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March 31st, 2010

And The Winners Are…

Blog Anniversary Contest Winners

I’d like to thank everyone for entering my blog contest. Here’s the list of winners. If you see your name below check your email. You’ll need to send me your mailing address within a week.

Icicles Sapphire Spiral Dildo

Aloe Cadabra Gift Basket
Raven Quince

Onye Fleur

Nexus double dildo

The Ethical Slut
Amber Young

Kama Sutra In A Box
Sophia St. James

Two Is Enough

Mr Big Rabbit Vibrator
True Pleasures

Ice Scream Vibrator

Death By Orgasm Bullet Vibrator

Honey 5 G-Spot Dildo
Evil Bender

Beaded Butt Plug 3

Leather 2-Strap Harness

Mini Bullet Vibrator

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March 29th, 2010

Contest Reminder

Blog anniversary contest prizes

My blog anniversary contest ends this week. I have lots of goodies to give away this year! To enter you’ll need to enter a comment on the official contest post.

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March 28th, 2010

News Round Up

News Round Up

From ABC News:
Obama Signs Health Care Bill Today as GOP Challenges Constitutionality
“President Obama signed the historic health care bill into law today, but Republicans are still fighting back with promises of lawsuits and heated rhetoric, including a shot from one GOP governor who blasted what he called Obama’s “nanny nation approach” to government.

Republicans across the country are specifically challenging the mandate in the health care bill that requires every individual to have health insurance, charging that it is unconstitutional.”

Is anyone surprised by this? I can’t imagine the health care issue getting solved anytime soon. I’ve written about three blog posts about the bill and scrapped them. There’s so much news coming in and it’s being blogged about all over. Nothing I write up seems original so I’ll just suggest reading What Really Happened and InfoWars for an alternative angle.

From Prison Planet:
Airport Worker Pervs Over Woman In Body Scanner: “I Love Those Gigantic Tits”
“Outrage was growing today over the abuse of naked airport body scanners after it was revealed that a Heathrow worker perved over a naked image of a female colleague after she passed through one of the devices, before commenting, “I love those gigantic tits”.

Jo Margetson, 29, reported John Laker, 25, to the police after she had entered the x-ray machine by mistake and Laker took the image before making lewd comments.

One of the most important aspects of this story which the media has completely failed to mention is the fact that, despite a barrage of propaganda on behalf of the government claiming that the images produced do not show sensitive areas of the body in detail, the fact that Laker was clearly able to distinguish Margetson’s breasts proves once again that the scanners do show crisp details of genitals and other sensitive body parts.”

I feel like this blog post should be title “is anyone surprise by this”. It’s what I keep thinking as I write this up. Looking at passengers’ genitals doesn’t prevent terrorism. Apparently this isn’t the first time Heathrow workers abused the body scanners-see this post.

Found via the Daily Paul:
Court rules Seattle police OK to Taser pregnant woman
“Three Seattle police officers were justified when they used a stun gun on a pregnant mother who refused to sign a traffic ticket, a federal appeals court ruled Friday in a case that prompted an incredulous dissent.

Malaika Brooks was driving her son to Seattle’s African American Academy in 2004 when she was stopped for doing 32 mph in a school zone. She insisted it was the car in front of her that was speeding, and refused to sign the ticket because she thought she’d be admitting guilt.

Rather than give her the ticket and let her go on her way, the officers decided to arrest her. One reached in, turned off her car and dropped the keys on the floor. Brooks stiffened her arms against the steering wheel and told the officers she was pregnant, but refused to get out, even after they threatened to stun her.”

They tasered a pregnant woman?!? She didn’t reach down and grab the keys. Holding her arms on the steering wheel would seem to indicate her compliance wouldn’t you think?

From the Guardian:
Child abuse scandal is war ‘between church and world’, says Italian bishop
“Pope Benedict was today accused of being involved in the mishandling of the case of a child-abusing priest in his former archdiocese of Munich, an allegation which directly links him to the burgeoning scandal in the Catholic church.


