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August 30th, 2007

Sex Work And Religion: Sacred Pussy, Controlled Womb

Saint Mary Magdalen

I regularly get clients who are fascinated that I’m Pagan. They think of me as “witchy” and like to imagine that I cast a spell over them. In their fantasies one kiss from my lips or one lick of my pussy is all it takes for them to fall in love with me. I am not their Mistress but their Goddess and they insist they’ll worship me like one. (Sadly, the only statues in my likeness exist in Erectionland.)

These calls tend to be fun. I enjoy being called a Goddess. Even in a fantasy talking about sex in a sacred way is a powerful act. It subtly tells the client that it’s ok to like sex, it’s alright to express oneself. Though it’s phone sex I feel a kinship to the prostitutes that talk about being a sacred whore. I also feel it’s a political act. Subverting the dominant paradigm that preaches sex is wrong, is dirty and shameful. I create a world with the client where sex is sacred, enjoyed and honored.

One time the sacred sex vibe got completely derailed. I was talking to a client who I classify as an “irregular regular”. These are the clients that call me regularly but only call once every three months, once every six months or even once a year. I’ll call this particular client Pussy Licker since that is his love.

PL likes calling me Goddess and licking my pussy is his sacred act. One day on a call PL interrupts me as I’m describing him sucking my clit.

“How do you feel about abortion?” I’ve discussed politics with my clients before. Even when we disagree most of the discussions have been polite. But all of them have occurred outside the sex talk. For a moment I thought I had misunderstood.

I asked him to repeat himself. He did and again asked how I felt about abortion. I gave my typical answer- “I’m pro-choice and believe women should have the right to do with their bodies as they want.”

Then PL starts yelling at me. It was a typical anti-abortion rant-abortion is killing babies, the fetus is a person upon conception and-surprise-God says it’s immoral.

This last point interested me. Moments before he was getting off on a religious fantasy from a religion different than his own. He had been turned on that I was Pagan and for some reason had switched to lecturing me to follow his belief systems.

I can’t imagine what PL was doing on his end. One moment he’s telling me how hard his cock is thinking about my holy pussy and the next moment he’s telling me if I got pregnant it was God’s will that I have the baby. How could he jump so quickly between the two? Did he still have an erection? If so was he still stroking it?

What struck me most was the dichotomy. On one hand I’m a Goddess and my pussy gives him sacred juice that makes him submit completely. On the other hand if I got pregnant I must have the baby because that’s what God would want. It was as if my pussy was sacred but my womb was not. His beliefs were so contradictory yet made such a great example of the Madonna/Whore complex.

I tried pointing this out to him. “How can you say I’m this wonderful Goddess who must be worshiped and then say I can’t control what’s being done to my own body? How can you say you want to worship me and then tell me I shouldn’t be able to have an abortion?”

PL’s response? “Oh Goddess give me your pussy. I need to taste your sacred juices.” And off we went, straight back to Erectionland and his fantasy. It was as if the abortion debate had never happened.

Sex Work And Religion Series
Sex Work And Religion: Monotone Man

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August 29th, 2007

Hurricane Katrina Anniversary

Victims of Katrina

On this two year anniversary I’d like to point your attention to piece written by Bill Quigley. I’m highlight a few of his steps here but I suggest reading the entire list. It’s pretty powerful writing.

How to Destroy an African American City in 33 Steps - Lessons from Katrina

Step Eleven. Insist the President suspend federal laws requiring living wages and affirmative action for contractors working on the disaster. While local workers are still displaced, import white workers from outside the city for the high-paying jobs like crane and bulldozer operators. Import Latino workers from outside the city for the low-paying dangerous jobs. Make sure to have elected officials, black and white, blame job problems on the lowest wage immigrant workers. This will create divisions between black and brown workers that can be exploited by those at the top. Because many of the brown workers do not have legal papers, those at the top will not have to worry about paying decent wages, providing health insurance, following safety laws, unemployment compensation, workers compensation, or union organizing. These become, essentially, disposable workers – use them, then lose them.

