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June 28th, 2010

Vixen Invites: National HIV Testing Day

Parchment II

Note: National HIV Testing Day is June 27th. I had non-related RV drama yesterday and forgot to post this on time. However, getting tested for HIV is very important no matter what time of year. Thank you Michelle for contributing this important reminder.

Take Control of Your Sexual Health on National HIV Testing Day

By Michelle Sobel, STDTestExpress

Every year on June 27, National HIV Testing Day is honored with the goal of reminding people of the importance of HIV testing. And while days like these are helping to eliminate barriers to testing, undiagnosed HIV is still a serious problem in the U.S.

Consider these statistics from the CDC: more than one million people are estimated to be living with HIV in the United States. Of those, 200,000 people don’t know that they are HIV positive. Plus, about 40% of the people who become infected with HIV every year will not find out about their status until they’ve developed AIDS. This means that thousands of people are living with – and possibly spreading – the virus for years without knowing it.

With statistics that alarming, HIV testing needs to be part of an annual health routine. Early diagnosis leads to a better prognosis. With early detection, there are fewer hospitalizations and better quality of life. Plus, early diagnosis helps prevent spreading the disease to others.

In honor of National HIV Testing Day, there are clinics and testing centers throughout the country offering special events and testing. If you are in an area that does not have any events offered, you can get a free test online through our site as well.

While you’re getting your HIV test, you might consider getting tested for other STDs that often go undiagnosed. The effects of undiagnosed chlamydia and gonorrhea tend to be discounted, but can be very serious. And perhaps most critically, there isn’t a “National Syphilis Day,” an infection that can be fatal if left untreated, but is completely curable.

Unfortunately, routine STD testing is not yet part of the American medical culture, but days like National HIV Testing Day will help spread awareness and remind people of the importance of getting tested. Take control of your health, help prevent the spread of HIV and other STDs, and get tested!

Vixen Invites Series
Vixen Invites: Sapphire Jay
Vixen Invites: Mystress Lady Evyl

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February 20th, 2010

Vixen Invites: Mystress Lady Evyl

Parchment II

I know Mystress Lady Evyl through my days as Sugasm editor. Her posts were kinky and often spiced things up. Her Vixen Invites post continues the theme. As an activist I’ve seen police officers do some pretty shitty things. Not all cops are bad obviously but still my experiences have nixed any eroticism over them. Her piece does what I don’t-makes playing cops and robbers sexy. The Sugasm may be dead but I’m glad to see MLE still shaking things up, including my own perceptions.

Playing Cops and Robbers - by Mystress Lady Evyl

In a quiet booth on a quiet Sunday night we are half way though eating our dinner at a local restaurant. I have travelled a long way to be here to give one of my workshops and this man I am sharing a meal with was chosen as a possible good match to play with and serve me while I was touring the local dungeon party circuit. They were right, we were a good match.

Sunday is my last day here and I am spending it alone with him. It’s been a great day so far playing tourist. Before dinner this man asks if we can stop by his place so he shower before dinner, he has not been home since Saturday lunchtime. Once at his home I get the grand tour. It’s a nice house, big, sparse in furniture and clean. The most exciting thing for me actually is a closet in the basement. That is where his police uniforms are stored, real ones. He is not full time but he is on the force. I make a mental note.

As the waiter walks away from our table I say to him “I want you to fulfill one of my fantasies tonight”. He looks up at me quizzically and is very attentive. We had already discussed my little fetish for play fighting and wrestling over the weekend. I say “I want you to put on your cop uniform and we will wrestle with you in it”. He was not expecting that. His eyes grew wide open and he hesitated for a moment. But he agreed willingly once the hesitation passed.

Dinner is finished lasciviously and we make our way back to his place. We chat for a bit and then he excuses himself and goes to the basement. He is gone for some time and I know he is changing. I call out to him after a while to see if all is OK and he answers he is in the bathroom. Yeah, sure! I make way up to the top floor where the bedrooms are. I choose my hiding place behind the door of the guest bedroom. If he is playing the cop well I am going to be the criminal in pursuit. I hear him coming up the stairs. I watch him appear through the crack between the door frame and door. My heart sinks and I melt, he is gorgeous and confident all dressed up in his uniform. He first heads in the opposite direction than the room I am in. Moments later he is back in the hallway with a look on his face that says ‘where is she’. Eventually he comes in the room I am hiding in. His back is to me, he is 2 feet away. I am frozen and hesitant; I just want to watch him. But I wake from my reverie and I attack him from behind.

