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January 25th, 2008

Holy Hamburger

Holy hamburger

Found via SXE Phil: (His videos are really funny.)
Faith-Based Diet Puts God Before Food
“Wouldn’t it be nice to lose lots of weight without even trying?

Some middle Tennesseans say they’ve done it with the help of what’s called the Weigh Down Workshop, WSMV-TV in Nashville reported.

While it works in some cases, the method of the workshop has made some question whether it is healthy.”

But wait it gets better. Not only is the “cult” word thrown around apparently some members worried if they got fat they wouldn’t get into heaven.

“However, the critic said, “There are Internet chat rooms filled with quote, ’survivors,’ people who say they’re lucky to have made it out of Remnant with their sanity intact. I think the scariest part is that the members don’t realize that they’re being controlled, that they are under really mind control in this day and age.”

A woman in California said she developed bulimia after participating in the Weigh Down Workshop and said she knew lots of others who had developed severe eating disorders as well, fearing that if they gained weight it could somehow affect their ability to go to heaven.”

Cashier: Would you like to Supersize that?
Customer: Hold on, I have to pray.

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3 Responses to “Holy Hamburger”

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    Thanks for the support Miss. :)

  2. Wendy says:

    I don’t even want to start getting into the issue re: Size being used of a judgment of how good or bad a person one is via society’s standards, combined with hellfire. If your god cares that I’m not a size six, I don’t think I like him very much.

  3. Vixen says:

    Philip-Definitely! You crack me up. :)

    Wendy-I hear ya!

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