service.”

-In additional to this disturbing “Clean Hotels” website the article itself upsets me as well. Take the first paragraph:
“Pornographic movies now seem nearly as pervasive in America’s hotel rooms as tiny shampoo bottles, and the lodging industry shows little concern as conservative activists rev up a protest campaign aimed at triggering a federal crackdown.”

Pornography is treated as an invasive species here. The author then criticizes the lodging industry as indifferent and implies the industry is part of the imagined porn invasion. And a federal crackdown? Seriously, what the fuck? There are about a 100, no 1,000 even, more important things the government should be doing instead of cracking down on hotels that allow consenting adults to watch porn on a hotel television.

The most telling bit is about mid way down:
“Both Kathy Shepard of Hilton and Roger Conner of Marriott said the bulk of their hotels are operated by franchise-holders who make their own decisions about in-room programming. They made clear, however, that their companies consider adult movies to be an acceptable option because they can be ignored or blocked out by guests not wishing to view them.”

The porn programming can not only be ignored but can also be blocked out? Where’s the problem? The problem is the anti-porn brigade doesn’t want anyone to enjoy porn. They want to enforce their puritan beliefs on the rest of us. And that is the core reason I’m so pissy over “protests” such as this one. I hate it when people try to enforce their religious views and rules over others.

These so-called activists want to bring publicity to the website Clean Hotels. I checked it out and encourage readers to do the same. On the site you can find hotels who have agreed (or perhaps cowed to pressure) to remove porn programming from their hotels.”

If I turn on the hotel tv I may encounter Pat Robinson spouting some hatred against his newest enemy. That insults me and goes against my morals. Are they removing that type of programming from the line-up? No. I refuse to be silent as puritan crusaders try to enforce the Disneyfication of this country. So what to do? I’m writing to the hotels listed at the site to tell them I won’t be staying there because they are engaging in censorship. If I get an interesting reply back I’ll share it on here. If any of you choose to write and get a note worthy reply email me and I’ll post it.

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August 26th, 2006

Scar and Bullets

Scar and bullets.

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August 25th, 2006

Plan B Now Over The Counter

Plan B, the morning after pill, is now available over the counter.

From the Salt Lake Tribune:
Feds open door to controversial Plan B

Women who are worried about getting pregnant will soon be able to buy emergency contraception without a prescription.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the drug, called Plan B, for over-the-counter use on Thursday, although women still will have to ask a pharmacy for it and the change is not expected to occur until the end of the year. The move came after three years of controversy over manufacturer Barr Labs’ application.

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August 23rd, 2006

Clever Loophole

Strippers and picasso.

From BBC Online:
‘Artful’ strippers escape censure

A US strip club has managed to sidestep laws banning total nudity in public by offering customers the chance to make drawings depicting its dancers.

The club in Boise, Idaho, charges $15 (£8) for a sketch pad, pencil and dance performance, in what is billed as an “Art Club Night”, Reuters agency says.

A city law passed in 2001 forbids complete nudity in public unless the display has “serious artistic merit”.

The law was meant to provide an exemption for plays and art classes.

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August 22nd, 2006

Cute And Naive

”Can I put some lubricant on my penis? It helps me cum more.”
-semi regular caller

This guy calls me every few months. He’s very repressed sexually and always talks like this.

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August 21st, 2006

Sugasm #43

Valerie Cortez licks her lips because the Sugasm is so sweet.

This week’s best of the sex blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Leading the pack is the top 3 posts voted by Sugasmer participants. Want in Sugasm #44? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the linklist within a week and you’re all set.

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More Sugasm
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Valerie Cortez licks her lips because the Sugasm is so sweet. Pic provided courtesy of Hot Box Babes.

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August 20th, 2006

Military Recruiters Misconduct

Military recruiters misconduct.

From Yahoo News:

Military recruiters cited for misconduct

More than 100 young women who expressed interest in joining the military in the past year were preyed upon sexually by their recruiters. Women were raped on recruiting office couches, assaulted in government cars and groped en route to entrance exams.

A six-month Associated Press investigation found that more than 80 military recruiters were disciplined last year for sexual misconduct with potential enlistees. The cases occurred across all branches of the military and in all regions of the country.

“This should never be allowed to happen,” said one 18-year-old victim. “The recruiter had all the power. He had the uniform. He had my future. I trusted him.”

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August 19th, 2006

Polygamist Rally

Polygamist children rally to support their parents' lifestyle.

From CNN:

Polygamists’ children rally for their families

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (AP) — Calling their lives blessed, more than a dozen young women and girls from polygamist families in Utah spoke at a rally Saturday, calling for a change in state laws and the right to live their life and religion.

“Because of our beliefs, many of our people have been incarcerated and had their basic human rights stripped of them, namely life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” said a 19-year-old identified only as Tyler. “I didn’t come here today to ask for your permission to live my beliefs. I shouldn’t have to.”

