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May 31st, 2011

Porn Judgment Day

Porn Judgment Day

Man, I take a few days off blogging and a big story hits. Lots of online ink has been spilled over this news. Here’s some that caught my attention:

Blog title borrowed from The Blog of Pro-Porn Activism. Speaking of that blog, I was trying to pick a specific post to link to but really just go read the last several. There’s a lot of good coverage. Main site here.

From Trve West Coast Fiction:
The Condom Debate (As I See It)
“Most adult industry professionals have by now heard about the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s (AHF) increasing efforts to mandate condom use in all US-based pornographic productions. Given that the majority of US-based porn is produced in California, efforts have consisted of filing complaints with Cal-OSHA against production companies for failing to adhere to the “same section of state workplace safety law that requires nurses to wear protective gear to spare them exposure to blood-borne and fluid-borne illnesses.” “One of the complaints filed by AHF in September has resulted in Hustler/LFP being fined more than $14,000 for violating condom regulations, and Forsaken Productions cited for more than $12,000 in violations.”


Basically, AHF and Cal-OSHA are shutting down our medical facilities, and The Free Speech Coalition is attempting to help facilitate our testing practices.

So while AHF claims to not have an anti-porn stance, I along with many other industry professionals, question their motives.

The Free Speech Coalition may also have ulterior/financial motives, but at least they’re willing to work with us in a way that does not jeopardize our livelihood.”

I totally question the AHF motives. Personally, I think they just want to shut down the porn industry and this is the most viable way they’ve found to do it. They’re pretending it’s for our “safety” but I call bullshit on that line. But it’s not just them. Organization such as the Pink Cross claim to help us “poor, abused sex workers” when really they’re just trying to brainwash us into believing their religious anti-sex rhetoric.

From Xbiz:
FSC Outlines Goals of New Performer Health Program
“The Free Speech Coalition on Thursday gave an overview of its new health program called Adult Production Health and Safety Services (APHSS) during a meeting of adult industry stakeholders.

The goal of the program is to provide reliable STD testing and treatment protocols through a system that is sensitive to the needs of its users. It has been created to fill the gap left by the closure of AIM earlier this month.”

I’m a proud member of Free Speech Coalition and you can be one too. Click here to join.

Several sites have been linking to Nina Hartley’s blog entry about the HIV scare from a couple years ago. It’s just as relevant now as it was today. Here’s my favorite part:
“I know it sounds harsh, but it’s not porn’s job to set a good example to the viewing public. It’s an entertainment medium like anything else out of Hollywood, and mainstream entertainment is not held up as needing somehow to set a good example. It’s a shame that our country does such a piss-poor job of educating its young people so that they’re driven to view porn to try to get a clue about sex. Except when a movie is expressly done as education-the Guides, Tristan Taormino’s movies, etc., their job is to arouse and entertain, period.

I hate it when those who are made uncomfortable by sex or porn project their issues onto our business.”

Preach it Nina!

From AVN:
Cal/OSHA Moving Closer To New Mandatory Condom Rules
“The California Division of Occupational Safety & Health’s Senior Safety Engineer Deborah Gold today released what is described as “a draft provided solely for the purposes of facilitating discussion at the June 7, 2011 meeting” of the Cal/OSHA Subcommittee on Control Measures—but if this is actually the starting point for the discussion, the adult movie and internet industry is already in deep trouble.”

The above link has more examples of what’s in this draft. Important reading.

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May 25th, 2011

News Roundup

News Roundup

From Prison Planet:
Federal Blockade: TSA Holds Texas Flights Hostage
“An astounding Department of Justice threat to cancel airline flights to and from Texas, in addition to underhanded lobbying by TSA representatives, has killed efforts in the state to pass HB 1937, a bill that would have made invasive pat downs by TSA agents a felony.

HB 1937, a bill that would have made it “A criminal act for security personnel to touch a person’s private areas without probable cause as a condition of travel or as a condition of entry into a public place,” was headed for an imminent Senate vote in Texas having already passed the House unanimously 138-0, before the federal government stepped in to nix the legislation.”