Italy’s foreign minister, Franco Frattini, said on his Facebook site that the pope was being subjected to “scandalous and disgraceful” attacks. One churchman, Antonio Riboldi, the emeritus bishop of Acerra, declared that it marked the start of a war “between the church and the world; between Satan and God”.

Today’s allegation arose from the case of Father Peter Hullerman, a paedophile who in 1980 was transferred to the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger’s diocese for therapy. Instead, after just a few days, he was assigned to pastoral work.”

When this scandal first hit I ignored it because I didn’t think it was a new one. I thought the last round of priest abusing children stories were in the news again for some reason. How sad is it that there’s cycles of these scandals? I find Frattini’s comment about this being a war between Satan and God insulting to the victims.

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March 27th, 2010

Sex News Round Up

Sex News Round Up

From Adelaide Now:
Jilted wife Cynthia Shackelford wins $10m from husband’s lover
“When Cynthia Shackelford’s marriage fell apart, it wasn’t her unfaithful husband she dragged into court.

Using a little-known US law, she sued his mistress for stealing him.

The lawsuit did not win back her husband but did give her a measure of revenge after a jury ordered the mistress to pay her $10 million.


Following a two-day trial in North Carolina, the jury sided with Mrs Shackelford, making the state’s highest award for alienation of affection - legal jargon for adultery - and intentionally or recklessly causing severe emotional distress.

North Carolina remains one of a handful of states that allow married partners to sue someone they believe is responsible for wrecking their marriage.”

This is a ludicrous decision and perfectly illustrates the problem of leaving antiquated laws on the books. The myth that women “steal” husbands away from their wives just isn’t true. Many of my clients are in unhappy marriages. They tell me of their infidelities. The marriage begins to strain and crumble and they start to stray. It’s not like some femme fatale sets her sights on a guy and works to take him away.

From The Frisky:
Iceland Bans All Strip Clubs
“Iceland has passed a law to shut down all strip clubs, making it illegal for any business to profit from the nudity of its employees.


A big impetus for Iceland’s sex work laws are allegedly to prevent the exploitation of foreign women who come there to work as strippers or other sex workers. Icelandic police say 100 foreign women travel to the country annually to work in strip clubs; it is unclear how many of those women are trafficked.”

I find the implication that all strippers are trafficked to be troubling. Just because a person is a sex worker doesn’t mean they were forced into it. Sex workers and traffic victims are not the same thing. Implying otherwise is a cheap tactic to try to illegalize more and more sex work.

From the LA Times:
America’s first legal ‘prostidude’ leaves rural Nevada brothel; replacement hired
“America’s first legal male prostitute has left a rural Nevada brothel after a two-month stint that generated plenty of attention but fewer than 10 paying customers.

Brothel owner Jim Davis said Friday the Shady Lady Ranch had parted ways with the “prostidude” who worked under the name Markus.

A replacement has been hired, but Davis hinted it was possible that Markus, a 25-year-old Alabama native, could be back.”

Perhaps he didn’t give it enough time? If that was his only gig I can see why he left. Maybe it’s the economy or maybe not enough women are willing to pay for sex. I find the “prostidude” term cheesy and demeaning. Just call him what he is-a prostitute, just like the women who work there.

I blogged about Markus here and here.

From One India:
US woman who offered sex for World Series tickets found guilty of attempted prostitution
“A woman in Philadelphia who placed advertisement seeking World Series tickets in exchange of sexual favors has been charged for attempting prostitution.


Finkelstein admitted she had placed a “goofy” ad and used her “feminine wiles” to get tickets.

“I wanted to get Series tickets I could afford,” she told “Early Show” co-anchor Harry Smith in late October. ” … I work in communications and PR (public relations). … I wanted my ad to stand out” among ones soliciting customers for merchandise … (do) why not make it fun and witty?”, CBS News quoted her as saying.

However, authorities busted her in an undercover operation.”

