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April 25th, 2005

Slut Pride

Here’s a link to one of my recent video galleries featuring dogging. This is an interesting new niche, although I hear it’s been going on in the UK for some time. There are locations designated as dogging spots. Often car parks, couples or singles go there to have public sex or to stay in the shadows and watch.

I’m intrigued by the video clip of Aya. Right at the end you hear the camera man say ‘you’re such a slut’. She turns to him with a cum covered face and says “Yeah and so what?” while flipping off the camera.

This is my favorite part. I love how she’s sucking cock and proud of it. She takes the word slut and proudly accepts it, thus destroying any negative connotation it may have had.

If you’re a slut I say take pride in it. Reclaim the word, wearing it as a compliment, honoring your sexuality.

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Impregnate This!

“It would be a total honor to fertilize you.”

-Whiny Boy

during a conversation about how deeply submissive he is to me

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