Step Nineteen. Make sure all the predominately white suburbs surrounding the African-American city make it very difficult for the people displaced from the city to return to the metro area. Have one suburb refuse to allow any new subsidized housing at all. Have the Sheriff of another threaten to stop and investigate anyone wearing dreadlocks. Throw in a little humor and have one nearly all-white suburb pass a law that makes it illegal for homeowners to rent to people other than their blood relatives! The courts may strike these down, but it will take time and the message will be clear – do not think about returning to the suburbs.

Step Twenty Three. Shut down as much public health as possible. Sick and elderly people and moms with little kids need access to public healthcare. Keep the public hospital, which hosted about 350,000 visits a year before the disaster, closed. Keep the neighborhood clinics closed. Put all the pressure on the private healthcare facilities and provoke economic and racial tensions there between the insured and uninsured.

Step Twenty Nine. Hold an election but make it very difficult for displaced voters to participate. In fact, do not allow any voting in any place outside the state, even though we do it for Americans in other countries and even though hundreds of thousands of people are still displaced. This is very important because when people are not able to vote, those who have been able to return can say, “Well, they didn’t even vote, so I guess they are not interested in returning.”

Step Thirty One. Keep people’s attention diverted from the African-American city. Pour money into Iraq instead of the Gulf Coast. Corporations have figured out how to make big bucks whether we are winning or losing the war. It is easier to convince the country to support war – support for cities is much, much tougher. When the war goes badly, you can change the focus of the message to supporting the troops. Everyone loves the troops. No one can say we all love African-Americans. Focus on terrorists – that always seems to work.

NOLA, New Orleans’ Times-Picayune, has lots of coverage today.

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August 28th, 2007

Sex Worker Politician

Myrna Bushell

From The Sun:
Councillor is a sexy stripper

“RACY Lib Dem councillor Myrna Bushell has vowed not to hang up her cat o’nine tails after being exposed as a stripper and sex chat line operator.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, the curvy mum insists she had no plans to quit local politics OR her steamy sidelines following the shock revelation last week.

And she says the strong family values that she promotes as a councillor in Bideford, Devon, are one of the main reasons why she strips.

Posing with her whip in sexy leather gear, Myrna, 38, says: “A less flexible job would mean I’d have less time with my family.”


“For now, Myrna is happy to continue as a stripper while she can still make money. But she insists her political career comes first.

She says: “I stood for election out of a sense of civic duty.”

How cool that a politician can be openly a sex worker and openly a Pagan!

She only gets 15 pence a minute though? That’s 30 cents US-eek!

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August 27th, 2007

Sugasm #94

Sugasm #94

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #95? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks
Fisted, first.
“And it was lovely, because the movements made by his fist inside me were so different to a cock.”

The Razor, the Tape and the Man
“He’s never known this lack of control, this unstoppable surge of orgasm, this wave of ecstasy soldiers crossing his territory.”

Sex Work And Religion: Monotone Man
“Religion comes up during calls more than I anticipated when I started doing sex work.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Masterlock Street Cuffs

Editor’s Choice
Watching my girl’s caning

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Half-naked Melissa courtesy of Watching My Wife.

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August 26th, 2007

A Hot Summer Night

“I just took a frozen bottle of water out of the freezer and I’m going to fuck my ass with it and pretend it’s your cock.”
-new client

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August 25th, 2007

Funny Face

Barely Evil model does a funny face

I so enjoy when the Barely Evil models make cute, funny faces.

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August 24th, 2007

Sex Work And Religion: Monotone Man

Saint Mary Magdalen

Religion comes up during calls more that I anticipated when I started doing sex work. With my first post on the subject religion plays a part in every call.

Monotone Man is a regular caller. He’s called me for years and always sounds bored. His voice is a flat sound. The only time it changes is when he snaps at me but even then it sounds monotone, as if I merely turned up my phone volume. MM is certainly unusual-he prides himself on not talking about sex with me. Every call he asks if I have any other callers like him. “All those other guys just like to ugh ugh (he groans here) with you. Well not me.”

Why is not talking about sex so important? MM is a Fundamentalist Christian and he thinks it’s sinful to talk to me.

