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August 23rd, 2009


JT Stockroom dildo

Recently I was on a call that went late into the night. I could feel my eyes getting heavy and my head kept leaning back. To keep myself awake I grabbed a knitting project. (For the knitters-it was a lace project and the next day I was pretty excited that I was able to do lacework while half asleep.)

I managed to stay awake but my mind was getting sluggish. The fantasy involved panties and dildos. The panty talk lasted a long time. Eventually the fantasy shifted to me grabbing my harness and my-

And that’s when I drew a blank. I couldn’t remember the word for the toy pictured above. What was that thing called? I kept wanting to say strildo but knew that wasn’t right. Strildo, straldo, what was it? I kept stalling in the fantasy-I’d describe tying his hands behind his back or talk about the panties again.

Eventually I just skipped over the word. I said something like “you suck my, that’s right suck it like the slut you are”. The caller didn’t mention how silly I sounded, probably because he was half asleep as well.

While I was describing fucking him “with my bent over the bed” I remembered the word. Dildo! I remember saying the word loudly because I was so excited to finally get it.

Strildo must have been my mind mashing up strap-on and dildo. Man, I was so tired. By the time I got off the call it was starting to get light outside. I turned off my phone and crawled into bed.

Posted by Vixen as PSO Confessions at 10:06 PM CDT