I was hopeful this Texas law would pass. The TSA are thugs, plain and simple. It looks like this story is unfolding as the post has already updated once today.

From the Indy Star:
Hoosiers rally in defense of homeowners
“Wheeler, along with more than 300 others, was protesting an Indiana Supreme Court ruling that says people don’t have the right to resist police officers who enter their homes illegally.

He said the ruling violates the Fourth Amendment, which protects people from illegal searches, and deprives them of the right to defend their homes.”

This ruling is unbelievable. When Mr. Radical first told me I thought he was joking. What a bunch of fascist bullshit. I’m glad to see people are protesting. Let’s hope it makes a difference.

From Wide Asleep In America:
Disregarding Law, Redefining Justice: The (Il)legality of Killing Osama, or “Bin There, Gun That”
“Much has already been written about the legality of the SEAL Team Six operation in Abbottabad, Pakistan. While there is little discussion or interest on the so-called “right” regarding such trivialities as international law and extrajudicial killing, some on the so-called “left” have seen the value of raising questions and attempting to answer them. While some suggest (or declare) that, based on the information available from the White House public relations team, Osama bin Laden was assassinated without requisite due process, others - like ThinkProgress’ Matt Yglesias and American Prospect’s Adam Serwer - have laid out evidence insisting that the raid and killing of bin Laden was perfectly legal.


Unfortunately, Serwer - who is an impressively prolific and astute analyst - doesn’t do a very good job. His selective reading and application of international law and United Nations resolutions, as well as his inability to decide whether or not al Qaeda is a “criminal organization” or a “military target,” does his smug declarations no favors. This is not to say that the determination of legality in this regard is an easy or uncontroversial one, but that Serwer’s analysis is, at best, weak and unconvincing.”

I’ve been reading a lot of comparisons about the killing of Osama to the Nuremberg trials of the Nazis that I think is apt. If some of history’s worst murderers were given a trial why didn’t we do the same for Osama? The link above has some good analysis plus there’s a funny video at the end.

From Yahoo! Finance:
One Woman’s Fight to Rejoin the Middle Class
“A few months after losing her administrative job in the summer of 2008, 23-year-old Brianna Karp got rid of her furniture, a beloved piano, and most of her books so she could move back in with her parents. When that didn’t work out, she moved into an old trailer a relative had left her, settling into an informal homeless community in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Brea, Calif. By the summer of 2009, she was living without electricity, regular showers, home-cooked food, and most basic conveniences.

Karp held tight to her laptop, however, and began writing a blog about her experiences. That generated attention that helped her land a part-time magazine internship, and eventually ink a book deal. Although her book, “The Girl’s Guide to Homelessness,” was recently published, Karp still lives in a dilapidated shed that the state of California considers not fit for human habitation. I spoke with her recently about her experiences.”

It sounds cliched but this story really did move me to tears. What a strong young woman. I try to give thanks to the Goddess every day for the good things in life. Some days this is hard to do. But after reading about Karp’s struggles I feel very grateful for my life.

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May 20th, 2011

Rapture Day Nuttiness

Rapture Day Prank

From Fuck Yeah Dementia:
Rapture Day prank: on Saturday May 21, 2011, take some of your unwanted clothes and shoes and leave sets of them arranged on sidewalks and lawns around town.

I love this idea so much and hope it catches on!

Will you be one of the raptured? This handy flow chart from Peas and Cougars gives some insight.

NPR has a fun article about this silliness here. This Twitter quote is awesome- “”BackpackingDad” wonders “what’s the timezone for the #Rapture? Do we go on Vatican time, or does Auckland go first and Hawaii has to wait all day?”"

I’m impressed with the atheists who started Eternal Earth-Bound Pets. From their site- “You’ve committed your life to Jesus. You know you’re saved. But when the Rapture comes what’s to become of your loving pets who are left behind? Eternal Earth-Bound Pets takes that burden off your mind.” That’s a clever way to make money.

