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November 12th, 2010

Tenga Egg Review

Tenga Egg Review

Babeland sent me the Tenga Egg to review. There’s several different styles. I got the silky version. When it came in the mail I told Mr. Radical-”I have to give you a handjob with a Japanese sex toy in the name of science.” He agreed. ; )

To open the egg you peel off the wrapper and pop open the plastic egg.

Tenga Egg Review

The egg itself is made of a silicone material.

Tenga Egg Review

It’s super stretchy!

Tenga Egg Review

There’s a lube packet and plastic funnel inside. Mr. Radical has chemical sensitives so we didn’t use the Tenga lube. The little funnel works well though.

Tenga Egg Review

Click here to see a video ad for the egg.

The Tenga Egg works really well. You slip it over the cock head and just hold your hand over it and do typical handjob motions. Mr. Radical said the texture felt great. But he didn’t like the “squeaky” noise that it made. As the egg expanded and contracted it made a sort of squeak. MR said that the noise wasn’t too bad with two people but if it was just him and the egg he would find it distracting.

The egg is a built in cum receptacle. Clean up is super easy. As I pulled the egg off of MR I said-”Hey look it’s an egg cup of cum. Perfect for drinking it up afterward.” That’s not MR’s kink but the look he gave me made me laugh.

This gave me an idea. For those that cum drinking is a kink the Tenga Egg would be perfect for them. An edible lubricant would have to be used though. I think it would be great to use with clients.

But the big big downside to the Tenga Egg is that it’s disposable. I’m a granola hippie chick and that just irks me. A one time only use toy? Bleh. I don’t like that at all. Babeland sells them for $8.50 which isn’t bad for a unique experience but for every time you jerk off? That’s not cool either.

I would recommend the Tenga Egg for a once in a while toy. Want to try something different? Or want to get a sexy gift for your partner? Then buy one. But for your normal masturbation habit I’d go with something else.

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