Like I said when I first blogged about this story, “she never should have been arrested in the first place”.

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March 25th, 2010

Oh Really?

“You’re like a fertility goddess or something.”
-new client

And yet I’m childfree. But I like the compliment nonetheless.

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March 24th, 2010

Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium Contest Prizes

Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium donated some prizes for my blog contest. Here’s what you could win:

Sh! Women's Erotic Emporium Contest Prizes

Pink Honey 5 G-Spot Dildo:

Sh! Women's Erotic Emporium Contest Prizes

It’s a bubble gum pink!

Blue silicone Beaded Butt Plug 3:

Sh! Women's Erotic Emporium Contest Prizes

Both the dildo and butt plug have a heart shape base.

Black Leather 2-Strap Harness:

Sh! Women's Erotic Emporium Contest Prizes

This is a medium size harness.

Sh! Mini Bullet Vibrator:

Sh! Women's Erotic Emporium Contest Prizes

This one’s tiny-it could easily be hidden in one’s purse or pocket.

To win these prizes you’ll need to go the official contest post and enter a comment. Good luck and thank you Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium!

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March 23rd, 2010

Pleasurists #70

Explored! by Tascha Elliott

Welcome to Pleasurists, a round-up of the adult product and sex toy reviews that came out in the last seven days. For updates and information follow our RSS Feed and Twitter.

Did you miss Pleasurists #69? Read it all here. Do you have a review for Pleasurists #71? Be sure to read our submission guidelines and then use our submission form and submit it before Sunday March 21st at 11:59pm PDT.

Want to win some swag? All you’ve got to do is enter.

Looking for sexy posts other than reviews?
e[lust] #9

Editor’s Pick

Scarlet Lotus St. Syr

On to the reviews…



Anal Toys

Toys for Cocks

Lube, Massage Oil, Bath Stuff, & etc.


Adult Books

Adult Movies & Porn


Sex Furniture


Pleasurists adult product review round-up banner

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March 22nd, 2010

Balanced On A Chair

Hegre art balanced model

Wow, this model has great balance. From this gallery.

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March 21st, 2010

Sex News Round Up

Sex News Round Up

Found via World Sex News:
Lawyers try to ban Tiger Woods sex doll
“Lawyers for Tiger Woods are reported to be trying to halt the sale of a series of sex toys which exploit the golfer’s new-found reputation as a sex maniac. They include a ‘Take Home Tiger Love Doll’ and packages of ‘wood cover’ super-size condoms.

The items are for sale on the website of Pipedream Products, which advertises such handy products as “the world’s first rotating vibrating cordless masturbator”.”

I checked out Pipedream Products site and found the Take-Home Tiger Love Doll.
“He’ll always be ready to play an extra hole or two! He’ll show you his wood if you show him your hole. He’s Got Major Wood!”

They certainly have some cheesy puns but I don’t really see the appeal.

From the St. Petersburg Times:
Stripper mobile rolls again in Tampa, but with a twist
“The controversial stripper mobile returned to the streets this weekend, cruising Tampa’s party zones with dancers spinning around a pole in fishnet stockings, high heels and thongs.

Only these dancers weren’t your regular strippers from Deja Vu. They were club security guards, dressed in drag and shaking their booty in between laughs.

The club decided to take a more comic approach Friday night after some locals objected to strippers grinding in the back of a plastic-sided truck. Instead of girls in bikinis, they created their own exotic dancers: singer Meatloaf after a sex change, a big-breasted girl jumping out of a cake, and Cher. They even had a Tiger Woods look-alike in a Nike hat and glove.”

I like the twist. Especially the part in the article where two of the guards spanked the Woods look-alike with a golf club.

From 10 News:
Tampa’s Stripper mobile back on the streets
“Police put the brakes on the stripper mobile a few weeks ago, but Friday night the owners of the controversial vehicle say they plan on taking it out again.

“We are legal as of right now, we are legal,” said Eric “Ice” Terrell the general manager of Déjà Vu, the company that the vehicle.