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August 18th, 2006

19th Amendment Anniversary

Women suffrage protest.

Eighty six years ago today the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution was ratified. This gave women the right to vote. Being female I want to honor the women that fought long and hard to give me this right. So I vote. I encourage you to do so as well. You can register to vote by clicking here.

I am including a list of links if you’d like to learn more.

Wikipedia’s Nineteenth Amendment
Actual text of the Amendment
Women’s Suffrage Movement
Alice Paul , suffragist
Hunger strikes of the imprisoned suffragettes

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August 17th, 2006

How To Get Great Phone Sex

Girl in Black Lingerie on Phone

Awhile back Sam Sugar wrote about how to get a killer lap dance. This inspired me to write about how to get great phone sex.

Note: This is written from the perspective of a phone sex operator. I’ve been working the phones several years now. Also, I’m assuming the pso is female and the customer is male. I know that’s not true 100% of the time but most of my callers are male so I’m writing what I know.

-Budget yourself
This is one of the most vital parts of preplanning you can do. Nothing kills the mood more than running out of funds mid call. Figure out the amount you want to spend and stick to that amount. Going over your budget may get you off in the moment but when your bill rolls around you’ll think differently.

When it’s near the end of your time if you want to cum say so. People are often surprised to learn that some callers don’t like to cum on calls. I have a handful of clients where money isn’t an option and they talk for hours until their need is fulfilled. This is a fun way to play and very prosperous on my end. But if you are on a budget time yourself.

-Be prepared
When you’re going to make your call make sure you have some private time. Be in a space that’s quiet. Turn off the radio or tv so you can concentrate on the pso’s voice. If you want to watch porn while talking that’s fine but turn down the volume so you won’t get distracted from the call.

Have you sex toys nearby. If you have to run all over the house looking for lube, butt plugs or nipple clamps while on the call you’re wasting your money.

-Research and shop around
When you call a service you will either talk to a dispatcher or a pso. The first things you need to do are find out how the service bills and what you’re allowed to talk about.

When making an inquiry call keep it short. Three to five minutes is enough time to get the information you need. If you’re not sure if this is the service you want to place calls with tell the pso thank you and you’ll think it over. If you’re new to phone sex take notes so you can compare your options.

Until the official call starts do not masturbate. I cannot stress this enough although I will refrain from typing it all in caps. When we hear a person jerking off while asking questions this screams “Pranker!” and we tend to rush you off the phone so you don’t waste any more of our time.

When you make your inquiry call the first question to ask is how the service works. Make sure you understand the billing options. It is perfectly acceptable to ask if you’re being billed right away. If you are ask if there is a dispatcher or another person you can talk to about rates without being charged.

Ask if there are any specials because there often are. If I can save a client some money I do so because it often makes them a repeat caller. While asking for discounts is acceptable haggling is not. The price is the price.

I cannot tell you what the ideal price is for phone sex. Some newbies price their services low to build up experience and clientelle. Some services are very high priced because they are specialized. A good rule of thumb is the old adage “You get what you paid for.”

Ask if any subjects are off limits. With 900 numbers there are subjects you cannot talk about because they are regulated by the FCC. Other services do not allow the more taboo subjects-incest, bestiality, scat. However, some companies are very conservative and consider crossdressing to be too taboo and will not allow the ladies to talk about it.

If you have a fetish, such as spanking, latex or strap ons, or want some kinky play it may be better to go with a service that specializes in such talk.

Sometimes the service will allow certain subjects but a pso will be uncomfortable talking about these subjects. When you’re making your inquiry call ask specifically if the woman is ok talking about a specific subject.

-Do not be a pranker or ask for a free sample

Nothing angers me more than when a guy asks for a free sample. No one goes to a dentist and asks for a free cleaning before paying for a root canal. Sex work is just that-work. Paid calls are how we pay our rent, our car insurance, our grocery bills. Asking for a free sample is insulting and rude and will most certainly Not endear you to the woman you’re talking with.

-Try several psos and several services

When you have a strong connection with a pso it makes for hot phone sex. I’d suggest doing two calls with each pso or service. This way you feel each other out and see if you click.

It’s hard to pinpoint the ingredients that make a strong connection. Sometimes I just click with callers. Other times our interests are perfectly matched and the chemistry isn’t there. While you’re calling a paid service and the pso will be accommodating to your desire, if you have a strong attraction or connection to the woman you’re talking to the call will be so much better.

-Know what you want

If you want to talk about sex and fantasies then phone sex services are for you. Many men really want to meet a woman. While some psos do meet their clients you will have to do several calls beforehand to build up trust. If you want a sexy encounter immediately you’re better off hiring an escort. If you want an in person dominance session hire a mistress. Trying to date a pso will result in money being spent on pleading and not much else.