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May 17th, 2011

Bathroom Nude

Nude shadow bathroom

From this gallery. I like how the vase in the background compliments the model’s pose.

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May 16th, 2011

Go For It

“Can I pray to you like a God?”
-regular client

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May 14th, 2011

Sex News Roundup

Sex News Roundup

From Tits and Sass:
Army of Me: Sex Worker Self Defense
On the West Coast, the Oakland-based self defense collective Girl Army has been teaching sliding-scale classes to women for over 15 years, including some workshops specifically for sex workers. Melisa Spence— Girl Army instructor, St. James Infirmary employee and sex worker ally—weighs in on the importance of basic self defense, and offers her own perspective on the New York Initiative.


What do you suggest men and non-sex workers can do to be good allies to us, especially during such a scary situation as what’s going on in New York right now?

Know that the sex worker knows more than anyone else does about how to take care of themself and survive. Share your skills and resources without defining the sex worker’s experience for them or judging the choices they are making. Many people have risky jobs, and do not have to deal with people telling them to quit their jobs because there is the potential for harm.”

Girl Army sounds awesome. I love the point about many people having risky jobs. Yes yes yes!

While we’re on the topic of the NY murders, Audacia Ray has a great post over on Red Umbrella Project:
Protect, Don’t Prosecute: Amnesty for Long Island Sex Workers!
“In the week leading up to December 17, 2010 – the International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers – the remains of four women who were killed while doing sex work were discovered on a beach in Long Island. Over the past two weeks, the remains of six more bodies have been found in the same area. Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer has requested that anyone involved in the sex industry who may have information about the disappearance of colleagues come forward and share this information with the police. But there remains a rather large barrier: prostitution is criminalized, and sex workers have no guarantee that we will be protected from prosecution if we step forward. Therefore, we are calling for amnesty for all prostitution related offenses in Suffolk County until the killer is apprehended.

If you are a sex worker or an ally of sex workers, please contact the office of the Suffolk County Police Commissioner and District Attorney and make this request. The Police Commissioner has been speaking publicly about this issue, but the DA has the ultimate authority to grant amnesty. We especially need people who live in the New York City / Long Island area, especially Suffolk county, to make calls and send emails. In your request, you can feel free to personalize with information about your experiences or feelings about these cases.”

I hope this idea catches on. Giving amnesty could help immensely in this case.

From Business Insider:
IMF Chief Arrested In New York For Allegedly Forcing Hotel Maid To Give Him Oral Sex
“Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the head of the IMF, was arrested in New York on allegations that he forced or attempted to force a maid at the Sofitel hotel in Manhattan to perform oral sex on him.

The New York Post was first to break the news that the IMF chief was hauled off an Air France flight two minutes before it was due to take off, and taken into custody by the NYPD.”

The New York Post also speculates that he was trying to flee the country in their story.

You’d think someone in his class of wealth and power would travel with sexual companions. I know I would.

Found via Bound, Not Gagged:
Sex Crimes In New Orleans, Separate And Unequal
“In their neighborhoods, they are sometimes taunted with dirty looks and jeers. Their pictures hang on the walls of local community centers where their children and grandchildren play. And their names and addresses are listed in newspapers and mailed out on postcards to everyone in the neighborhood.


They aren’t child molesters or pedophiles. Most are poor, hard-luck black women in New Orleans who agreed to exchange oral or anal sex for money. In doing so they violated the latest version of Louisiana’s 206-year-old Crime Against Nature law, which carries a maximum penalty of up to five years in prison and registration as a sex offender.

Opponents of the law say it is discriminatory and targets poor women and the gay and transgendered community who engage in what they call “survival sex.” In March, the Center for Constitutional Rights filed a lawsuit on behalf of nine anonymous plaintiffs against the state, Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) and a host of state agencies, calling the law unconstitutional.”

I also blogged about this situation here. I’m glad to see it getting more coverage and I’m very happy to hear of this lawsuit.

