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July 5th, 2010

A Shitty Session

The Melancholy

A few years ago I wrote about a Great Session I did in person. This year I have a perspective from the other end-I had a shitty in person session. (I’ll call the client Shitty Client.)

The session started off promising. My sex worker friend J pulled me in as a second Mistress. We’ve worked together before so I was looking forward to it. Sessions with another sex worker are typically easier and more fun.

SC is a new client for J. She warned me that he’s rather ADD in his desires and a chain smoker. Neither of those things are a deal killer and both of us felt confident in the session.

We got the hotel that day and dressed up in our respective roles-me as the Mistress and her as the Switch. The plan was that we’d both dominate SC part of the time and then I’d dominate them both.

Minutes before showing up SC calls and asks us to go get ice for him. We were already decked out in our session clothes and told him he could get ice when he got here. He complained about that when he showed up. I didn’t think this a big deal at the time but looking back I see it as a bad beginning. But the session had started.

The reason for the ice? SC had brought some whiskey. A quick look at J told me that she was just as surprised by this as I was. I’ve met with clients that have served wine during the session and was fine with it. But this just felt different. He pulled out a flask and demanded cups.

I suppose I should segway a tad and talk about SC’s demands. He had a style of speaking that was very demanding. Even if he was following orders and playing submissive he’d still demand something of us. Again, not a deal killer but it was just another quirk that ruffled my feathers.

Anyway, SC wanted all of us to drink. I’ll drink some wine during sessions, sure. But hard liquor? That didn’t seem like a good idea. J had a real excuse of no alcohol because of medication. But SC made it clear that the session wasn’t starting until one of us drank with him. J and I exchanged glances. I’d drink some of the whiskey.

There is something special about working with another sex worker. During a session we can send messages to each other through nods, winks, nudges, etc. Throughout this session J and I were “talking” this way.

I practiced safe drinking by grabbing the flask before SC could open it. Pretending to faun over the label I inspected the cap to make sure it hadn’t been opened. The sound of the label breaking was a relief. I poured myself a little bit and poured SC more. He picked it up and poured more alcohol into my glass. J fake joked that the Mistress couldn’t get drunk. SC didn’t take the hint and told us we should smoke and drink together first.

Sometimes I took real sips from my cup, other times I just let the whiskey wet my lips. When SC started urging me to drink faster I just let the whiskey spill down my chin and neck while he wasn’t looking. Another time I strutted around the room to show off my skirt and dumped the alcohol down the sink.

While I was handling the liquor, J was dealing with the smoking. She’s a light smoker; I’m a nonsmoker. She lit up with SC who turned out to be quite the chain smoker. He’d smoke one after the other, lighting the new one with the old. I noticed how J managed to smoke less. She mostly let her cigarette burn in the ashtray. When she did pick it up she inhaled lightly. And every time SC put out his cigarette she’d put out hers, even if it was only half way burned. SC would then light her another. By the end of the session my throat hurt from all the smoke in the room.

After settling into the drinks and cigs SC paid us our fee. “Make sure you count this,” he said as he handed us our fees. It was one of those awkward moments-counting right in front of him would be sort of tacky. It looked like the right amount so we didn’t.

SC kept stalling on starting the kink play. We tried to introduce different activities but he’d complain that we were rushing things. Then while drinking he’d complain that we hadn’t started. “I’ve paid you enough for three weeks,” he told us several times. That was ludicrous but we didn’t point it out. The look on J’s face told me she was thinking the same thing I was-he’s going to dick around with the time.

He had wanted golden showers and lots of them. One good thing about the alcohol was that it filled up my bladder fast. But SC wouldn’t get started. Finally I stood up and said I’m peeing NOW and grabbed a container.

Though he insisted on golden showers he balked at being ordered to drink it. My patience was being tried. Why was he being so difficult!?! Once he sipped the glass of pee though he drank it right up.

Another problem started shortly after the first golden shower. SC had roaming hands. Different sex workers have different boundaries. If you go see a stripper there’s rules on where or if you can touch her. It’s the same with a mistress. SC didn’t respect boundaries at all. Over and over he tried grabbing our breasts and asses. I can’t tell you how many times I redirected his hands but I can tell you it was frustrating. He knew what he was doing too. He’d wait until I was distracted with spanking him to try to grab a handful. Eventually I had J hold his hands while I swatted his ass.

Near the end of the session SC started complaining about the time. Dammit, we were expecting that! He said we had 4 or 5 hours with him. I was still thinking of a rebuttal when J took charge. She dropped all pretense of mistress and spoke in her don’t-fuck-with-me voice. She reviewed the whole deal-the fee, the time, the agreed on play. SC tried to protest and she reviewed it again.

He switched tactics. “Well if you don’t want to stay I guess I’ll be here all alone.” Argh!!! One way to quickly piss off a sex worker is to fuck around on the agreed on deal during the session. I was quietly fuming.

We tried wrapping up, even spinning a “to be continued” fantasy in case he wanted to see us again. SC was having none of it. He just pretended that the session wasn’t ending. Again, J took charge. She matter-of-factly told SC we had to get going and started getting dressed in her normal clothes. I followed her lead and got dressed myself.

SC wasn’t moving. “Maybe I’ll take a nap and you’ll play with me when you get back,” he said. We told him that was fine and even pulled back the covers on the bed. It was our hotel room and we were leaving him in it!

We took all our toys and the room keys and left. As we walked to J’s car she said-Oh my God, never again!” I agreed.

When we got in the car I had a feeling we should count the money. Sure enough SC shorted me $60. Not enough to go back and complain but it was just one more shitty thing for him to do. J picked up the hotel tab for me since I got shorted which was a sweet gesture. Sex worker solidarity baby!

I drove by the hotel later that day to make sure SC had left. He was driving out as I was driving in, though I don’t think he recognized me. Ironically, SC asked for another session shortly after this one. Apparently he had “a great time playing with you girls”. That was a surprise to hear considering his actions during the session conveyed the opposite.

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2 Responses to “A Shitty Session”

  1. Sarah says:

    What a twat! I would have walked as soon as he started making demands about the booze, but then I work in a different genre anyway.

    Would you see this guy again?

  2. Vixen says:

    Sarah-J and I both have wondered that. We’re thinking yes we would but we’d have to be firmer with him. And he’d have to agree with our boundaries.

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