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December 2nd, 2005

Fetish Fridays: Robot Sex

Stripping down for the robot love.

Robotism-attraction to or the use of robots in sex play. For more information see the Alt.Sex.Fetish.Robots FAQ V 3.0

I’ve only had one client call me about robot sex. He wanted to be strapped down to a machine that fucked and abused him 24/7. This machine also fed him, bathed him and drained his bladder and intestines.

He would start the fantasy as an innocent victim. I was an evil/mad scientist who kidnapped him for my sex machine experiments. The more I described the details of the device-the straps for restraining him, the tubes to collect his fluids-the more he panted and moaned.

This was new territory for me. I made most of it up on the spot, having no prior experience with sex machines or robots. He came hard and loud-I had to turn down my phone volume. At the beginning of the fantasy he pretended to fight, professing to hate the machine. By the end, he was begging for more, needing the machine to take over more of his life. He was desperate to stay connected to it.

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