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February 24th, 2010

More Contest Prizes

I have more gifts for my upcoming blog anniversary contest.

First up is the Icicles Sapphire Spiral Dildo, reviewed here.

Icicles Sapphire Spiral Dildo

Next up is The Ethical Slut book, reviewed here.

The Ethical Slut book

Here’ another prize-Kama Sutra In A Box, reviewed here.

Modern Kama Sutra book

You could also win Two Is Enough, reviewed here.

Two Is Enough book

And there’s more prizes to come!

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One Response to “More Contest Prizes”

  1. willie makit says:

    Hey vix. . . .
    I’m back. . . . .
    Would (1) like to know more about your contest and
    of course (2) would love to win it. Doz that mean
    that I will get my choice of the available prizes??
    Tiz a cryin shame that the top prize IS NOT dinner
    with you and yours. . . would be (as I see it)
    really a whoo-hoo event. . . .something to think
    about and fondly remember for the long term.

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