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November 23rd, 2006

Chicken Man


The phone rang and I answered in my usual sexy voice. The caller had a shaky voice. Nervously he told he had a specific fantasy and wanted to know if I would be ok talking about it. This is not an unusual request so I told him to give me a brief description of his fantasy. Clients with more radical or taboo fantasies often make sure a pso is willing to talk about the subject.

This man said he wanted me to turn him into a chicken. I was sure I had misunderstood him. “You want me to do what?” I asked. As he went into detail he explained that he wanted to be surgically turned into a chicken. I was to think of ways I could physically turn him into the animal or make him as much a chicken as possible.

This may be one of the most unusual requests I’ve ever gotten. If it weren’t for his shaky voice I would swear he was joking with me. Somehow managing not to laugh I explained that there are some people that have gotten tattoos, body piercings and other body modifications to become more animal-like. He repeated his need to specifically become a chicken. I told him he would never become a complete chicken but we could certainly do things to make him feel more chicken-like. He said “thank you” and hung up.

Was he serious? Did he really want to be transformed into a farm animal? I have no idea.

Posted by Vixen as PSO Confessions at 7:14 PM CST