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September 17th, 2011

Occupy WallStreet

Occupy WallStreet

Today’s the day to occupy WallStreet. Will this be the hoped for start of a revolution, a beat down by the police or something in between?

From Adbusters:
“Good news culture jammers!

The weather forecast for tomorrow is partly cloudy skies and highs of 68°F. Nighttime temperatures will reach a low of 52°F. There is a small chance of rain later in the week. Bring, at minimum, warm clothing, sleeping bag, food, water and a tarp.

Saturday’s occupation begins at noon in Bowling Green Park. The first people’s assembly will start at 3 p.m. at One Chase Manhattan Plaza and continue until our one demand is agreed upon by all. Check out the full schedule of events.

A leaked bulletin from the New York Police Department reveals that they expect at least 5,000, and maybe even 20,000 people to swarm Wall Street tomorrow. That just might be enough for us to pull this off!

A telephone support line has been set up by For directions or help call (877) 881-3020 to speak with a local activist. For legal advice, or to report an arrest, call the National Lawyers Guild at (212) 679-6018.”

Personally I think the “one demand” should have been decided beforehand. The chance that informants will infiltrate this group is much higher once people are on the ground. Add to that various police beatdowns, tear gas and media pressure to the event and trying to decide something important just got that much harder. I’d vote for the revocation of corporate personhood myself.

Can’t make it to WallStreet? There’s solidarity protests happening worldwide. See the link above for details.

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