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March 31st, 2011

Review: Velvet Harness

Babeland sent me their Velvet Harness to review.

From the product’s description:
“A comfy, affordable vibrating harness will have your kitty purring in no time flat. Slip on the adjustable nylon straps and slide the included sterling bullet vibe into the plush velvet pocket. Strong vibrations will set the harness wearer abuzz (and provide a milder contact buzz for those on the receiving end).”

Velvet Harness

It’s pretty and soft to the touch. The straps are pretty long. After putting it on they were dangling quite a bit. I cut them to fit and burnt the ends. Since they’re nylon straps the ends melted easily. The specs say this harness fits up to a 60″ waist. It also comes with three rubber o-rings which is nice.

Velvet Harness

This harness fit my dildos just fine. The bullet vibe is one speed and is a strong buzz. I find the combination of vibrations and strap on play too over stimulating but can see how people into the combo would like this harness.

The downside for me is the velvet material. As a sex worker my knee jerk reaction is-hard to sterilize! Washing velvet after each client would wear it out quickly. But if you’re not using it on a multitude of partners I think it would be ok.

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