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April 7th, 2011

Sex News Roundup

Sex News Roundup

From Raw Story:
Police link 8 more murders to US serial killer case
“Police said Tuesday they have identified eight more women they believe may have been murdered by a serial killer who terrorized Los Angeles for years known as the “Grim Sleeper.”


Franklin already is accused of killing 10 women in south Los Angeles over more than 20 years, most of them prostitutes. Franklin, who was arrested in his home in Los Angeles on July 7, 2007 has pleaded not guilty in the killings of the 10 women.”

Let’s hope this case gets resolved soon so the families and friends can heal and justice can be served.

From AOL News:
Teacher Resigns After Student Finds Out About Her Porn Star Past
“It’s the history lesson one Missouri teacher hoped she would never have to cover.

St. Louis science teacher Tera Myers stepped down Friday after a student confronted her about her past working as an actress in X-rated films.

The 38-year-old Parkway North High School educator — who starred in pornographic videos in the 1990s under the name Rikki Andersin — has been placed on administrative leave, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

She will be paid through the rest of the school year but will not teach classes or return to her post next year.”

This is such an upsetting story! Her past is her past. It’s not like she was showing the students clips from her old videos. And where are all the anti-porn protesters? Don’t they advocate women leave the industry and get “respectable” jobs?! They should be supporting her and fighting for her job back. Myers should not have had to step down.

From The Globe and Mail:
Women walk the talk after officer’s offending ‘slut’ remarks
“The trio of 20-something women had never been to a demonstration before. They don’t consider themselves political. They look more suited for an H&M sale than a quasi-feminist uprising.

But when Melissa Dolson, her sister Amanda and Amy Sherwood, heard about Toronto Police Constable Michael Sanguinetti’s comment to a York University class – that women who don’t want to be sexually assaulted should “avoid dressing like sluts” – it stirred them in a way that other headlines rarely do.

And that’s how the three friends ended up on Toronto’s College Street on Sunday, all wearing white T-shirts emblazoned with the logo of the SlutWalk – “Because We’ve Had Enough”– and railing against the police and that particular comment. The demonstration, which started at Queen’s Park and ended in front of police headquarters, featured much outrage, lots of skin, and all walks of life, including activists, Goths, native protesters, artists and a good smattering of men.”

This story also has a video of the protest. I also found another video here.

From Sex Worker Film & Arts Festival
“The San Francisco Sex Workers Film and Arts Festival was established in 1998 to provide a forum for the accomplishments of sex worker film and video makers and to screen works about sex workers and the sex industries from around the world. Since then, we have expanded to become a vibrant venue for performances, workshops, visual arts, political organizing, skills sharing and various other events. The Sex Worker Festival provides an opportunity to recognize and honor prostitutes, dancers, porn performers and other sex workers, who have historically been a dynamic part of arts communities. We encourage diverse participation and diverse perspectives.”

This looks so cool!

From Barnard:
Scholar and Feminist Online
“S&F Online, a triannual, multimedia, peer-reviewed, online-only journal of feminist theories and women’s movements, provides public access to the Barnard Center for Research on Women’s most innovative programming by providing written transcripts, audio and visual recordings, and links to relevant intellectual and social action networks. The journal builds on these programs by publishing related scholarship and other applicable resources. A forum for scholars, activists, and artists whose work articulates the ever-evolving role of feminism in struggles for social justice, S&F Online brings you the latest in cutting-edge theory and practice.”

There’s a lot to read on this site. My favorite piece was Women in the Tattoo Subculture. Thanks to Mandy for sending me this.

From Alternet:
How 19th Century Prostitutes Were Among the Freest, Wealthiest, Most Educated Women of Their Time
“Russell’s new ‘Renegade History of the United States’ recounts how prostitutes won virtually all the freedoms that were denied to women but are now taken for granted.

In the nineteenth century, a woman who owned property, made high wages, had sex outside of marriage, performed or received oral sex, used birth control, consorted with men of other races, danced, drank, or walked alone in public, wore makeup, perfume, or stylish clothes — and was not ashamed — was probably a whore.”

I found this article very interesting. I’m a big fan of alternative histories. The history of prostitution would be an excellent book! This Renegade History one looks good.

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  1. Kendra Holliday says:

    The teacher who did porn 20 yrs ago: I went to the high school she taught and graduated in ‘91, around the same time she was doing porn. I stripped right after high school. We’re the same age. It’s unacceptable for her to be punished for doing porn. I hated watching her grovel and apologize for doing it, saying it was a terrible mistake. She knew she had to play it that way, otherwise society would punish her even worse. My friend Justin wrote an excellent op-ed about it:

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