-Think about specific details of your fantasies

The hardest calls I do are with the guys who “don’t know” what they want or say they’re “into everything”. When I hear this I do what many psos do-I launch into a generic fantasy that pleases the majority. This may be what you’re looking for. However, if you have particular tastes you will be bored by this fantasy.

-Give feedback

During the call let the pso know how you’re feeling. If I don’t know how you’re feeling I’m not going to be able to give you what you want. Groaning, moaning and lusty grunts tell me I’m going in the right direction. If you want to change the direction the fantasy is going just ask. Adding your own details will enrich the call.

A thank you at the end of the call is a very nice touch. Not many callers thank me and it’s very appreciated when one does.

-Separate the good psos from the crappy ones

I try to support my fellow sex workers as much as possible. Helping each other out is essential in this industry. If I can’t fulfill a client’s request I’ll refer him to someone I know who can. For instance, I suck at submissive calls so I pass the client on to a friend of mine who is fabulous being submissive over the phone.

However, it must be said that some psos simply suck. If you have a bad experience with someone you do not have to call them back. Try someone else in the service or try a different service altogether.

-Always remember this is a job for the pso

No matter how great the call happens to be this is still work to the pso. Even if I really like you (and I like the majority of my clients), you will always be a client. Respect her personal boundaries.

Do not ask the psos real name Just like strippers, phone sex operators work under an assumed one. Asking a woman’s “real name” will only annoy her and in worse case scenarios make her paranoid you’re a stalker. Besides you’re likely to get a fake second name that women in the industry use when asked. I have a second name I give.

Don’t try to date a pso. If you ask a pso if she’s married or is dating someone don’t expect an honest answer. I’m married but I don’t often tell my clients. Depending on the type of call it is I’m married, have a boyfriend or have a girlfriend and a boyfriend. Clients I have a good relationship with I tell them I’m married. Ironically, we often talk about married life and they often share stories about their children.

-Build a relationship

In my experience the best calls are the ones where the client and I have a good working relationship. We’ve talked several times and he’s opened up enough that I can deliver the type of fantasy or play he’s truly craving.

Some men have been calling me for years. We will always have a business relationship but I feel close to them in some respects. When you are comfortable with someone you open up and share those deep desires you’ve been harboring. You can also feel safe with the pso and start exploring things you would never do on your own such as nipple clamps or dildo play.

Building a phone relationship takes time and money. However, all of my really great calls have been with my regular callers.

-Chat about real life occasionally

There are men who have called me for years but I don’t know a thing about them. As soon as we start the call we’re in the fantasy. When they cum they hang up. This is fine and works well for them because they keep calling back.

However, if you want to get on a psos good side chat a little with her before or after the fantasy talk. A few minutes of small talk really builds a relationship. Ask what movies she’s seen lately or the latest book she’s reading.

Want to earn real brownie points? Ask her how calls have been or what kind of calls she’s been getting. Not every guy wants to break the fantasy relationship we’ve created. But the guys that acknowledge this is a job and ask about weird or funny calls get on my good side. Note: a pso should never be too specific about other callers. We can relate the jist of a call without revealing the other caller’s identity.

If you have a really great relationship with a pso treat her to an occasion chat call. Ask her what her hobbies are, what she does in her free time. Remember never get too personal. A conversation call will endear you to a pso. It feels like I can relax when I’m just chatting about life.

One of my callers always asks what my latest knitting project is and every time he warms my heart. One time he even asked me to send him a picture of a scarf I had made. Did he need to do that? No. But I always put extra effort into calls with him because of it.

Some services let you tip a pso or send in a gift. Do this occasionally. I caution against overdoing it lest the pso start to depend on your gifts. But when I get an occasional gift from a caller (I’ve gotten shoes, gift certificates and fetish books) it makes me like them more and ensures I put in extra effort on future calls.

-Relax, experiment and have fun

Phone sex is a great way to experiment sexually. There’s no worries about your taboo fantasies freaking our your partner or them judging you for it. You can have wild crazy sex with no risk of disease or cheating on your partner. You can try new fantasies, experiment with sex toys and connect with others that share your sexual tastes. Or you can simply relieve some stress by having a good orgasm.

If these tips help you let me know. Good luck talking dirty.

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August 16th, 2006

Israel To Cede Positions

A Lebanese man returns to his damaged home.

From Reuters:

BEIRUT (Reuters) - Israeli forces prepared to make way for U.N. peacekeepers in some parts of south Lebanon and withdraw more troops on Wednesday as a truce with Hizbollah guerrillas entered its third day.

Israeli officials said the plan was for the U.N. force, known as UNIFIL, to deploy over the next two days in some Israeli positions not seen by the army as strategically crucial.

At the same time, Israeli officials said, the Lebanese army should begin shifting to the Litani River in southern Lebanon, and then slowly move southward as the Israeli army pulls back.

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