Terrell says a registration issue has been resolved allowing them to drive the stripper mobile again. He also says after meeting with police they’ve agreed to make some changes. They include having the dancers in the back of the vehicle wear more clothing while performing less suggestive moves.”

There’s also a short video at the link above.

From Wired:
Ruling: State Can Dump Non-Sex Offenders Into Registry
“Georgia’s Supreme Court is upholding the government’s right to put non-sex offenders on the state’s sex-offender registry, highlighting a little-noticed (but growing) nationwide practice.

Atlanta criminal defense attorney Ann Marie Fitz estimated that perhaps thousands of convicts convicted of non-sexual crimes have been placed in sex-offender databases. Fitz represents a convict who was charged with false imprisonment when he was 18 for briefly detaining a 17-year-old girl during a soured drug deal. He unsuccessfully challenged his mandatory, lifelong sex-offender listing to the Georgia Supreme Court, which ruled against him Monday.”


In addition to the obvious stigma associated with deviant behavior, listed offenders cannot live near schools or work with children. Additionally, their photos are often publicly available online, they’re banned from social networking sites, and they must get permission to travel across state lines.

The nation’s high court has upheld sex-offender registration statutes as applied to sex offenders, but hasn’t heard a case involving convicts who have not committed sex offenses.”

The Reform Sex Offenders website is full of stories where people were unjustly punished.
“We believe many aspects of the current approach to sex offenders seriously undermine justice and make our society less compatible with the welfare of young people. We support carefully limited laws that target harmful acts, not whole classes of people, and which rehabilitate rather than vindictively punish and shame offenders. We assert that only by supporting justice for all people can we maintain a safe society.”

It’s not a popular opinion but I don’t think the Adam Walsh Act is constitutional. I don’t believe in punishing someone after they’ve completed their prison sentence/parole/probation. Why are only sex offenders made to register? Drug dealers, rapists, armed robbers and murderers don’t have to register when they get out of prison. I’d be more worried about a murderer living next door to me than the convict described in the Wired story.

From the ACLU:
Demand Justice for Jene Newsome!
“Earlier this week, ACLU of South Dakota Executive Director Robert Doody blogged about the case of Jene Newsome, an aircraft armament system craftswoman for the Air Force who was outed by Rapid City police officers. She was discharged from the Air Force under the Defense Department’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) policy.

Today, the Justice for Jene Facebook group has a new message to send to Rapid City Mayor Alan Hanks and the Rapid City Council. The new message demands four things:

The Rapid City Police Department issue an official apology to Jene Newsome.
The officers involved in this incident are reprimanded.
The Rapid City Police Department immediately adopt a policy that states that they will no longer out lesbian and gay military members.
Jene Newsome is compensated for the loss of her military career.”

Yet another example of why DADT needs to be repealed.

Let’s end with something uplifting shall we?
From Printed Matter Screenprinting:
Sex Worker Solidarity Tshirt
“A four-color print printed on both uni-sex shirts and girl-cut shirts.”

This is an awesome shirt. Here’s a close up:

sex worker solidarity tshirt

I’ve contacted the blogger on details for buying one.

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March 20th, 2010

Blog Anniversary Contest

Blog Anniversary Contest prizes 2010

Today is my five year blogging anniversary. To celebrate I’m giving away goodies to my readers! Here’s what you could win:

