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August 8th, 2011

Slut Walks In Ms. Magazine

Slut Walks In Ms. Magazine

Ms. Magazine sent me a few articles to preview for their upcoming issue. I was happy to see they wrote an article on the recent Slut Walks.

From Taking Slut for a Walk:
“And so the SlutWalk was born. Since the first march in April of this year, it has reached 45 U.S. cities and 13 other countries, including Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and, most recently, India.”

I love that the Slut Walk is now up to 14 countries. How cool is that? I’m excited about participating in my first Slut Walk later this year and am already brainstorming what my sign will say. (I love the “Consent matters NOT clothes pictured above.) This new protest has caught on so quickly! It’s so inspiring to see younger feminists and activists joining the cause for sexual freedom.

“While thousands have joined the cause, the SlutWalk movement has also created some controversy in feminist circles because of the word slut.


But marchers do believe they can reclaim the term. Said organizers of SlutWalk Seattle in an online statement: “One of the most effective ways to fight hate is to disarm the derogatory terms employed by haters, embracing them and giving them positive connotations.”

As a Pagan I hesitated calling myself a “Pagan” in the past. Like slut, the word pagan has so much stigma and negative propaganda attached to it. In college a lesbian friend decided to identify herself as a dyke to reclaim the word. Others may have still judged the word but her action really inspired me and I decided to start identifying as a Pagan. Previously I had identified as a Wiccan because it was more accepted and less of a shocker religious word. I found a freedom and exhilaration in reclaiming labels. It made me more comfortable with my often uncommon religion and made me a stronger activist.

I support activists and fellow feminists who want to reclaim the word slut. Why should we let anti-sex people shame us for our sexual activities and the way we dress? The more we use the word and shout our solidarity the less it can be used to shame and blame. Yes it may take some time. But over the years when I’ve identified myself as Pagan I’ve noticed less and less shock. Yes I still may have to explain it and debunk some myths but more people have heard of the word and are open to hearing a different definition. It’s my hope that the more slut is used positively and the more slut pride is claimed that one day the positive connotations to the word will outweigh the negatives.

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