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April 25th, 2006

TV Turn Off Week

TV turn off week.

From White Dot:
The TV-Turnoff was first proposed by Marie Winn in her 1977 book, The Plug-In Drug. The idea was taken up in earnest by the non-profit group the TV Turnoff Project, and made an international event by the Media Foundation in Vancouver (publishers of Adbusters magazine), the Society for Ecology and Culture in Bhutan and Ladakh, and by White Dot in Great Britain.

Adbusters also celebrates this event:
Fewer and fewer people control the media that shapes our worldview. And nowhere does this play out worse than on our televisions, where the corporate agenda reigns supreme. With TV Turnoff and the Media Carta movement, we’re fighting back – for the right of all citizens to access society’s most powerful forms of communication.

I haven’t owned a television since 1998 and I love it. Not owning a tv gives me more time to spend time with loved ones and friends, to read, to blog, to hike, to live. When I tell others this most people tell me they don’t watch much tv. However, when I’m at other people’s houses I find they watch more tv than they realize.

So, why not try TV Turn Off Week? You may just find life is more pleasant without a tv on in the background.

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