Adult Toy Shoppe prize

Icicles Sapphire Spiral Dildo

Adult Toy Shoppe prize

Aloe Cadabra prize

Aloe Cadabra Gift Basket

Aloe Cadabra Gift Basket<br />

Babeland prizes

Onye Fleur

Babeland contest prize

Nexus double dildo

Babeland contest prize


The Ethical Slut

The Ethical Slut book

Kama Sutra In A Box

Kama Sutra In A Box book

Two Is Enough

Two Is Enough book

Love Honey prizes

Mr Big Rabbit Vibrator

Love Honey contest prize

Ice Scream Vibrator

Love Honey contest prize

Death By Orgasm Bullet Vibrator

Love Honey contest prize

Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium prizes

Sh! Honey 5 G-Spot Dildo

Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium contest prize

Beaded Butt Plug 3

Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium contest prize

Leather 2-Strap Harness

Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium contest prize

Sh! Mini Bullet Vibrator

Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium contest prize

How do you enter? Enter a comment to this post. You must be 18 or over, have a valid email and mailing address. The comment form will show me your email but it won’t appear on the blog. (Only enter if all prizes are legal in your jurisdiction.) On 3/31 I’ll put the entrants names in a hat and pick out the winners. I’ll email the winners for their mailing address. You’ll have a week to claim your prize.

This contest is not limited to the US. If you’re in Australia please enter. That being said, I’m going to send out the winners’ packages via the slower, cheaper mail rate to save myself on postage.

If you win and have a blog I’d appreciate a link back but that’s not required.

Good luck!

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March 19th, 2010

Love Honey Contest Prizes

Love Honey has once again donated prizes for my blog anniversary contest. Here’s what you could win:

Mr Big Rabbit Vibrator

Love Honey contest prize

From the product description:
“Tall, dark, handsome and BIG, Mr Big Rabbit Vibrator is the one we all want to end up with for a happily orgasmic ever-after! Picking up where the Sex And The City Rabbit left off, Mr Big is bound to please with powerful vibrations and long rabbit ears.”

Love Honey contest prize

It also comes with it’s own bag:

Love Honey contest prize

Ice Scream Vibrator

From the product description:
“The sundae that makes every day a fun day. This amazing Ice Scream won’t add inches to your hips but it will give you teeth-chattering vibrations, intense orgasms and amazing internal or external stimulation.”

Love Honey contest prize

It looked wide so I decided to measure-5 3/4 inches.

Love Honey contest prize

Death By Orgasm Bullet Vibrator

Love Honey contest prize

From the product description:
“Experience the most intense ‘La Petite Mort’ with this amazingly powerful bullet vibrator! Supplied in a cute coffin case, this mini vibe is made of velvet-feel rubber and available in the most classic of colours - midnight black. Death By Orgasm awaits.”

Love Honey contest prize

This one includes a purple vibe instead of black. But it’s super cute!

Love Honey contest prize

Thank you Love Honey for donating such great prizes!

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March 18th, 2010

Review: Babeland Bondage Rope

Babeland sent me their Bondage Rope to review:

Babeland Bondage Rope

From the description:
“Tie me up, tie me down — you’ll have no problem getting knotty with this Bondage Rope. Soft, solid-braid multifilament polypropylene rope feels great against the skin, while holding knots perfectly without slipping. There’s no need to sacrifice quality for comfort, as sturdy Bondage Rope feels silky while resisting tearing or fraying. Pair it with an instructional book like Two Knotty Boys Showing you the Ropes, and you’ll be a rope bondage expert in no time at all. ”

Babeland Bondage Rope

There’s 25 ft here, enough to tie up someone down simply. I love the look of complex bondage but for play purposes I like a simple tie up. I wouldn’t say the rope is silky but it’s certainly smooth. It does feel nice and soft against the skin. It is slippery and at first I was worried the knots would come out. But I tied several knots and they didn’t come out.

Babeland Bondage Rope

The ends are closed with electrical tape. That’s a nice touch because I would have taped the ends anyway.

Babeland Bondage Rope

The label says “When you’re serious about play”. I like it. This rope would make a nice addition to your toy bag.

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March 17th, 2010

Blog Contest Details

Back in 2008 when I had a blog contest I chose the winners on my blog anniversary. This time around I’m going to have the contest entry form on 3/20 and then pick the winners 3/31. I got offered some more prizes so am shifting dates so I can offer you some more goodies. More details coming soon.

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March 15th, 2010

Gee Thanks

“Worst come to worst I’ll just do a call with you.”
-new client

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