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I’ve set up this FAQ to answer reader questions. It will evolve a bit over time.

How can I contact you?
radicalvixen at gmail dot com

Can I advertise on your site?
If you’re in the sexual or political camp then chances are very good you can. Currently a sidebar ad is $25 a week or $75 a month. Please email me at the address listed above.

Can I do a phone sex call with you?

Yes you can. If you would like to do a call with me please write me at the above contact email and we will arrange a call. Some of my readers have asked me this and I’m very flattered. Thank you!

Will you review my book/cd/movie/sex toy/etc?
If it has a sexual or political bent chances are I’d like to review it. Please email me at the address listed above.

Do you write anywhere else?
Yes. My Twitter account is here. I write on the $pread blog and have appeared in $pread magazine as well.

Why do you blog under the pseudonym Radical Vixen?

I created this space to talk about my true feelings about being a pso. My blog is an outlet for me to talk about my real feelings about my job. While I enjoy what I do I have bad days and clients sometimes get on my nerves. If I blogged under my work name I would always have to be happy, horny and loving every single caller. That’s what I do on the phone and I didn’t want to continue it here. I’ve found this blog helps combat burnout. Having an outlet where I can vent really lowers my work stress.

What’s your favorite type of call?

My favorite calls are when the caller is excited and interactive on a call. When a client participates and gives feedback the call is alive and fun. You would think all calls would be like this but the reality is far from it. I have several calls where I do the majority of the talking and only get grunts in response. One of my favorite callers likes me to smother him with my ass. That doesn’t turn me on but he’s so friendly and participatory I really enjoy the session. My favorite scenarios are spanking calls and role play.

I also love it when a caller spends a little time talking about his normal life. It makes them more of an individual instead of just being Client #376 with a crossdressing fetish.

Do you consider yourself a whore/prostitute?

No. I consider myself to be a sex worker. I do support prostitutes and advocate the legalization of their profession. I have a lot of respect for them-they work a hell of a lot harder than I do. In addition to thinking myself a sex worker I sometimes use specific titles of telephone dominatrix, prodom or just simply a pso (phone sex operator).

Do you masturbate on calls?

No. I have a little secret-I knit on calls. I wear a headset so my hands are free. It keeps me from fidgeting and knitting sort of trances me out so I focus more on the call. And I love being able to work and do my favorite hobby at the same time.

Do you ever get turned on during calls?

Yes. Ironically the clients that most turn me on don’t know it. Some spanking scenarios or sexy voices get me excited. I have a soft spot for guys who are shy with their soft to moderately kinky fantasies. British callers can talk about the weather and still excite me with their sexy accents. The ones that demand I stroke my pussy and scream out orgasms the whole time have no idea how bored I am.

Do you think of your clients as cheating on their significant others when they talk to you?

No, I don’t consider it cheating though this is admittedly a gray area. I think if most wives/girlfriends knew what their SOs were truly into they’d be grateful I talk to them so they don’t have to deal with it.

Does your husband know you do this? Is he really ok with you being a sex worker?

Yes, my husband knows and approves. We had been married for several years before I started the job. He is totally cool with it. I’m grateful because I’ve heard other psos complain of significant others getting jealous and that’s never happened.

Mr. Radical has worked in the adult biz himself on the computer end. He often jokes he wishes he could do my job but his voice is too deep. There have been times he’s been annoyed when I’m on a long call and we had planned to go out to eat but that annoys me just the same.

Variation: Your husband lets you do this? (Usually spoken in a judgmental tone)

Yes. And sometimes if I’ve been really good he lets me go outside.

Doesn’t this job effect your sex life?

It does but it can be managed. If Mr. Radical and I want to do anything sexual I have to turn off the phone because if I don’t it will inevitably ring. There are times I usually don’t have sex because I’m likely to be talking about it on the phone. From 10pm to about 2am is my “prime time” so there’s no sex then for the most part. But consider the equivalent-if I worked in an office I wouldn’t normally have sex between 9-5 weekdays.

Occasionally I’ll get a call that grosses me out so much that it kills my sex drive for a couple days. The longer I work the phones the less this happens.

Do your parents know what you do?

Nope. But I know some sex workers whose families do know. If I had a better relationship with my mother I would probably be open about it.

Can you give any advice on doing phone sex?

Yes. I gave some advice in the post How To Get Great Phone Sex.

How can I talk dirty on the phone?

For starters the web is your best friend for research. There are loads of companies out there all specializing in different niches and paying different rates.

Think about what you’re comfortable talking about. Mostly vanilla? Stick to the traditional phone services. Experienced in kink? Then steer towards companies that will promote you as kinky. Be warned though: even if you work for a strictly vanilla service you will still get some guys calling that want to fuck their dog and more.

Can you talk my girlfriend into doing this for a living?

This is generally not a good idea. If she is genuinely interested then have her get on pso message boards to check it out. If you’re pressuring her because it makes you feel titillated and she’s not into it give it up.

How long will you talk dirty for a living?

I have no idea. In a way I stumbled into this work but it suites me. Presently it fits my lifestyle.