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February 1st, 2010

Vix Pix 2

Evening Lounge

From On Bended Knee:
“Each methodical stroke, every second of intense concentration exudes sexiness.”

This is a short piece but it wonderfully captures a sensual moment. It’s funny that this post appeals to me. Normally, I prefer facial hair on men. To me, the hairy a man is the better. I even think back hair is sexy! Still, there is something incredibly sexy about watching a man shave with an old fashioned shave kit.

From Exploring Intimacy:
Blogging For Choice – My Story
“To question the ability of women to make this choice, this decision, is to question the ability of women to make every basic decision for their own future and the futures of their communities.”

An excellent telling of one woman’s quest to understand abortion.

From The Spanking Writers:
The phone and the hairbrush
“There was no point making a drama about this.”

A quick, fun story about an over the knee spanking. Giving a spanking over the knee is one of my favorite positions.

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