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June 30th, 2007

Computer Problems And Perverted Callers

Computer Keyboard With Blue Tint

Last night was a weird night. I was finishing up the Sugasm draft when the phone rang. A guy I hadn’t talked to in over a year wanted to set up a call. Before we started I checked my notes. I keep a cheat sheet of every client I’ve ever talked to. The cheat sheet has their name, location, nickname and a short description of what the guy’s into to trigger my memory. This guys notes said “wants girlfriend to fuck huge black cock, horses, creepy vibe”.

I put my computer aside and settled in to do the call. Ten minutes later I had pulled it out again. Creepy Guy was so monotone and drunk I needed something to keep me awake. I chatted with hubby on ICQ.

CG was obsessed with big black cock. “Nigger dick” as he called it. It was as if the fantasy was just a way for him to say the word “nigger” over and over. This time the girlfriend was absent and his ex-wife had taken her place. He described how his ex fucked every black dick she could get her hands on. My role in this call was to ohhh and ahhh and to continually ask for details of the great black dick. At one point she was fucking a guy with an 18” cock and was crying and screaming from the pain/ectasy. Before he’s pulled horses into the fantasy but tonight it was dogs with big knotted penises.

But this isn’t new territory. I often get guys that want this fantasy. More often than not the woman is a thinly veiled version of themselves because they’re the one that really wants all that cock. I suspect this was the case for CG though he never admitted it. He kept saying “nigger dick” over and over in this creepy way. He’d also say “I just love the black and white” ie he loves interracial sex.

The call was mind numbingly boring. Thank goodness I had the internet to keep me entertained. But all of a sudden my computer locked. This is where the scene gets a little weird and, if it wasn’t happening to me, funny.

Only certain programs locked up and I still managed to chat with hubby via ICQ. He’s techy so he gave me advice on what to do. Nothing was working though so I eventually brought the computer over to him. He started working on it, getting the programs to shut, restarting, running a scan-that sort of thing.

All the while I’m talking to CG. Mr. Radical and I are passing scribbled notes back and forth to each other while I say things like “oh that cock sounds so fucking big” and “I bet she just couldn’t get enough of that huge black cock”. CG was so drunk I didn’t have to do much. A sexy voice saying “black, cock, huge, fuck” was really all he needed.

I had my headphones on during the call. I would lean in towards my husband to see what he was doing on my machine. While talking to CG about the increasingly larger cocks fucking his ex, Mr. Radical and I were having a totally different conversation diagnosing my computer problems. It was an odd situation but we made it work. And my computer is running fine, today so thanks honey!

Posted by Vixen as PSO Confessions at 10:25 AM CDT