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October 30th, 2008

Vote yes on California’s Proposition K

Vote yes on California's Proposition K

Come election day California residents will be voting on Proposition K. From Yes on Prop K’s site:
“San Francisco voters have an opportunity on election day to reduce violence against women and improve the health of sex workers and their clients. Voting yes on Proposition K to decriminalize prostitution - to prohibit the city from arresting prostitutes - will make it easier for sex workers to report violence to the police and improve public health. The decriminalization of prostitution was the main recommendation of the citywide San Francisco Task Force on Prostitution more than 10 years ago. A recent UCSF study found that 1 out of 7 sex workers in San Francisco were threatened with arrest by police officers unless they had sex with them, and 1 out of 5 reported that police officers paid them for sex. Clearly, the policing of sex work is problematic. Spending city resources on education and health outreach to sex workers and linking them to the array of excellent services in our city would be a much more humane and effective way to help sex workers. In addition, those arrests do little: nine cases went to trial last year, but there were no convictions.”

As a sex worker activist I support this proposition. Want to learn more? Bound, Not Gagged and $pread’s blog both have great coverage of Prop K. Annie Sprinkle writes a letter about Proposition K and Sadie Lune performs a Prop K piece at the Museum of Modern Art.

Voting day is almost here and more donations are needed. Please donate here!

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