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November 24th, 2006

Buy Nothing Day 2006

Buy Nothing Day

Today I celebrated Buy Nothing Day. It was pretty easy actually. I just stayed home. No crowds, no traffic, no crazy shoppers, no participating in mindless consumerism.

For more information on Buy Nothing Day check out Adbusters site.

There’s a WikiHow on cutting down on your consumption: How to Buy Nothing.

Mr. Radical loves to tease me and BND was no exception. Late last night he asked if it would be alright to buy a computer accessory off eBay. I looked at what he was interested in and said sure. He clicked “Buy it now” and then whooped. When I asked why he was so excited he pointed out that it was after midnight. “I bought something on BND and you couldn’t stop me!” He thought this hilarious. I folded my arms and tried to look cross but couldn’t prevent a laugh. It was funny.

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