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April 3rd, 2005

The Myth Of The Fluffer Girl

Oh, the fluffer girl. Mention her and images of a young looking, skinny blond woman appears in the mind, kneeling before several young studs on a porno shoot. Her job is to suck their cocks, keeping them in a state of hardened arousal until the next scene is filmed.

Turns out though, the fluffer girl is a myth of horny imaginations. Pornblography once again pulls back the curtain on the porn industry and lets us peek behind. No fluffers on the set, the male stars take matters into their own hands to keep their erections performing.

Many of my callers want to be fluffers. The ones that are slutty women on the inside dream of being dressed up and taken to a gathering of men-be it a porn shoot, a frat house or just a weekend gang bang. These sluts of mine suck every cock in the room before taking them all, one by one, in their pussy or ass, milking every male dry.

I won’t reveal the reality of the fluffer girl to them though. Oh no, in some minds the fluffer girl must live on. Perhaps she needs a new title though. Goddess of Eternal Erections seems fitting.

Posted by Vixen as Sex History at 9:17 PM CDT

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