But he has desires, desires he can tell no one in his life. He can barely tell me. Over the years he’s let details of his fantasies slip out. He loves wearing women’s clothes. Yet he adamantly denies being a crossdress because to him crossdressers are fags and God hates fags.

I’ve tried telling him otherwise. “It’s in the Bible” he says, “so it’s wrong for me to wear panties.” When I tried asking where in the Bible it says that Gods hates fags he switched tactics and asked if I was a Christian. I told him I wasn’t and said I was a Pagan. Time and again he’s berated Paganism, calling it everything from a false religion to Satanism. I keep myself calm by knitting. There’s a meditative quality to knitting, making stitch after stitch. Needles and yarn keep me from screaming back insults. Instead I tell him that I’m not insulting his beliefs so he shouldn’t insult mine. He switches tactics yet again by telling me he loves me.

Loving me is wrong though because I’m married. I don’t tell all of my clients I have a husband. Some don’t want to know because the belief I’m single plays into their fantasies. Many don’t mind knowing-these are typically the ones that like to talk about real life after the fantasy. Typically I have to make a fast judgment call whether to disclose my marital status. I don’t remember why I told MM I was married but he has been fixated on the fact ever since.

Every time he calls he complains that I have a husband. He loves me so much how can I be married? My marital status means he can’t tell me his fantasies because that’s sinful. (Thou shall not covet thy’s neighbor’s wife I assume.) When I point out that fantasy talk doesn’t constitute cheating he changes the subject.

MM is fond of changing the subject. He manages to share a desire then his religious guilt sets in. He is terrified of people thinking he’s a “fag”. Over and over he asks me if I think he is one. “Do you want to sleep with a man?” I ask knowing that if I say “cock” he’ll freak out. He scoffs at me saying “No! That’s immoral!” When I tell him it sounds like he’s straight he sighs with relief.

He seems determined to condemn himself. Part of him craves to wear women’s clothes. A small detail of his crossdressing fantasies is always followed by reasons it’s immoral-he’s a Christian, the Bible says so, he lives in a homophobic area, I’m married, we’re not married, he’s a pervert, he’s a fag, etc.

Monotone Man is a sad and inwardly tortured man. I have tried helping him but his faith is a sort of wall around him. If he reveals to much or I use logic to show him his fantasies are acceptable he lashes out, pushing me away. Sometimes I think he likes me because I’m a sex worker and I’m married. It’s as if talking to me is a form of flirting with danger. MM dances so close to sinning but turns back at the last minute. I am permanently unattainable therefore he can’t live out his fantasies with me. And even if I were single his religious beliefs deny his sexuality.

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August 22nd, 2007

Lesbian Batwoman No More?

Lesbian Batwoman

Last year I blogged about Batwoman becoming a lesbian. Unfortunately, the project’s been derailed. From Feministing:

Lesbian batwoman is no more
“Remember how the new Batwoman was going to be a lesbian? Well, she’s not.
When it comes to portraying characters as gay in comics, Devin Grayson admits the amount of editorial latitude she’s given depends upon the legacy of the character in question. “The Powers That Be are pretty good these days about letting you choose to make a character of your own design homosexual or bisexual, but the closer you get to an established character, the harder it becomes,” Grayson said.

…In fact, Grayson was eight months into the development of the proposed “Batwoman” title when she found out from a newspaper article that the project was dead, and to this day, the writer has not received so much as a phone call from upper editorial on the matter. “That reversal really surprised and disappointed me,” Grayson admitted.”

Damn. I thought a lesbian Batwoman would have been pretty cool.

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August 21st, 2007

One Sexy Scientist

Richard Dawkins

I watched Richard Dawkins’ Root of All Evil? the other day and highly recommend it. He explores the dangers of organized religion and the many harms it has done. It has many similarities to his book The God Delusion.

In one segment Dawkins travels to Jerusalem. He talks with a New York native man of Jewish descent that has converted to Islam. When he asks him why there is so much religious hatred in a city considered by many to be the most holy on the planet the man goes into an unrelated rant. He says he hates atheists because they believe in nothing and because they let their women dress like whores.

