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September 29th, 2005


I coined the term ‘Erectionland’ in my early days as a PSO. I wanted a phrase to capture that space callers often go into when talking to me. An alternative reality where logic and reality cease to exist and the illusions of their fantasy and the hardness of their cocks take over. Erectionland is that place. Visit and have all your fantasies fulfilled, all your wishes granted.

Funny place this Erectionland. A handy term too. As soon as I throw it out during a story the listener immediately gets it, usually laughing in response. “He must be taking a vacation in Erectionland because he really thought I was turned on by the idea of shitting in his mouth.” (one thing I love about this job is having the best party stories)

This handy term explains the comments of tonight’s caller. After he came he enthusiastically told me he couldn’t wait to visit so he could fuck me for real. Because apparently the fact that I talk sexy and get him off over the phone implies that I actually want to sleep with him. His feet were firmly planted in Erectionland when he expressed those sentiments.

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