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April 22nd, 2005

Over The Knee Spanking

This paddling picture, courtesy of Paintoy,

Defunct image

reminded me how much I enjoy giving over the knee spankings. I like the intimacy of being so close to a submissive and feeling their body tense and shake as I increase the intensity of the spanking.

This position is a deceptive one. Often submissives are fooled into thinking such an affectionate position means they’re getting a lighter spanking.

But in fact, an over the knee spanking can be quite intense because of the close embrace. Hand spankings do tire my hand quickly but I enjoy the feel of warming up a bottom. I tend to switch to a hairbrush because I can pull my arm back far, bringing the brush down with a firm smack.

Plus being so close means I can feel if the submissive is really feeling the sting. Oh how I love it when they squirm.

Posted by Vixen as Sexy Sensations at 4:21 AM CDT

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