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February 6th, 2011

The Only Game That Matters Today

Puppy Bowl

Jesse Cox told me I had to watch the Puppy Bowl this year. I was skeptic at first but tuned in today. ZOMG the cuteness!!! They have chicken cheerleaders too. Plus they promote animal adoption. I’m a fan.

Squee-They have a kitteh halftime show!

CNN covered the game:
The other big game this weekend: Puppy Bowl
“Canine chaos reigns at the Puppy Bowl, Animal Planet’s adorable response to the other big game this Sunday.

What started seven years ago as a network space-filler is now an annual event watched by more than 8.6 million people. Executive Producer Melinda Toporoff said no one expected such a tremendous public reaction.


Aside from boosted ratings, the Puppy Bowl — a mock football game played by puppies drafted from shelters across the country — offers help for homeless animals.”

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