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May 12th, 2011

A Short Conversation About Whores

Whore Magazine

This week I got the latest issue of Whore Magazine in the mail. The magazine comes in a flat, stiff envelope and wouldn’t fit in my mailbox so I had to pick it up at the counter.

“Oooh look where this package is from,” the postal lady teased. I looked at the envelope and saw the large print of “Whore Magazine” in the return address spot.

“That’s a great magazine!” I countered as I felt my face go a little pink. I’m all for reclaiming the word whore but I do live in a small town and was feeling a little embarrassed right then.

“I’ll have to take your word for it,” she answered. I inwardly chided myself for feeling embarrassed. This was just friendly banter. And besides there’s something funny about getting a package from “Whore Magazine”.

I told her it was “post-feminist” and she smirked. Ironically this issue has an article titled “What is Feminism?”

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May 8th, 2011

Dirty Girls Zine

Dirty Girls Zine

From Hobo Stripper:
Dirty Girls Zine!
“We did it! The zine is beautiful with lots of artwork and great stories from Lusty Day, Audacia Ray, Davka, Kitty Stryker, Furry Girl, and much much more! 36 pages of awesome!

We’re keeping this free for everybody, but it turns out color copies are expensive so we really appreciate donations. If you want a copy email dirty girl zine at gmail dot com and either include your address and we’ll mail you one or if you’d like an electronic copy you can download it from here: dirtygirlzine-s (if you distribute a bunch let us know please! Also, if you want to print them, you probably want this file instead hi-res dirtygirlzine ). If you’d like to donate we would really appreciate it, and it will all go to printing, mailing, and good sex worker causes. To donate, paypal hobostripper at gmail dot com.”

I got my copy of Dirty Girls Zine recently. It’s good! The zine has that retro look I love-different fonts, xeroxed pics, stapled together. The cover especially rocks this vibe with the cut out and pasted on letters look. My favorite part was 25 Ways To Make Love To The Earth by Elizabeth M. Stephens and Annie M. Sprinkle.

You can get your own version from the link above.

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May 4th, 2011

Osama’s Latest Death

Osama's Latest Death

From Politico:
White House changes Osama bin Laden account
“White House Press Secretary Jay Carney on Tuesday publicly revised the administration’s account of the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, telling reporters that the Al Qaeda leader wasn’t armed during the assault and didn’t use one of his wives as a shield.

On Monday evening, the White House had backed away from key details in its narrative about the raid, including claims by senior U.S. officials that bin Laden had a weapon and may have fired it during a gun battle with U.S. forces.”

It’s fascinating to see how the story keeps changing. Very suspicious though.

From the Washington Post:
Report of bin Laden’s death spurs questions from conspiracy theorists
“While much of America celebrated the dramatic killing of Osama bin Laden, the Sept. 11 conspiracy theorists still had questions. For them and a growing number of skeptics, the plot only thickened.

Could the public trust bin Laden’s DNA samples? Where was bin Laden’s body? Why was the most wanted mujaheddin on Earth buried in an undisclosed location in the northern Arabian Sea? Why was the news announced mere weeks after President Obama’s campaign kickoff and just days after his birth certificate was released? Why so late on a Sunday night?”

I’m one that doubts the “official” story.

From Intrepid Report:
Lies my president still tells me?
“As the president’s ratings continue to sink, his approval for four wars diminishes, and there is a rise in the 14 billion-plus national debt ceiling being pushed by Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, all with Wall Street speculation driving up gas and food prices, what better time for Barack Obama to announce the assassination of Osama bin Laden by a team of Navy Seals. It’s a homemade bomb of good news to wipe away all the bad.”

This is an editorial with several excellent points and good links.

From Prison Planet:
Inside Sources: Bin Laden’s Corpse Has Been On Ice For Nearly a Decade
“A multitude of respected intelligence officials and heads of state have both publicly and privately asserted that Osama has been dead for years”

Even if you don’t believe Alex the article lists many sources talking about Osama’s death lower down after the ad break.

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