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November 23rd, 2011

Buy Nothing Day

Buy Nothing Day

It’s that time of year again-Buy Nothing Day! This really is one of the easiest holidays to celebrate. Just relax-no stress, no shopping, no fighting fellow customers for the “hot toy of the year”.

From Adbusters:
Buy Nothing Day/#occupyxmas
“This year’s Black Friday will be the first campaign of the holiday season where we set the tone for a new type of holiday culminating with #OCCUPYXMAS. As the global protests of the 99% against corporate greed and casino capitalism continues, lets take the opportunity to hit the empire where it really hurts…the wallet.

On Nov 25/26th we escape the mayhem and unease of the biggest shopping day in North America and put the breaks on rabid consumerism for 24 hours. Flash mobs, consumer fasts, mall sit-ins, community events, credit card-ups, whirly-marts and jams, jams, jams! We don’t camp on the sidewalk for a reduced price tag on a flat screen TV or psycho-killer video game. Instead, we occupy the very paradigm that is fueling our eco, social and political decline.

Historically, Buy Nothing Day has been about fasting from hyper consumerism – a break from the cash register and reflecting on how dependent we really are on conspicuous consumption. On this 20th anniversary of Buy Nothing Day, we take it to the next level, marrying it with the message of #occupy…


Shenanigans begin November 25!”

Occupy Xmas? I like it! Some people are saying no gifts which I’ve advocated for years. Others are saying buy gifts from small, local businesses. Or try Etsy if you can’t find something locally-there’s tons of indie sellers there.

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