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April 5th, 2005

Archaeologist finds ‘oldest porn statue’

From The Guardian:
Stone-age figurines depicting what could be the oldest pornographic scene in the world have been unearthed in Germany.

So our ancient ancestors liked to do it doggy style, eh? I enjoy when sexual discoveries like this pop up in the news. It’s like a reminder from our collective past to celebrate sex, to cherish it. Maybe I’m being selectively naïve but I like to think our primal ancestors were extremely sexually liberal before religious dogma got in the way.

Further down in the article I came across this:
Dr Stäuble, who is due to publish a paper on his findings this year, said: “After finding Adonis, we got the team to sieve every speck of soil for a whole month. We were well rewarded because we then found fragments of a female figurine of the same size.”

Oddly enough, I’m listening to Elizabeth Peters’ Lord of the Silent on audio book right now. The above reminds me of Emerson’s insistence that all soil on an archaeological dig be sifted. A man of sound mind that Emerson.

If you’re not familiar with the Amelia Peabody series I suggest you become so. Better yet, listen to it on audio book. Barbara Rosenblat does the best narrations I’ve ever heard and makes me yearn to live in England. The first book I listened to Amelia was on her way to protest for women’s suffrage. I’ve been hooked every since.

Elizabeth Peters creates a strong, independent, intelligent, witty lead female character in Amelia Peabody. She has a solid marriage, a close knit family and is successful at her work. Compared to some of today’s ‘chick lit’ and ‘chick flicks’ (weak female leads who are depressed and so desperate to find a man they are willing to throw away their careers to do so), Peters’ series is a treasure in itself.

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