Dawkins is taken aback. He tells the man that women dress themselves. The man continues on his rant, throwing the word “whore” around again and again.

I kept wondering about that scene. Why was that man obsessed with whores? Why force whores into a conversation that wasn’t even dealing with them?

That scene and the scene with my favorite hypocrite Ted Haggard got me musing on sex work and religion. From time to time religion has come to play in my work. Until I write my first sex work and religion post I’ll leave you with this parting thought:

Richard Dawkins is one sexy scientist! Seriously. I don’t think he intended The Root of All Evil? to have a sultry angle but it certainly does for me. Watching his sexiness and hearing that sexy accent get political while discussing the evils of organized religion was hot!

I should say also that the video was good on an intellectual level. Religion and spirituality can be beneficial to individuals (I’m Pagan myself) but organized religions have so often caused great harm in the course of human history. Dawkins does a great job exploring these themes. (But he does so in such a sexy manner…)

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August 20th, 2007

Sugasm #93

Sugasm 93

The best of this week’s blogs by the bloggers who blog them. Highlighting the top 3 posts as chosen by Sugasm participants. Want in Sugasm #94? Submit a link to your best post of the week using this form. Participants, repost the link list within a week and you’re all set.

This Week’s Picks
Between Baths
“His tongue licks along the edge of my thong and then slips underneath, and then he pulls the material aside so he can get to me.”

Fantasy Vs. Reality: What Is Cheating?
“Paid escort work is fantasy; dating me is reality.”

How To Set Up an MFM Threesome
“You’d be surprised how many guys will say they can’t wait to bed her down, then chicken out or not show up after you’ve shelled out money for a hotel room.”

Mr. Sugasm Himself
Neal Mather Fetish Figurenes

Editor’s Choice
Need a hand?

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Bondage and heels courtesy of Long-Distance Sub.

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August 19th, 2007

Why Not The Right One?

“I’d like to pierce my left testicle for you.”
-new client who was very drunk

At the end of the call after a dozen mistresses had fisted him up to the elbow and all had used him as a toilet he said:
“That was a religious experience.”

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August 18th, 2007

Anti Bush Tshirts-The Settlement

Anti bush tshirts

From ABC News:
Feds Pay $80,000 Over Anti-Bush T-Shirts

“A couple arrested at a rally after refusing to cover T-shirts that bore anti-President Bush slogans settled their lawsuit against the federal government for $80,000, the American Civil Liberties Union announced Thursday.

Nicole and Jeffery Rank of Corpus Christi, Texas, were handcuffed and removed from the July 4, 2004, rally at the state Capitol, where Bush gave a speech. A judge dismissed trespassing charges against them, and an order closing the case was filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Charleston.”

I think it’s important to follow up on news of this nature. So many times we hear of protesters getting thrown out, harassed or arrested. But we don’t often hear what happens to them months, and sometimes years, later when they take their fight to court. Kudos to Jeff and Nicole Rank for having the courage to dissent.

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August 16th, 2007

Breakdown Of A Quickie

Front Seat Street Rod Pin Up Poster

Today I was driving around town and got a call. It was a quickie. I was able to do it between a trip to the hardware and grocery store. This was a straight up sex call. It’s been my experience that these are shorter calls. For some reason the kinkier the fantasy-the longer the call. So what’s it like to do quickie phone sex?

2 min into call-Get to know each other-location, age, looks

5 min-Fantasy is set, we’re lovers meeting in a hotel

8 min-I’ve done a sexy strip tease, now I’m just wearing bra and panties, he’s rubbing his cock through his jeans

10 min-I’m sucking his cock and balls, then he fucks me in the ass on the hotel bed

13 min-he cums

14 min-He thanks me, tells me he needed that, promises to call again

And that was it. Afterwards, I went into the store to find my husband. We finished up, hopped in the car and drove off to the grocery store.

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August 15th, 2007

$pread Blog

$pread blog

These days you can also catch me on the $pread Blog. I’ll be covering sex worker news and highlighting sex worker blogs.

Got a hot news tip? Send it to me- radicalvixenatgmaildotcom

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