Now why do I have a wrestling fetish? I do not know. I have never been in a fight and I don’t have siblings. I just know it is exciting and I am pretty smart in trying to find a way out in general. Just before we hit the bed I notice he already has a pair of handcuffs in his hand ready to ‘take me’. Sneaky bastard, I’ll give him a fight. Now of course had I been a real criminal I would have been in handcuffs in no time. He is letting me struggle a bit. But after a while I am on my back and my left arm is twisted behind my back and it HURTS. “Hold it, time out. No pain” I say. He answers “I’ll never get the cuffs on you then without a bit of pain if fighting, that would be normal procedure for an arrest”. “Too bad” I say, “I am the Mistress and I do not do pain, you’ll just have to wrestle longer”. He lets go of my arm and its back to fighting. Since the beginning he has me pinned down in no time but every time he tries to let go one of his hands to try and cuff me that is when I get sneaky and try to escape. I can actually see him getting a little frustrated as to how he should deal with this problem. But we are also giggling and are having so much fun.

Next thing we are falling off the bed and land on the opposite side of the room. This feels like a movie scene a bit and I love every moment of it. We have been struggling a good 10 minutes now. I feel out of breath and I can see the beads of sweat falling off his forehead onto me. Suddenly I feel a route of escape and try to crawl away but before I make my getaway he grabs my ankle. The thing is my pants are loose and I am not wearing a belt so as I keep struggling I actually slip half way out of my pants. He is back on top but I keep fighting…so much so I realize later I have made a mess of his wall with pant marks. I am getting tired and eventually give in just enough for him to get the cuffs on me. The criminal has been caught and is laying face down on the floor with pants around the ankles now. I am helped to my knees and we are both exhausted after a good 15-20 min of wrestling. I feel completely exhilarated and loved every minute of it.

Now he takes out a plasticized paper and proceeds to read me my rights and informs me I have been arrested. His face relaxes and he looks at me with a coy smile “Now it would be a shame for a lovely young lady like you to have a criminal record. If you promise to behave I’ll take those cuffs off and we can maybe come up with an arrangement to wipe you record clean”. OMG I love this guy, he is so creative, playing his role to the very end. I agree to behave and the handcuffs are removed. The role play scene is over. We catch our breath on the bed and are laughing. I ask him if it’s the first time he does this with his uniform on, certain I am not the first to ask. He tells me indeed some have asked in the past but this is the first time he has ever agreed to it because he trusts me. I actually accidentally ripped off a minor accessory of his uniform during the struggle. He picks it up and offers it to me as a souvenir. Although I do take back the reigns of control, I do ‘clear my record’ and leave without a criminal record ;-)

Since I have been back home whenever that guest room is brought up in our conversations it is referred to as the wrestling room. Every time I see the souvenir I cherish the memory of that night. I can definitely say that is one of my top fantasies now fulfilled. I have checked it off the list.

Vixen Invites Series
Vixen Invites: Sapphire Jay

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October 30th, 2009

Vixen Invites: Sapphire Jay

Parchment II

The first in my Vixen Invites series is Sapphire the Elegant Slut, from Elegant Smut. Her tagline reads “Tales of fabulous, forty-year-old fuckery. From MILF to BDSM, slutty to just plain sexy — Sapphire the Elegant Slut reveals all…” and it describes her writing well. Fans of the Sugasm will recognize her name since her blog often made the top three and editor’s choice.

Answering the Inanswerable — by Elegant Slut

Someone asked me why it is that I describe my Dom as the most wonderful and amazing person, and what could they do to have their sub speak of them in such glowing terms.

How does one answer such a question?

Tie me up?
Tie me down?
Restrain me, and tease me?
Tie Karada bikinis around my upper half?
(Then yank the rope so that I feel a jolt of electricity directly to my cunt?)

Beat me?
Flog me?
Know which inflection of “Ow” means “rub lavender oil gently into my skin”?
(And which one means “hit me again, harder!”)

Set my senses afire with electic shocks of the natural and electrode-induced variety?
Dance gummy bears all over my body, softly licking them up as you go?
Stand naked before me in cowboy boots?
(Then snap special private photographic images of me, and you in your boots for later?)

Fall in love with me at first “sight”?
Listen to me?
Hear what I answer?
Care for me?
Look out for me?
Protect me from those who would do me harm?

Send me poetry daily?
Love me?
Be proud to know me?
Be proud of me?

Love me more?

The answer is, of course, all of the above. And oh… so much more.

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October 29th, 2009

Vixen Invites

Parchment II

Since the Sugasm is on hiatus I’ve been thinking of new ways to feature some fellow bloggers. I’m starting a new feature on my blog. Vixen Invites will be a new series featuring-well, maybe you!

I’ve already sent out some invites and will send out more soon.

If you’d like to be featured on my blog write up a short piece that would fit with my theme of “porn, peace, politics”. Want to write up a feisty political rant but it wouldn’t fit on your erotica blog? Or maybe you have a steamy fantasy you’d like to share but it would seem out of place on your site?

Your post will appear on my blog but you’re welcome to post it on your own as well. I would like a link back to my site.

Interested? Send me an email with a post idea to radicalvixenatgmaildotcom

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