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April 2nd, 2005

First Time Caller

I talked to a new client the other night and the call went perfectly. I love it when this happens. Virgin calls can be fresh, exciting, fulfilling, nerve wrecking and somewhat stressful. In a nutshell, I’m juggling several things at once.

What’s their sexual history? How did they get into their fetish? Have they done phone sex before? If so, what worked, what didn’t? I find all this out while sounding sexy, being entertaining and keeping the caller aroused. When I get enough details I transition to the fantasy part of the call.

Calls work best when I can take a fantasy and transform it into something that exceeds the caller’s expectations. I like weaving a tale, taking the fantasy up to operatic levels.

This new caller and I instantly connected. He answered my questions so thoroughly I had loads of material. He wanted to be turned into a woman. I dressed him up and told him to break out the lipstick. Slut’s like him only wear bright red lipstick-Slut Red of course.

He wanted to be fucked but was extremely shy about taking a dildo. I never know how big or small their dildos truly are so I over emphasis using lots of lube, just to be safe. Funny how so many of my sluts manage to take a 12” dildo in ten seconds or less.

Steve though, took it slowly. After a time he opened up and went at it, cumming on command as he fucked himself.

His first words after he got his breath back? “Wow. That was amazing.” He gushed and gushed how great the call was. I let him. I like it when I wow them out. It’s calls like this that make this job so much fun.

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